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    Jacques (Redcloud Brother)

    Jacques Jacques likes cheese, and lots of it. In addition to which, he may or may not have done numerous interesting things such as author various witty stories, publish a rock biography on the band Aerosmith, date Cher, write articles on music, and work for various, intriguing and arguably legitimate, publishing places such as Simon & Schuster. A play of his was recently performed at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York to a full audience and rave reviews he raved after having eaten too much pizza.

    Recently, he’s been mentioned in the Mississippi Review, an esteemed literary magazine publishing some of the greatest writers in the English language. Go to their website and read the introduction letter for the spring 2001 short story issue. Jacques is the "joker" they refer to in their letter. They are the "dicks" he refers to in his bio. Dicks. (Also, the editor for that issue stole that last bit in his intro letter about the thieves from something Jacques actually wrote in his own cover letter). Dicks.

    Currently, Jacques also writes for the (arguably) humorous site www.LanceandEskimo.com. It’s the funniest thing since hell, sliced bread, and Sri Lanka. And you may just win something if you’re Kurt Russell!

    I can-- I mean Jacques can be contacted at jacques@lanceandeskimo.com.

    If he’s not there, please leave a message.

    He's still single ladies! Reserve your dates now with the ongoing "Win a Dream Date With Jacques" marathon contest.

    Enter to win a dream date with Jacques in this randomized prize drawing. Multiple entries are acceptable. Click here to see if you’ve WON.

    Additionally, Jacques has been the editor-in-chief of a humor magazine. He has also not been the editor-in-chief of a humor magazine. Though he does still smell quite funny.

    Disclaimer: Please note that no monkeys were zapped or punched during course of this bio. Though some were approached to switch their long distance phone carriers.

    All of Jacques's Articles

    5-21-09 NHL Playoff Commercial Review (Rounds 1 & 2): Chefelf reflects on the most recent NHL Playoff commercials. (Chefelf)
    4-26-09 Bea Arthur: Goodnight, but not Goodbye : In honor of Bea Arthur (May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009). (Chefelf)
    3-31-09 Why I Hate People That Self-Identify as Nerds or Geeks: Chefelf doesn't like it when people think they're all awesome and unique because they do the same thing as millions of other people. (Chefelf)
    3-30-09 Soon-to-be Extinct Candy: Twilight Conversation Hearts: Two things Laura, as a girl, loves, include Twilight and candy hearts. Thankfully, the universe has combined them in one convenient, disgusting package. (Laura)
    1-28-09 Is Rock Band Too Family Friendly?: Laura found these lies about the game Rock Band on her work computer. Either she wrote it last summer, or elves have been sneaking onto her account. The former is more likely, since she's obsessed with Rock Band. She sings on Expert! (Laura)
    1-26-09 Life on Mars Towed My Car: Chefelf wakes up to discover that a crummy TV show remake of a BBC show has ordered his car towed with no notice. Can they do that? Apparently they can. (Chefelf)
    1-21-09 Barack Obama Will Not Look Like This: A controversial article where Chefelf posits that perhaps Barack Obama will age relatively normally over the next four years. (Chefelf)
    12-1-08 Lucille: Chefelf remembers the woman that influenced his gaming life more than any other single person. (Chefelf)
    11-14-08 Remembering The Box Set: Chefelf thinks it's funny to think about CD box sets. (Chefelf)
    10-21-08 Some Things I'm Sick Of: Chefelf has had it with a few of these things. (Chefelf)
    9-22-08 Why I Hate iTunes: A rambling manifesto on why Chefelf hates iTunes. (Chefelf)
    7-20-08 Tour de France Commercial Recap, Week 2: As the second week of the Tour de France ends, Chefelf reflects on the grueling efforts of the bike riders through one of the most physically challenging sporting events in the history of the world on the cruddy commercials they play on the Versus channel. (Chefelf)
    7-11-08 Tour de France Recap, Week 1: Chefelf reflects on the first week of the Tour de France. Well, not so much about the race as about the commentators he hates and all of the commercials that he is tired of. (Chefelf)
    7-2-08 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 15): After nearly three years the Princes that Fought return to fight! For those of you that are ill (read: Paul) this is like chicken soup for your imagination! (Chefelf)
    6-27-08 Screw My Kids! I Want To Spend Time With My Kids!: Dixie takes an interesting approach in advertising by appealing to everyone's laziness and saying, "To hell with the environment! I'd rather enjoy being lazy!" (Chefelf)
    5-21-08 The Subway Is Not Your Office!: Yet terrible artists, knitters and business men seem to think it is. (Chefelf)
    5-12-08 The Juno Emarrassment: Chefelf may be the last person on Earth to see Juno. That is when he eventually sees it. (Chefelf)
    5-2-08 2 Bangs, 1 Buck and a Jack (or, Why I Hate That Guy In My Dream): A guy in my dream uses slang that I've never heard to describe amounts of money. Also, in my dream I am not able to do math. And that guy is a jerk! (Chefelf)
    4-9-08 Hot Fun in the Early Spring: In this second (!!) article of 2008, Laura provides handy if untimely hints for keeping cool. Warning: Contains an erroneous explanation of the current U.S. credit crisis. (Laura)
    4-5-08 Laura's Crush List III: In honor of the Lance and Eskimo Comix anniversary, how about an article?! (Laura)
    4-4-08 F That A Train!: Chefelf observes a guy trying to use the powers of his middle finger to destroy an entire train. (Chefelf)
    3-11-08 You Suck at Sudoku: Chefelf encounters the world's worst Sudoku player. (Chefelf)
    2-21-08 18 Hours in a New York City Hospital: If Chefelf am going to spend much more time in the hospital it may be time for him to move out of New York. Chefelf hopes that the saying about what doesn't kill you makes you stronger is true. If it is he's going to become a superhero. (Chefelf)
    2-4-08 Good News! I Didn't Die!: Bad news: I got even sicker! Good news: I lived! (Chefelf)
    1-31-08 Maxis Games & The Flu: Chefelf gets really sick and plays SimCity, reminding him of a time he was really sick and he played The Sims. Maybe there is something in Will Wright's code that Chefelf is allergic to. (Chefelf)
    11-29-07 Why I Don't Want an Amazon Kindle For Christmas: Chefelf takes a look at Amazon's new e-book reader, the one gadget that certainly won't make it onto his Christmas list this year. (Chefelf)
    9-28-07 LittleHorse: Strangers in the Valley: LittleHorse's new album is out and it features one two three songs about Sherlock Holmes! Does it get any better than that? (Chefelf)
    9-24-07 The Excuse Falls Flat: Chefelf takes a look at The View's Sherri Shepherd, her feelings on the Earth being flat, and a phenomenally poor display of back-pedaling. (Chefelf)
    9-12-07 My iPhone: Chefelf just got an iPhone. He's so happy about it that he actually had to adjust the forum databalse settings a chefelf.com to increase the maximum allowable filesize in kilobytes for a text entry. (Chefelf)
    9-3-07 Extinct Beverage: Hillside Coffee - Self Heating Container: Chefelf returns to his Extinct Beverage Museum to review what is possibly the most dangerous beverage he has ever consumed. It is arguably Chefelf's most daring -- and certainly his most comprehensive -- beverage review ever! (Note: It features video where Chefelf sounds a lot more like Ira Glass than he intended.) (Chefelf)
    8-27-07 My Childhood Is Better Than Your Childhood: Chefelf explores the difference in childhood entertainment over the past 30 years. Features some pretty awesome clips from Sesame Street and some not so awesome clips from another less cool children's show. (Chefelf)
    8-23-07 Giant Godzilla Stripper: Chefelf reviews a commercial where a giant Godzilla-sized stripper wreaks havot on a tiny uninhabited CGI city. (Chefelf)
    8-20-07 Gallagher's 2000 Strip Club Commercial: The first in a series or reviews of strip club commercials. This one features space aliens in need of a lap dance. (Chefelf)
    8-14-07 Daisy May's BBQ USA Commercial: Chefelf takes a look at the commercial for Daisy May's BBQ USA, a New York City BBQ restaurant. Spoiler: It's rather incredible. (Chefelf)
    7-11-07 Born From Jets: An Open Letter to Saab: Chefelf takes a look at Saab's 'Born From Jets' advertising campaign and wonders if this is something they should be bragging about. (Chefelf)
    5-24-07 The Played Out List: Episode 1: BOM-Chicka BOW-WOW!: The first chapter in an unspecified number of chapters on things that have been well overdone. (Chefelf)
    5-16-07 Death of a Coffee Cup: Chefelf explores what happens when his favorite coffee mug breaks and he has to find a new one. No one should have to deal with such misfortune. (Chefelf)
    5-14-07 Laura Notes: Stalking Darkness: I've updated the Laura Notes page with incredibly detailed chapter summaries and increasingly phoned-in analysis of Stalking Darkness, sequel to Luck in the Shadows, which, forty days and nights later, perhaps you have finished reading! Enjoy please! (Laura)
    5-10-07 Spider-Man 3: Chefelf takes a poorly-edited look at how Spider-Man 3 deviated from the story as it was originally told in the comics. (Chefelf)
    5-2-07 Old Notes Which, I'm Going to Have to Face It, Will Never Turn Into Full-Scale Updates: Continuing with the whole "spring cleaning" theme. (Laura)
    4-25-07 Emma IM: Jane Austen in sixty seconds! (Laura)
    4-18-07 Classic IM Profiles of Ages Past: Further cleaning out of old files. (Laura)
    4-13-07 Lance and Eskimo: The Webcomic: WHOA! FINALLY, a Lance and Eskimo Webcomic! I've been updating every day this week, so if you haven't seen it yet, pop by for 5 delightful one-page comics. Next week: Another full week of comics! Bookmark or RSS for further updates! (Laura)
    4-11-07 That Moment of, "Oh.": Laura describes one of the perils of her self-appointed task of Cultual Homosexuality Lookout. (It's like bikini inspector, but instead of bikinis, you have boys who make eyes at each other.) (Laura)
    4-4-07 Laura Notes: Luck in the Shadows: If you enjoy Laura's opinionated synopses of Boy Meets World and The Sentinel, you may enjoy this lengthy faux-academic book analysis she spent way too much time on after a week reading the strange combination of SparkNotes and pulp fantasy. At least, for awhile. Then it will get old. (Laura)
    3-28-07 Crush List II: Not a replacement but an extension of last summer's list, detailing those men I've come to love since. Virtue! Sorrow! Fashion! (Laura)
    3-21-07 Top Seven Annoying Retail Songs of 2004: While going through some old files I found this scrap that I'd written in 2004 featuring the Gwen Stefani non-hit, "Bathwater." The release of Gwen Stefani's new album, The Sweet Escape made me think that this would be perfect timing to discuss a song that's seven years old! Topical. (Laura)
    2-19-07 The Shit Is Bananas: While going through some old files I found this scrap that I'd written in 2004 about the Gwen Stefani hit, "Hollaback Girl." The release of Gwen Stefani's new album, The Sweet Escape made me think that this would be perfect timing to discuss a song that's two and a half years old! Topical.

    Warning: If you are sensitive to use of the word shit then please don't read this article.

    Double Warning: Also, if you are sensitive to use of the word shit don't read the title of this article or either of the two warning messages. (Chefelf)
    1-5-07 Lance and Eskimo in the Kitty House: On an archaeological dig, Laura found this unpublished Lance and Eskimo manuscript from April 2003. Other things she found while cleaning include this picture of Fashion Emergency cast with Batman villains (July 1999) and the ORIGINAL Johnny Woonsocket texts (date unknown, but judging from their level of decay, they are at least one thousand years old). (Laura)
    11-23-06 The Inconsistently Detailed Episode Guide for The Sentinel, Season 1: If you like The Inconsistently Detailed Boy Meets World Episode Guide, you'll be THANKFUL (see what I did there?) for this collection of ten alternately detailed and hazy episode recaps of a charming mid-90s supernatural/cop/crap show. (Laura)
    9-7-06 Bob Dylan Can Go To Hell: A look at Bob Dylan's comments on the state of modern music and how he's better than everyone and everything that's ever existed. (Chefelf)
    9-6-06 Back to School Special: Linguistics Study Guide: Laura and classmate/co-conspirator Anna wax foolish about what is in fact their senior project. (Laura & Anna)
    9-4-06 Extinct Beverage: Coca-Cola Blāk: With the summer coming to a close it's time to start the 2006 Summer Extinct Beverage Round Up! There are a few choice beverages that came out this summer that are certain to be headed for the halls of extinction! Chefelf has tried them all and now he begins to pretend that he'll actually review them all. (Chefelf)
    8-30-06 Lance and Eskimo and the Return of the Style Bullies: Because nothing says "comeback" like ripping yourself off! (Laura)
    8-23-06 Makeover Shows: A Comparative Review: Because you don't want to waste your time on just any makeover show. (Bonus: the preceding statement is also true if you remove the word "just"!) (Laura)
    8-16-06 Rejected Opening Monologues for The Waltons: Slash content: 4-5% A NEW LOW! (Laura)
    8-9-06 Am I the Only One Who Thought the Last Scene of Batman Begins Was Kind of Slashy?: We should probably just change the name of Laura's Journal to "Laura's Weekly Slash Blog." (Laura)
    8-2-06 The "Guess the Most Popular Slash Pairing" Game: Do you have your finger on the pulse of fandom? Are you sure you want to? Research and programming assistance by Anna and Paul, respectively. (Laura)
    7-26-06 Laura Reviews: Psych: Another TV review from Laura, this one of a relatively new show: USA's Psych! (Laura)
    7-19-06 Laura's New and Improved Crush List: Another thing Laura has been doing a lot of lately is harping on and on about how much she loves... well, you'll see. Laura's attempt to capitalize on boy-craziness = fun for YOU! (Laura)
    7-12-06 Laura's Ode to Stargate: Atlantis: Laura has been bothering everyone by writing bits and pieces about her love for this Sci-Fi original TV show on various private blogs, journals, online chats, and in-person conversations; so in order to get her precious thoughts out to a wider audience she has written the first L&E article in, like, ninety years. Enjoy it. (Laura)
    3-13-06 Extinct Beverage: Metromint: Lance & Eskimo returns triumphantly from its 4 1/2 month Christmas break with a fresh new article! A beverage review? By Chefelf? It's like 2001 all over again with less Kubrick and more mint taste. (Chefelf)
    10-19-05 Daytime Ads: After a(nother) five-month hiatus, Laura briefly comes out of retirement to bring you a(nother) article complaining about the commercials on TV. (Laura)
    9-26-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 14): The Princes' Plan Princes unite against the great dragon, Ilkspeake. (Chefelf)
    9-19-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 13): The Battle At long last the battle between Green and Brown begins in earnest. (Chefelf)
    9-12-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 12): The Great Fire Millipede A mysterious magical creature advances on Prince Brown and his men. (Chefelf)
    9-5-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 11): The Armies Meet At last the armies of Prince Brown and Prince Green are united... IN BATTLE! (Chefelf)
    8-29-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 10): Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 10) (Chefelf)
    8-22-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 9): Prince Green and the nymph-elf Tracy on the trail of Shocker the Wizard! (Chefelf)
    8-15-05 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 8): Don't believe in fairy tales. The approach on Mount Tarkoon. (Chefelf)
    8-8-05 The Prophecies of Nicetradamus (pt. 1): Excerpts from the oft overlooked prophecies of Nostradamus's younger cousin, Nicetradamus. (Chefelf)
    8-1-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 9): Reasons 81-92 to hate Revenge of the Sith. Due to a clerical error there are actually 92 reasons! In this stunning conclusion you will see Asthmatic Cyborgs, Princess Leia, Moff Tarkin and much, much more! This is the final Reasons to Hate article ever! Until Lucas breaks his promise and makes some more Star Wars crap for us all to hate. (Chefelf)
    7-25-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 8): Reasons 71-80 to hate Revenge of the Sith. Yoda's in exile, the properties of lava, the higher ground, and crappy CGI babies! (Chefelf)
    7-18-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 7): Reasons 61-70 to hate Revenge of the Sith. The wonderful Volcano planet Mustafar, the death of liberty and Obi-Wan and Yoda's terrible plan. (Chefelf)
    7-11-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 6): Reasons 51-60 to hate Revenge of the Sith. It's the moment you've all been waiting for... the moment where all the Jedi finally die! And what a hunt it is! (Chefelf)
    7-4-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 5): Reasons 41-50 to hate Revenge of the Sith. Laugh as Obi-Wan rides a silly lizard creature! Cry as Anakin succumbs to the dark side! Vomit as Palpatine whines like an injured puppy! Tolerate it as the origins of the Emperor's terrible complexion are revealed! (Chefelf)
    6-27-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 4) : Reasons 31-40 to hate Revenge of the Sith. The Jedi being morons! Operas perfomed by water! Tragedy! The return of the midi-chlorians! And much, much more! (Chefelf)
    6-20-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 3): Reasons 21-30 to hate Revenge of the Sith. Romantic dialogue, unusual pregnancy, prophecies and premonisions, the Jedi code and big stupid Wookiees! (Chefelf)
    6-13-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 2): Reasons 11-20 to hate Revenge of the Sith. Ignorance of basic physics, inappropriate clowning around and mispronouncing your own wife's name! The fun continues! (Chefelf)
    6-6-05 91 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (pt. 1): Every hero has a lightsaber. Every saga has an end. Every guy with nothing better to do has a list of reasons to hate Star Wars. The article that took 28 years to write is finally here. (Chefelf)
    5-25-05 Why the Baby-Sitters Club Should Have Aged: If one were to make a list of the things boys care about least, the Baby-sitters Club would be pretty high up. Laura knows most of the people who look at this website are boys, but I guess she just doesn't care! (Laura)
    5-20-05 The Pathetic Postcard Contest: Laura dissects what's so lame about four postcards from the RI/MA area. (Laura)
    5-9-05 The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 4): Chapters 19-27 in Chefelf's comprehensive scene-by-scene guide to the Star Wars Holiday Special. The Amorphean being, Life on Tatooine, Bea Arthur, Han and Chewie save the day and Princess Leia sings at the Life Day ceremony! (Chefelf)
    5-2-05 The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 3): Chapters 13-18 in Chefelf's comprehensive scene-by-scene guide to the Star Wars Holiday Special. Leia & Threepio, Han & Chewie, kind Imperial officers, The Jefferson Starship, and Boba Fett! (Chefelf)
    4-27-05 Laura's Inconsistently Detailed Boy Meets World Episode Guide - Season 4: While you're here, I've got my thoughts on most of the episodes for season 4 of Boy Meets World entered into the database. Still a few missing, but they don't call it inconsistent for nothing! (Laura)
    4-25-05 The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 2): Chapters 7-12 in Chefelf's comprehensive scene-by-scene guide to the Star Wars Holiday Special. Saundan the space trader, Darth Vader, Gormaanda, space battles, Wookiees exchanging presents and Wookiee sex fantasies! (Chefelf)
    4-18-05 The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 1): Chapters 1-6 in Chefelf's comprehensive scene-by-scene guide to the Star Wars Holiday Special. The Milennium Falcon, Luke Skywalker, A hologramtic circus and introducing Chewbacca's family! (Chefelf)
    3-23-05 Who's Your Ideal Top Gun Match?: Find out today! (Laura)
    3-14-05 Chefelfs Notes: The Cat Who Walks Through Walls: A journal of my thoughts while reading "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls" by Robert A. Heinlein. Voted Lance & Eskimo's Article You Will Most Likely Not Want To Read in 2005 by the National Association of Long Winded & Unnecessary Reviews. (Chefelf)
    2-7-05 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode III Teaser!: A special sneak peak at Chefelf's upcoming reasons to hate Star Wars: Episdoe III: The Revenge of the Sith. (Chefelf)
    1-31-05 George Lucas 1983 - 2005: A photo essay chronicling the changes in George Lucas's film philosophy over the past 23 years. Note: This is serious stuff. Only read this if you are a serious student of film such as myself. FILM NEWBIES NEED NOT APPLY!! (Chefelf)
    1-27-05 Trapped in my Cell: A bitter, unfunny screed about all the problems Laura has encountered in dealing with cellular telephone service. (Laura)
    1-24-05 The Many Faces of Alan Greenspan: The man, the myth, the cyborg. (Chefelf)
    1-17-05 Reasons to Hate the Star Wars Special Edition DVDs: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi gets the full "Reasons to Hate" treatment in this final installment of The Nitpicker's Guide to Star Wars: The Special Edition DVDs. (Chefelf)
    12-29-04 Lance and Eskimo Lose the Refrigerator: You know how when you lose something, you look under the fridge? Well, in this first and last full-page L&E comic of 2004, our two intrepid heroes actually lose the refrigerator. (Laura)
    12-24-04 Deck the Halls with Christmas Carol Ratings: Part II: The continuation of Papa Redcloud's Christmas carol assessments. This week: J-Z. (Papa Redcloud)
    12-22-04 The Tale of Ginger-Barad-dur: Laura and her roommate submit an unorthodox entry to a gingerbread house building contest. (Laura)
    12-17-04 Deck the Halls with Christmas Carol Ratings: Part I: Papa Redcloud turns his formidable having opinions about things talents to a consideration of 52 Christmas Carols, in alphabetical order. This week: A-I! (Papa Redcloud)
    12-15-04 Lance and Eskimo Comic Strip: Logic Problem: Another Lance and Eskimo comic strip, this one featuring a joke formulated late at night by Laura and Paul. It kind of shows. (Laura and Laura and Paul)
    12-8-04 Lance and Eskimo Comic Strip: Musket: A brand new L&E, this one in comic strip form. Pictures by Laura, based on something Lefty said one time. (Laura and Lefty)
    12-1-04 How Christmas Stole Everything: A pleasant and mildly bitter seasonal diatribe. But it's the good kind of bitter. Like cinnamon sticks. (Laura)
    11-10-04 Laura Recaps: Orfeo ed Euridice: Part II: Laura continues her description of the goofy opera. (Laura)
    11-3-04 Laura Recaps: Orfeo ed Euridice: Laura gets classy so you don't have to be, offering an extremely detailed, slightly disbelieving description of an opera. Don't worry, it was on home video. And from the 70s, I think. I hope. (Laura)
    11-1-04 Reasons to Hate the Star Wars Special Edition DVDs: Episode V: The second chapter in the original trilogy is finally on DVD. Was it worth the wait? Of course it wasn't! (Chefelf)
    10-18-04 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope: The Specialer Edition is out and Chefelf has turned his keen eye on the changes presented in the new DVD release. (Chefelf)
    10-6-04 Goofy Couture: Laura's pants designs. Contains unreasonably large cartoon images of ladies' (clothed) butts. You have been warned! (Laura)
    9-29-04 How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Almost enough time has passed that Laura's job at the office supply superstore is funny, not tragic. Almost. (Laura)
    9-22-04 Art Appreesheeayshun: Laura bitches about her art text. (Laura)
    9-8-04 The Inconsistently Detailed Boy Meets World Episode Guide for Season 3!: Laura's first contribution since the summer (spring-summer? winter-spring-summer?) hiatus is a doozy-- summaries, info and opinions on as many episodes of the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World, season 3 (1995-6), as she has seen. Which is most of them. (Laura)
    9-1-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Twenty: "She was not sure what she would say to the man when he arrived, nor had she determined what her judgment would be. That verdict would be finally decided only when she had had the opportunity to read Ashley’s nature by looking deep into his eyes." (Papa Redcloud)
    8-25-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Nineteen: "'We are not married to each other, we don’t need to be. We are not lovers, because—well we are nearly sisters and such a love would be both inappropriate and superfluous. We are Bess and George. Inseparable cousins and friends. That is a bond stronger than all others combined.'" (Papa Redcloud)
    8-19-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Eighteen: "She kicked at the [thug]. When he rolled over, she got a shock. 'I recognize him!' she exclaimed. 'He is one of the gang who enslaved the young people in Carbon City!'" (Papa Redcloud)
    8-12-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Seventeen: "'My waters have broken. I’m afraid that I am going to have the baby right now. I mean, where are the towels?'" (Papa Redcloud)
    8-4-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Sixteen: "'I will be spotted before two days are gone, and all four of us-Hannah, George, Bess, and myself, not two speak of two unborn babies-will be in mortal peril!'" (Papa Redcloud)
    7-28-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Fifteen: "Nancy was completely defenceless. Alone in company with this degenerate individual, there was no telling in what kind of trouble she could find herself. ... He might take the first opportunity to silence her forever!" (Papa Redcloud)
    7-21-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Fourteen: "Nancy knew that Ashley was concealing something from her. She wondered if she should go on in this direction. Her mealtime companion was visibly squirming... But her intuition told her that Natalie was the key to this man’s character—and to his soul." (Papa Redcloud)
    7-14-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Thirteen: Hannah looked around to see if there was anyone lurking in the underbrush before proceeding. "I fear that Nancy might be in some danger tonight. We need to keep her and her shady companion under strict surveillance. With my commando training I will be best prepared to intervene if the need arise." (Papa Redcloud)
    7-7-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Twelve: "Bess realized that she had crossed the room, nimbly avoiding treading on the doctors outstretched body, without any trace of a hobble or any pain whatsoever. She was cured!" (Papa Redcloud)
    6-30-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Eleven: "'And you are both named Bobbie Watson?' asked the doctor.
    'Everyone in our family is named Bobbie Watson,' George informed him. 'That makes it easy for us to remember who we are.'" (Papa Redcloud)
    6-23-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Ten: "She looked deep into his eyes, searching for that signal that would allow her to unburden what remained of her soul. What she saw there froze her blood." (Papa Redcloud)
    6-16-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Nine: "'Greetings earthling! Our revered general, Yusuf Olafson, uncle and regal envoy, trusts human entities beyond every sentient terrestrial,' she intoned in her most (Bess) Marvin the Martian-like voice." (Papa Redcloud)
    6-11-04 Company X # 027: Hugh Manatee's big joke. (Chefelf)
    6-9-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Eight: "Nancy moved swiftly to the sideboard. This must be Mrs. Watson, concluded the astute under-housemaid. She felt herself strangely smitten by this lady and tempted, much against her conscious will, into the gross impropriety of rushing over to kiss the lady." (Papa Redcloud)
    6-4-04 Company X # 026: Hugh Manatee's big party! (Chefelf)
    6-2-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Seven: "There was something not quite right about this maid's life, Nancy thought to herself as she followed the other servant down the hall. She felt as though she might really be intended for some other kind of existence. Only she could not remember it." (Papa Redcloud)
    5-26-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Six: "'The truth we seek is located behind a veil that we must pull aside. For in my estimation the Christines are little more than a cover for a more secular operation. And, unless I miss my guess, that underlying operation is knee deep in crime!'" (Papa Redcloud)
    5-19-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Five: "Bess panicked. 'Mr. Drew, I can't join a cult. I am a deaconess at St. John's church!'" (Papa Redcloud)
    5-14-04 Company X # 025: Introducing: Trust Doggie (Chefelf)
    5-12-04 Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Deoderant: Laura surfs the wide wide world of advertisement and unexpectedly learns a little about guests, travel, romance, and perhaps--herself? (Laura)
    5-10-04 Company X #024: Beware the enemy. (Chefelf)
    5-7-04 Company X # 023: Harry's smooth move. (Chefelf)
    5-5-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Four: "Inside in a florid but trembling hand it read 'to charming Bessie, may she number the days of our friendship with gladness, Sam’l Johnson.' He had unwittingly signed over to her her own book!" (Papa Redcloud)
    5-3-04 Company X # 022: Some more biscuits! (Chefelf)
    4-30-04 Company X # 021: Tech Support. (Chefelf)
    4-28-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Three: "On his left was Rosalyn Carter, then Oscar Wilde. Wilde was a tall, fleshy man of early middle age, who dressed after a fashion that seemed both extravagantly sophisticated and gothically juvenile. Everything about him was pressed and polished to perfection, from his enormous projecting black lapels to his crimson vest. He wore an immaculate lily in his buttonhole, and his whole person smelled like a spring garden at Eastertide." (Papa Redcloud)
    4-26-04 Company X # 020: Harry Harmful... foiled? (Chefelf)
    4-23-04 Company X # 019: More Harry Harmful. (Chefelf)
    4-21-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter Two: "Before another second had elapsed George had it all figured out.
    "'Bess! You are the father of my child!'" (Papa Redcloud)
    4-19-04 Company X # 018: Introducing Harry Harmful. (Chefelf)
    4-16-04 Company X # 017: Tales of Harry Harmful. (Chefelf)
    4-14-04 The Prisoner of Spring Rock: Chapter One: Papa Redcloud's second Nancy Drew novel finds our heroines several years older and more experienced. Learn how much has changed as you watch them prepare for a party of Carson Drew's! Gasp as you discover the special guest partygoers! (Papa Redcloud)
    4-12-04 Company X # 016: Hugh Manatee's cheese table. (Chefelf)
    4-9-04 Company X # 015: Hugh Manatee orders office supplies. (Chefelf)
    4-7-04 Insouciance Is My Anti-Drug: Laura presents a rather ill-timed argument that the anti-drug campaigns in grade school are pretty useless. (Laura)
    4-5-04 Company X #014: A meeting of two bosses. (Chefelf)
    4-2-04 Company X #013: The press conference. (Chefelf)
    3-31-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 20: In the final postlude to the Nancy Drew adventure, George seeks knowledge of her friends' whereabouts following their disappearance. (Papa Redcloud)
    3-29-04 Company X #012: The spelling contest. (Chefelf)
    3-26-04 Company X #011: The board meeting. (Chefelf)
    3-24-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 19: George picks up the pieces of her life in the aftermath of the adventure. (Papa Redcloud)
    3-22-04 Company X #010: Let the lawsuits begin. (Chefelf)
    3-19-04 Cowboy Comics Vol. 2: I'm pleased to announce that Brisbane central library has just as many dodgy cowboy novels as any in England! (Yahtzee)
    3-17-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 18: Everything goes from bad to ridiculous as all plans go hideously wrong in this exciting climactic chapter! Don't miss it! (Papa Redcloud)
    3-15-04 Company X #008: About a boy ... DOG! (Chefelf)
    3-12-04 Company X #007: Introducing Hugh Manatee. (Chefelf)
    3-10-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 17: Nancy is interrogated in a twisted trial of the unlawful! (Papa Redcloud)
    3-8-04 Company X #006: The Great Wizard and the Water Cooler. (Chefelf)
    3-5-04 Company X #005: Sweater Girl meets "Online", the Company X IT guy. (Chefelf)
    3-3-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 16: Ned Nickerson arrives on the scene! (Papa Redcloud)
    3-1-04 Company X #001: "Welcome to Company X" The premier of Chefelf's shockingly unimpressive webcomic. This kicks off a full week of comics! Check Monday through Friday! (Chefelf)
    2-25-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 15: Bess is found, and George dons a new costume, as the three girls continue their daring undercover vigil! (Papa Redcloud)
    2-23-04 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 7): In which the mighty plague on the Nymph-Elvish kingdom is revealed! (Chefelf)
    2-20-04 How To Be The Biggest Idiot Alive: Heccubus presents another handy guide to becoming part of what's wrong with the world today. (Heccubus)
    2-18-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 14: The secret of the mysterious drug is finally revealed! (Papa Redcloud)
    2-16-04 The Return of Sauron: A conversation that took place sometime in late 2003. (J.M. Hoffman)
    2-13-04 Yahtzee's Australia Journal (Chapter 2): Yahtzee continues his adventures throuh the southern hemisphere, the Australian portion at least (Yahtzee)
    2-11-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 13: Having met unexpectedly in the depths of danger, Nancy recounts her thrilling experiences to George! (Papa Redcloud)
    2-9-04 Star Wars :Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy: A review of the latest Star Wars game. Warning: This is more of a manifesto than a review. As you may be aware, Chefelf doesn't tend to be brief when critiquing Star Wars related material. However, if you intend to play this game you should really prepare yourself with this article. (Chefelf)
    2-6-04 Mario: The secret hidden tale of intrigue behind the world's most famous fictional plumber. (Zach)
    2-4-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 12: Deep in the gangster's lair, George meets with an unexpected friendly face... (Papa Redcloud)
    2-2-04 The Adventures Of Angular Mike: Welcome to the Internet home of that loveable polygonal pioneer, Angular Mike. Here you will find the chronicles of his amazing adventures through the world of absurdity and MS Paint. (Yahtzee)
    2-1-04 "U"'re Gonna Love It!: Toast, that is. Or possibly alleged college student design asthetic. (Jen)
    1-31-04 Fruity Markers: Why the arts remains such an important appendage to the educational structure. (Jaques)
    1-30-04 The Anonymous Blonde's First Erotic Science Fiction: Some terrible publishing house wants to make the Anonymous Blonde write an erotic sci-fi serial for them. She's doing it, because she needs the money. But that doesn't mean she's going to do a good job. (The Anonymous Blonde)
    1-29-04 Extinct Beverage: Orbitz: What if Pikachu pooped in some Pine Sol? Find out in this review. (Chefelf)
    1-28-04 Great Powerpoint Demonstrations by Villains, Part 1: Skeletor's Soliloquy: Back in the day, villains had to freestyle their gloats, or use cumbersome cue cards. But if Skeletor had access to Microsoft Office, we all know He-Man would be sitting through a lengthy PowerPoint presentation like this one. (Paul)
    1-27-04 Bears!: the musical: Laura's tribute to bears, and Joey Lawrence. (Laura)
    1-26-04 Quest for the Crown: Paul and Nate have developed a hot new online RPG, and you'll get to be the first to play! (Paul and Nate)
    1-23-04 The Future of Lance & Eskimo: A letter to our readers. (Chefelf)
    1-22-04 Overrated: Diamonds: Mama Redcloud continues the Overrated tradition with an exploration of the mythos of diamonds. (Mama Redcloud)
    1-21-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 11: Continuing their valiant attempt to rescue Nancy, Bess and George descend into the gangster's lair! (Papa Redcloud)
    1-19-04 Cropped Photos of Bill Gates: The internet is full of cropped photos of Bill Gates dressed as Hitler or Satan or Jerry Lewis. It's all getting really stale. Recently I fired up Photoshop to try to dilute the Bill Gates photo pool with some fresh new material. (Chefelf)
    1-16-04 An Open Letter To My College's Bookstore's Website: Laura questions her college bookstore's right to make the claim "Buying Textbooks Just Got Easier..." (Laura)
    1-14-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 10: Bess and George go undercover in the seedy underworld underbelly of Carbon City! (Papa Redcloud)
    1-12-04 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 6): Closing in on Mount Tarkoon (Chefelf)
    1-9-04 Laura's Big Book of Baby Names: Laura proves her parental unsuitability by waxing goony about names for children. (Laura)
    1-7-04 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 9: Alarmed by Nancy's disappearance, her chums formulate a daring plan! (Papa Redcloud)
    1-5-04 Matrix Reloaded Dance Scenes: I forgot to update today and I only realized this morning. So here are some pictures of people in the Matrix Reloaded that look like they're dancing. I didn't use Photoshop at all except to crop and save the pictures! (Chefelf)
    12-31-03 Videotape Living Will: Lefty's premiere flash film involves funny, funny coma humor. (Lefty)
    12-30-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 8: Undercover as a salesman, George discovers an alarming clue! (Papa Redcloud)
    12-29-03 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 5): A myth of the past that haunts the present. (Chefelf)
    12-19-03 A Nancy Drew Christmas: A seasonal short story featuring Nancy Drew and chums. (Papa Redcloud)
    12-18-03 Questions for Anne Rice: A book review and public service announcement in one! (J.M. Hoffman)
    12-17-03 Hell Is Being Trapped in a Room With Your Friends: A Dramatist's Interpretation: Laura imagines a future that may be all too real. (Laura)
    12-16-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 7: Undercover as a waitress, Nancy investigates the sinister roadside inn. (Papa Redcloud)
    12-15-03 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 4): Prince Green's nymph-elf escort leads him and his men to the edges of the kingdom of Sta'k'l'kkiia! (Chefelf)
    12-12-03 Meet the Staff: Slade: Slade tackles the tough nineteen questions. (Slade)
    12-10-03 Overrated: The Use of Classical Music in Film Scores: To the delight of the high-brow and highfalutin at heart, Papa Redcloud returns for the second day in a row with a look into the history of film music. (Papa Redcloud)
    12-9-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 6: Nancy formulates a daring plan while Carson considers the dangers of allowing his daughter to continue her detective work. (Papa Redcloud)
    12-8-03 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 3): Prince Brown battles on in the epic continuation of Chefelf forgetting, for the third consecutive week, to write a real article Castles, The Princes That Fought! (Chefelf)
    12-5-03 My Fool is a Crock: My fool is a crock - So apparently there really are consequences if you don't write a My Fool is a Crock story. I finished this one as soon as the bleeding stopped. (J.M. Hoffman)
    12-4-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 5: Bess searches for Joni; George prepares to perform in a play. (Papa Redcloud)
    12-3-03 An Evening with Laura: Were you once Laura's friend, and now you miss her? Do you not know Laura in person, but wish you did? This handy simulation of the experience of being Laura's college pal is guaranteed to cure you of these ailments. (Laura)
    12-1-03 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 2): Once again Chefelf is low on inspiration so you must read another chapter of his latest work, Castles, The Princes That Fought. (Chefelf)
    11-28-03 Meet the Staff: J.M. Hoffman: J.M. Hoffman tackles the tough questions. (J.M. Hoffman)
    11-27-03 Happy Thanksgiving!: Jen's hand wishes you a happy Thanksgiving. (Jen)
    11-26-03 Lance and Eskimo Do the Dishes: An exciting insight into the independent thought processes of Lance Redcloud. (Laura and Laura and Paul)
    11-25-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 4: Nancy, Bess and George investigate Clare's situation; Nancy explains her eyeglasses. (Papa Redcloud)
    11-24-03 Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 1): I forgot that I had to put an update up today so I wrote this really quickly this morning. I'm sorry. For everything. (Chefelf)
    11-21-03 Anthony's Pizza of World Domination: Wherein I discover a conspiracy involving a Bin Laden deputy, bumper stickers and pepperoni. (J.M. Hoffman)
    11-20-03 The Anonymous Blonde's Sex Dreams Revealed! and analyzed.: They're not really sex dreams. But they're mostly about celebrities! (Anonymous Blonde)
    11-19-03 Lance and Eskimo are Denied Service: Another installment in the "Lance and Eskimo At Food Stores" collection. (Laura)
    11-18-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 3: Nancy visits Carson's unfortunate client; Nancy and Ned banter. (Papa Redcloud)
    11-17-03 Boohbahs on Parade: An expose on Boohbahs. You know, Boohbas. (Zach)
    11-14-03 Yahtzee's Australia Journal (Chapter 1): Yahtzee's Australian journal begins as Yahtzee sets off for the land down under. (Yahtzee)
    11-13-03 Jen's Answers to the Jenny Marx Survey: Jen tackles the tough questions in the now classic survey. (Jen)
    11-12-03 Lance and Eskimo Think About Spiders: A comic that involves an "either-or" game, and the supermarket. (Laura)
    11-11-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 2: In the second installment of Papa Redcloud's Nancy Drew introduces her chums to Carson's shocking new case! (Papa Redcloud)
    11-10-03 How To Become a Redcloud Brother: A Q & A that raises more Q's than it does answer A's. (J.M. Hoffman)
    11-7-03 Yahtzee's Answers to the Jenny Marx Survey: Yahtzee handed these off to the L&E staff right before he headed out for the land down under. (Yahtzee)
    11-5-03 Top Secret Info About the New Sequels to the Matrix!!: Our resident rag doll, given life long ago by Laura for the Wuzup God Project, passes along some insider information he sweet-talked out of one of the Wachowskis' dolls. (Rags)
    11-4-03 The Mystery of the High Road Inn: Chapter 1: In the first chapter of Papa Redcloud's epic Nancy Drew fan fiction novel, the girl sleuth's chums Bess and George run out of gas at a strange inn! (Papa Redcloud)
    11-3-03 Nate's Answers to the Jenny Marx Survey: Nate tackles the questions on the minds of all the world's communists. (Chefelf)
    10-31-03 I'm Off: Don't miss Yahtzee's Last Ever Article! ...until he gets to Australia and sorts his e-mail out, that is. (Yahtzee)
    10-30-03 The Anonymous Blonde's Answers to Jenny Marx's Survey: What does this Jenny Marx want from us, anyway? (The Anonymous Blonde)
    10-29-03 Laura's Answers to the Jenny Marx Survey: Find out all kinds of things about Laura, primarily, "ways she answers survey questions when she's sleepy." (Laura)
    10-28-03 Paul's Answers to Jenny Marx's Questions: Paul's continuation of an email forward started by Karl Marx's daughter. (Paul)
    10-27-03 The Candidate: A movie about things that happen to a candidate. (J.M. Hoffman)
    10-24-03 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen' Was Not A Very Good Film: But it was a damn fine comic book! (Yahtzee)
    10-23-03 The Light in the Attic : Behold an actual communication from Jen to her previous (not current, thankfully) landlady. Jen only wishes she had written it in jest ... (Jen)
    10-22-03 Self-Effacing Responses to Snotty Survey Answers: Laura engages in some serious ass-covering by means of self-deprecation. That wacky girl! (Laura)
    10-20-03 Chefelf's Personal Ad: I decided to place a personal ad to see what kind of response I'd get. So far the phone has remained silent. Because that's how personal ads work. (Chefelf)
    10-17-03 The Flowchart Of Life: Probably the last flowchart I will ever make, appropriately enough. (Yahtzee)
    10-16-03 The Anonymous Blonde's Half-Completed Photo Album: Look! It's a photo album half-full of pictures of the Anonymous Blonde's wacky life! Don't worry, there's more to come! (Anonymous Blonde)
    10-15-03 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Vision: Finally, television has produced a show that the legendary author could take pride in. (Laura)
    10-13-03 Old School Gaming Quiz (Part 2): You think you're so smart about your video games don't you? Part 1 was nothing more than a warmup! This is the real deal! (Slade)
    10-10-03 The Spy Who Loved Me: Because Roger Moore is a smug git whose face looks like it is melting. (Yahtzee)
    10-9-03 The People on the Bus Go Round and Round: The first in a continuing series examining the archetypes--evil ones!--who ride the bus with me. (Jen)
    10-8-03 Canada, Schmanada: You're an innocent lass about to brave the wilds of Canada to rescue Paul and Laura Redcloud. Will you survive, or will you be eaten by grizzly bears or imprisoned by Captain Nemo, or will something even more Canadian happen? A "choose your own adventure" adventure! (Paul)
    10-7-03 lores: In vague homage to one of her favorite webcomics, Henri Ennui and Me, Laura offers a collection of lo-resolution comics. (Laura)
    10-6-03 A Smiley Story: A touching tale of good, evil and revenge as told with the new Instant Messenger smilies. (Chefelf)
    10-3-03 Why It Would Kick Arse To Be A Character In The Film 'Logan's Run': Fish, and sea greens, and plankton, and protein from the sea. (Yahtzee)
    10-2-03 A Postcard for You!: The Anonymous Blonde is on vacation in California. But she was nice enough to send us all a postcard. What a wonderful time she must be having! It's so nice of her to think of us. (Anonymous Blonde)
    10-1-03 Cyberchase: A Review: Tasha watches PBS math cartoons so we don't have to. (Tasha Silver)
    9-30-03 Uncle Pip in Wintertime: A story that's been passed down through generations of Redclouds, as long as there have been Redclouds. And that's a long time. Our line is of kings! Pepin the Short was a Redcloud! (Papa Redcloud)
    9-29-03 The Day I Watched Game Show Network: The face of true evil reveals itself. (Amber-Nicole)
    9-26-03 The "What 'What X Are You Test' Are You?" Test: Yahtzee still doesn't know dick about HTML. (Yahtzee)
    9-25-03 What's Your Major?: University students, don't waste another day! Find out NOW what your major is! (Jen)
    9-24-03 An Assignment for English 111: The assignment: "Connect these six objects in a non-narrative document." Laura made a quiz. (Laura)
    9-23-03 Star Wars Episode III Betting Book: There's no prize for this contest, because you can't put a price tag on human suffering. (Paul)
    9-22-03 Are You a Zygote?: Are you sure? You'd better take this quiz and find out for certain. (Chefelf)
    9-19-03 Why Australia Is Better Than Britain: Yes indeedy. (Yahtzee)
    9-18-03 A Girl's Guide to Buying a Rat: The Anonymous Blonde's ex-husband convinced her to write this how-to feature on rat-buying for a glossy women's magazine. After all that research, she'll never buy the wrong rat again! (Anonymous Blonde)
    9-17-03 How Much Does Your Boyfriend Suck? I Mean Really! You Know What I Mean, Ladies. Huh? Huhhhh?: Former Girl Zone advice columnist Ariana Squirrel resurfaces showing her bitter stripes with a quiz that scientifically measures the suckiness of your current gentlemanlove. (Ariana Squirrel)
    9-15-03 Smells Like Freedom: Because Americans just don't display enough needlessly patriotic things these days. (Jen & Nate)
    9-12-03 Drink This: You'd be surprised what it's possible to come up with when you've got a deadline for an article and it's very late in the day. (Yahtzee)
    9-11-03 Waiting in a Parking Lot: A Screenplay. (J.M. Hoffman)
    9-10-03 Laura's New Favorite Book: Laura found the best book, in a universe where the mark of quality in a novel is the inclusion as a minor character of a famous real-life golden age Hollywood director. (Laura)
    9-9-03 Pismo Tenderloins 2: Our favorite superhero returns to clean up the city. You should clean your city once every two months whether it needs it or not. (Paul and Laura)
    9-8-03 My New Xbox: I've spent a lot of time modding my Xbox but I wasn't completely satisfied with any of the skins offered by my new operating system. (Chefelf)
    9-5-03 How To Be British: My first ever 'request' article. (Yahtzee)
    9-4-03 Which Wife of Henry VIII Are YOU?: The second in a series of tests revealing the member of a set of ladies who are of no interest to anyone but some serious nerds to whom you bear more than the most passing resemblance. (Come on, you can parse that!) (Anonymous Blonde)
    9-3-03 My Fool is a Crock: Rory, of Rory fame, sets his long-awaited pen of Roritude to the holy parchment of "My Fool is a Crock" stories. (Rory)
    9-2-03 Asking for a Raise: ... Or more accurately, how not to. (J.M. Hoffman)
    9-1-03 Old School Gaming Quiz (Part 1): A simple quiz to test your knowledge of the video games of yesteryear. Well, to test your knowledge of Slade's opinions on the games of yesteryear. (Slade)
    8-25-03 Unofficial Week Off: Everyone has been eaten by spiders. Come back next week. ()
    8-22-03 Freddy Vs. Jason: It's about two unkillable blokes trying to kill each other! We could be here a while! (Yahtzee)
    8-21-03 The Dullest Little Whorehouse in Texas: The enigmatic first chapter of the world's least-exciting detective agency. Fill in your own action! (Jen)
    8-20-03 Lance Turns 21 - Part 2: The exciting continuation, of varying font size and lustre. (Laura)
    8-19-03 Self-Indulgent Writer's Workshop: This year's SIWW is guaranteed to make you feel smugger about all your rejection letters. (Paul)
    8-18-03 Key Food: The "key" is apparently being the worst at what you do. (Chefelf)
    8-15-03 Some Leaflet The Physiotherapist Gave Me: If you can hear your spine cracking in two like a dry twig, that means it's working. (Yahtzee)
    8-14-03 My Fool is a Crock: Zach guessed that we were just lying on the floor in a state of mental angst, hoping and praying that some guy we didn't know named Zach would write up a crappy My Fool is a Crock story and email it to us. Zach guessed right! (Zach)
    8-13-03 Lance Turns 21- Part 1: Laura experiments in imaginary stories, multi-part comics, and typed talk bubbles. Fun fun fun! (Laura)
    8-12-03 My Fool is a Crock: They're still trickling in. Jake takes a stab at the world's most popular literary style. (Jake)
    8-11-03 Top 10 Funniest Things People Yell at Me When I'm Riding My Bike: When I ride my bike through the streets of Norther Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, many people feel it is their comedic obligation to yell clever things out of their car windows at me. I decided to compile a list of the funniest things people have yelled at me so far. (Chefelf)
    8-8-03 Ask Yahtzee 3: Yahtzee continues to alleviate the nagging questions of the great viewing public. (Yahtzee)
    8-7-03 A Story About Babies: The Anonymous Blonde was supposed to play poker with her friend, the Ignominious Redhead. The trouble was, the IR's new baby, Oisin Vertumnus, was making a lot of racket. The AB told him a tale in dulcet tones and he went to sleep. That tale is reprinted herein. (Anonymous Blonde)
    8-6-03 Bears! Musical Arrangement: Lefty, creator of L&E sister site Polymorph, sings selected tunes from Bears!, Laura's critically disdained yet strangely life-affirming musical about bears, and Joey Lawrence. (mp3, 1412k) (Lefty)
    8-5-03 The Laudry Demons: A photographic tour of Paul's soul, by way of his dirty linen. (Flash, 70k) (Paul)
    8-4-03 Heccubus' Guide To Guessing Your Way Through College: A five step guide to being all that you can be, with half the effort. (Heccubus)
    8-1-03 Bruce Campbell's Get Well Soon Card: Because it's nice to know there's someone there for you when you've received trivial wounds. (Yahtzee)
    7-31-03 "U"'re Gonna Love It!: Toast, that is. Or possibly alleged college student design asthetic. (Jen)
    7-30-03 Advice for TV Episode Summary Copy Writers: Um... yup. (Laura)
    7-29-03 Problems I Have with the Big Bang Theory: Srmoore, believing the Big Bang Theory is too far-fetched, proffers a slightly more believable theory involving advanced galactic civilizations and Charlize Theron. (srmoore)
    7-28-03 In the Kitchen: An attempt to make macaroni and cheese becomes cause for sorrow and heartache. (Jake)
    7-25-03 Of Shampoo Adverts And Nintendo: Come one, come all, to point and laugh at dodgy 80's merchandising. (Yahtzee)
    7-24-03 Caolan's Birthday Movie: Paul's favorite girlfriend delivers a largely nonsensical, occasionally mean-spirited, consistently sloppy Flash tidbit that was originally used (in part) as a party invitation, and which appears exactly one week and one day before it will be relevant. Bon appetit! (PS: Did you know that Paul and his girlfriend have the same birthday?) (Caolan)
    7-23-03 Lance and Eskimo Babysit: The pair spends an evening with the charming daughter of the rich actress upstairs. (Laura)
    7-22-03 Geeko!: If you haven't seen "The Screen Savers" on TechTV and you find this entertaining, well, then more power to you. (Paul)
    7-21-03 Pismo Tenderloins: The first in what we can only hope will be a series of one stories about a corporate crime-fighting superhero. (Paul)
    7-18-03 The Curse Of The Don't Mention Panties Game: Probably the worst thing I have ever written. (Yahtzee)
    7-17-03 Absurd is Right: Absurdist fiction that puts the "ridiculous" in "absurd." (Jen)
    7-16-03 My Stupid Fly Adventure: Laura is continually startled by an insect. It's really quite sad. (Laura)
    7-15-03 Jake's Future (This Week, part 1): Everyone needs inflated dreams that can never be realized. Why not throw in orgies while you're at it? (Jake)
    7-14-03 Additional Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 2): Yet more reasons to be filled with bitterness and hatred. (Chefelf)
    7-11-03 Articulate Jim: A Search for Something: The whole shebang! Produced here with kind thanks to my sense of disillusionment! (Yahtzee)
    7-10-03 Overrated: The Declaration of Independence: When in the course of human snore... (Papa Redcloud)
    7-9-03 Websites that are Anagrams of Lance and Eskimo: There's more than you'd think. (Paul)
    7-8-03 Lance and Eskimo and the Style Bullies: Our heroes run into a perilous duo in their building lobby. (Laura)
    7-7-03 The Reign of the iloo: A grim prediction of what the future holds. (J.M. Hoffman)
    7-4-03 Ask Yahtzee 2: Tell your parents it's educational. Hey, I just noticed it's the fourth of July. Hooray! (Yahtzee)
    7-3-03 Can You Take Me to the Prom?: The Anonymous Blonde doesn't have any proms to go to right now, but if something comes up, she'll sure be happy to have this handy screening method for prospective dates! (Anonymous Blonde)
    7-2-03 Boots: Mama Redcloud sounds off on the difficulty of purchasing appropriate footwear on the Internet. (Mama Redcloud)
    7-1-03 My Fool is a Crock: A story that will make you throw back your head and howl skyward, "LITERALLY!!!" (Mr. Fabulous)
    6-30-03 Crappy Things Found on Rhode Island Websites (pt. 1): The state of Rhode Island may like to think that it is hip and cutting edge but the sad fact of the matter is that it has some of the worst websites on the entire internet. Here I highlight a few of the crappy things I've found while digging through some of those sites. (Chefelf)
    6-27-03 Ultra Scary Suddeny Frighty Ghosty Thing!: A parody. Or is that just what I want you to think? (Flash, 300k) (Yahtzee)
    6-26-03 Jake: An Introduction: A recent entry from a reader of the site who dislikes human contact so much that he's practically a Redcloud brother already! (Jake)
    6-25-03 Lance and Eskimo Visit the Rich Actress Upstairs: In which our heroes go a-calling. (Laura and Laura and Paul)
    6-24-03 Posto!: The name of this post-apocalyptic Bingo game is not meant to imply that the author liked "The Postman", though the part with Tom Petty was pretty cool. (Chris)
    6-23-03 I Was a Teenage Wizard: Toys "R" Us kid or no, Jen does not want Harry Potter to grow up. (Jen)
    6-20-03 Friday the 13th parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: Did you have a busy weekend? Yahtzee had a busy weekend. (Yahtzee)
    6-19-03 Additional Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 1): Hundreds of people have emailed me to tell me that there are additional reasons to hate Episode II. In order to keep this list comprehensive I have decided to begin listing their reasons. (Chefelf)
    6-18-03 Lance and Eskimo Kick Ass and Take Names: Isn't multi-tasking fun? (Laura)
    6-17-03 My Fool is a Crock: You can't spell "crock" without F-U-N, because "crock" is spelled "froccunk". (Annajones)
    6-16-03 MSN's iloo: Festivalgoers in Britain this summer will be able to try out Microsoft's internet-enabled portable toilet. (Originally appeared in "The Bacon" Volume 1, Issue 2.) (Chefelf)
    6-13-03 Ask Yahtzee: High on life, Yahtzee takes it upon himself to educate the world. (Yahtzee)
    6-12-03 The American Crème: Pixy takes an in depth look at the past present and future of Oreo cookies. (Pixy)
    6-11-03 Overrated: Hamlet (Part 2): "Shuffle off this mortal coil"? Honestly. It sounds like what you do between the Mashed Potato and the Twist. (Papa Redcloud)
    6-10-03 Overrated: Hamlet (Part 1): Has anyone ever read it for fun? (Papa Redcloud)
    6-9-03 Karma Chameleon: It's more than just a lousy song from the 80's. It's the new symbol of global telecommunications. (Chefelf)
    6-6-03 Rorschach Vs. The Retard Raider: Yahtzee made a comic! Using an idea that isn't his and a character that also isn't his! (Yahtzee)
    6-5-03 My Fool is a Crock: Apparently everyone's fool is a crock. (The Anonymous Blonde)
    6-4-03 The Laura Trivia Quiz: Inspired by occasional emails offering a chance to be quizzed on her friends from the Quiz Your Friends network and others like it, Laura created a quiz for her friends: You. (Laura)
    6-3-03 Accredited US Universities with Silly Names: Thinking of going to college, but not sure which .edu will look funniest in an email address? Paul's guide will help you decide. (Paul)
    6-2-03 Extinct Beverage: Fusion Water: It's water with fusion in it. We call it "Fusion Water." (Chefelf)
    5-30-03 My Fool is a Crock: Never let it be said that Yahtzee doesn't jump on bandwagons at every opportunity. He is to bandwagons what the Super Mario Brothers were to anthropomorphic mushrooms. (Yahtzee)
    5-28-03 Lance and Eskimo Go Home: Another one-pager in which Lance and Eskimo head down memory lane. (Laura)
    5-27-03 Paul's Online Personal: He's dating someone, but, you know, it never hurts to have insurance. (Paul)
    5-26-03 My Fool is a Crock: Jen takes a stab at the newfound "Fool is a Crock" genre. (Jen)
    5-23-03 100 Better Questions: A follow-up, of sorts. (Yahtzee)
    5-22-03 My Fool is a Crock: Well over a year ago the Brothers Redcloud made vague plans to have a "My Fool is a Crock" theme week where they all wrote a story about the world's worst Jester. Paul and Laura snuck their stories up without alerting Nate. Nate chose today to finally release his long anticipated tale. (Chefelf)
    5-21-03 The Boy Meets World Inconsistently Detailed Episode Guide for Season 5: Laura finally goes off the deep end with her fanatical yet oddly arbitrary love of the 1993-99 ABC teen sit-com Boy Meets World. (Laura)
    5-20-03 People on the Bus I Hate: Nothing like a ride on public transportation to fill your soul with rancor. (Paul)
    5-19-03 Chefelf Needs a New Computer: But he can't do it alone. He needs wonderful readers like you to give him money. Click below to make a Paypal donation!

    5-16-03 Jason X: Yahtzee finally gets around to watching a film he must have missed while it was in cinemas. (Yahtzee)
    5-15-03 Anonymousblonde.com!!!: The Anonymous Blonde woke up one morning to find her room in disorder, blood on her lips and fingers, a crescent moon tattooed in woad upon her brow, dog droppings in her slippers, and this on her desktop. (The Anonymous Blonde?)
    5-14-03 Lance and Eskimo Beat Feet: In a brand new Lance and Eskimo one-pager, our heroes make a run for it. (Laura)
    5-13-03 Consumer Alert: Voice Recognition Software: Bless its little heart, it tries. (Sister Wendy)
    5-12-03 Pictures of Texas State Officials: An in depth look at pictures of the healthy and happy Republicans that run the great state of Texas. Don't mess with them. (Chefelf)
    5-9-03 More Of The 100 Questions: I've started, so I'll finish. (Yahtzee)
    5-8-03 Which Suicidal Poetess Are You?: Well, didn't you always want to know? (Anonymous Blonde)
    5-7-03 Thoughts on the Role of The Lizzie McGuire Movie As It Regards to the Story Arc of the Series as a Whole: You didn't think she wouldn't go to see this, did you? And if you did, surely you didn't think she'd see this and then not write about it. Methinks all the staunch defense of her negative review made her like the show all the more, because she is contrary. (Laura)
    5-6-03 The American Presidents 2: The contemplative sides of comic book heroes The American Presidents. (Paul)
    5-5-03 Chris Inventions: Long-time friend of Lance & Eskimo, Chris, comes up with games, ideas and inventions all the time. They are always terrible. This is a review of some of the more memorable ideas he's had. (Chefelf)
    5-2-03 The 100 Questions: This is probably the best way to get to know me. (Yahtzee)
    5-1-03 Lance and Eskimo in a Magazine: Laura created this comic for the school humor magazine she founded. (Laura)
    4-30-03 Quest for the Crown: Official Strategy Guide: Questwood Studios' QUEST FOR THE CROWN Official Strategy Guide features complete coverage of the latest game from the company that brought you THE SEARCH FOR MIGHTY-BREATH THE MAGIC PEGASUS. Players will find comprehensive walkthroughs for, as well as winning strategies for how to beat the game. In addition, area maps, detailed item lists and an all-inclusive character library are also provided. The best way to win is here! Warning: Spoilers Inside! (Nate & Paul)
    4-29-03 Quest for the Crown: Paul and Nate have developed a hot new online RPG, and you'll get to be the first to play! (Paul and Nate)
    4-28-03 Extinct Beverage: Amp: It's like Mountain Dew with ENERGY instead of caffeine! (Chefelf)
    4-25-03 Amazing Spider-Man, The Game: It's not a C64 rom, and it isn't based on a horror film, but hey, there's no need to be pedantic. (Yahtzee)
    4-24-03 The Anonymous Blonde's First Erotic Science Fiction: Some terrible publishing house wants to make the Anonymous Blonde write an erotic sci-fi serial for them. She's doing it, because she needs the money. But that doesn't mean she's going to do a good job. (Anonymous Blonde)
    4-23-03 How they Localize Commercials: Paul continues his study of advertising by presenting four different regional versions of the same commercial. (Paul)
    4-22-03 Laura's Unfortunate Powerpoint Situation: This article--which contains a Powerpoint thing--would probably be better if it weren't following in the great footsteps of Paul's Skeletor thing. And if you had Powerpoint on your computer. (Laura)
    4-21-03 Computer Keyboards: A breeding ground for unnecessary features. (Chefelf)
    4-18-03 Two Hundred Seconds: The problems with organised religion and mistranslation. (Yahtzee)
    4-17-03 Adventures in Interviewing: In which Jen, as Elizabeth Shue, has wacky high rise adventures. (Jen)
    4-16-03 What a Girl Wants: This movie review could be the sequel to Laura's review of What Women Want, especially since she went to see this film in much the same circumstances. (Laura)
    4-15-03 Elephants On Parade: The Anonymous Blonde will render anything unto Caesar that Caesar wants, because Caesar didn't get to look at some damn fine elephants. (Anonymous Blonde)
    4-14-03 Please "Flush". Thank's.: An ongoing battle over the state of New England signage practices. (Chefelf)
    4-11-03 The Adventures Of Angular Mike: I made a special page for my latest creation! So far, thirteen comic strips that make very little sense! (Yahtzee)
    4-10-03 Reductio Ad: Let's Have Even More War on Television: How we can mine more entertainment out of human suffering. (Papa Redcloud)
    4-9-03 Trolleys Suck: A senioritis-stricken Laura doesn't appreciate the multiple modes of transportation that Rhode Island has to offer. (Laura)
    4-8-03 Dress Up Paul: An actual, working dress-up doll of Paul! Now you can live out your fantasies of making him look slightly stupider than usual. Complete with Paul's actual wardrobe, including the Megadeth shirt with Vic Rattlehead and all the purple goo. (Paul)
    4-7-03 No Bone Movies: A bit of nostalgia about the early years of Ozzy Osbourne's solo career. (Chefelf)
    4-4-03 Meet The Crazy Moon Man: Yahtzee makes the staggering discovery that you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet. (Yahtzee)
    4-3-03 I Bought a Website: Jen worries about the social ramifications of web-site ownship. (Jen)
    4-2-03 Eskimo's Date: Finally! Lance and Eskimo, remember them? A one-page comic about Eskimo on a date. (Laura)
    4-1-03 Great Powerpoint Demonstrations by Villains, Part 1: Skeletor's Soliloquy: Back in the day, villains had to freestyle their gloats, or use cumbersome cue cards. But if Skeletor had access to Microsoft Office, we all know He-Man would be sitting through a lengthy PowerPoint presentation like this one. (150KB, in powerpoint format) (Paul)
    3-31-03 Where's the Protocol? (part 1) - How to Get a Coffee: The proper way to get a coffee. A survival guide for when I'm the King of the World and you want to keep your sorry ass out of prison. (Chefelf)
    3-28-03 Person Without Girlfriend: Be nice to Yahtzee. He's not very happy right now. (Yahtzee)
    3-27-03 The Anonymous Blonde's Ancestress' Oregon Trail Journal!: Blood tells, sort of. (Anonymous Blonde's Ancestress)
    3-26-03 Internet Tips for Kids: Laura provides an invaluable service for all the children and family-oriented consumers out there. (Laura)
    3-25-03 Aliens Have Eaten My Brain: Questions supplied by daytime TV, March 19, 2003, between 12:51 and 1:05 p.m. to which the answer is "yes". (Jen)
    3-24-03 Extinct Beverage: 180 Energy Drink: Yet another magic energy elixir. (Chefelf)
    3-21-03 Snormula 1: Yahtzee is enthusiastic about motor racing. Enthusiastic in his hatred, that is! Ho ho! (Yahtzee)
    3-20-03 Bush to Saddam: We will--hey, get that camera out of my face!: Paul zooms in on what annoys him most about Iraq media coverage. (Paul)
    3-19-03 I'm Sick of All Those Love Songs: I swear, Laura just hasn't been the same since she became a misogynist hermit. (Laura)
    3-18-03 Overrated: War: War! What is it good for? Being overrated, apparently. (Papa Redcloud)
    3-17-03 The Lovely Ladies of TechTV: A very long article about how much I would love to date all of the girls on TechTV. Written before I even met my girlfriend, I swear! (Chefelf)
    3-14-03 The Premeditated Murder Flowchart: This website accepts no responsibility for people who are murdered directly or indirectly because of this feature. (Yahtzee)
    3-13-03 The Anonymous Blonde's Printable Activity Fun Pages: Continuing her tradition of continuing the tradition of 50-year-old people putting stuff on the internet that doesn't belong there, the Anonymous Blonde brings you hot, printable pictures of her own luscious wardrobe--plus a luscious, limited-edition AB paper doll! (Anonymous Blonde)
    3-12-03 Interesting Things About Amber: Direct from Laura's geology notebook to your stomach. (Laura)
    3-11-03 A New L&E Promo: We're launching a new, slick ad campaign. It's got gears in! (Paul)
    3-10-03 Patriotic Bumper Stickers: Don't get caught with your pants down when the inevitable American/British lead invasion of Iraq begins. Show your support for the war with these new patriotic bumper stickers! (Chefelf)
    3-7-03 Age of Evil: I'm making a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D. I just can't stop making games. This may be something to do with my astrological chart. (Yahtzee)
    3-6-03 The Fifteen Dollar Haircut: Further exercises in horror, in the style of Paul Redcloud, master of horrality. (Jen)
    3-5-03 A Day in the Life of Laura: Nick's partly retaliatory article chronicles Laura's average day. (Nick)
    3-4-03 The Gang Scene in Detroit- An Insider's View: Reader and Motor City resident Mr. Fabulous expounds on some of the lesser-known gangs of Detroit. (Mr. Fabulous)
    3-3-03 Name That Beauty Salon! (Part 2): Once again you must determine whether I made up the lousy salon name or if it is real. Godspeed, my dear friend. (Chefelf)
    2-28-03 Why It Would Kick Arse To Be A Piece Of Chewing Gum That Has Been Chewed A Little Bit But Not Too Much: One of Yahtzee's less riveting treatises. (Yahtzee)
    2-27-03 Parlor Games for the Next Millennium: Have you ever really wanted to act out a play over IM, but you just didn't have an internet-friendly script to use? Once again, the Anonymous Blonde pulls you out of your rut of stupidity by the forelock and gives you the solution. (Anonymous Blonde)
    2-26-03 Laura Reviews: State of Grace: Laura gets back on the horse of critical reviewship of innocent children's shows. When will she ever learn? (laura)
    2-24-03 Extinct Beverage: Jeff's Berry Dream Soda: New York Egg Cream Soda! It's even worse than it sounds! Yes, that's possible. (Chefelf)
    2-21-03 Richard and Maureen's Amazing Time Travel Adventure: The second best short story about a dinner party on this website! (Yahtzee)
    2-20-03 Bored of the Dance: Yahtzee is not bored of the dance. He loves the dance, the hypocrite. Shame, Yahtzee! Shaaame! (Yahtzee)
    2-19-03 Nick's Day: Feeling out of the loop since Nick went to California, Laura speculates about the happenings of an average day in his life. (Laura)
    2-18-03 Don't Joke About Earthquakes: An important public service announcement. (mp3, 400k) (Paul)
    2-17-03 The Locust (pt. 2): The second volume of my 1985 comic book. (Chefelf)
    2-14-03 A Very Special Valentines Day Cowboy Comic!: Something for all you ladies out there on this special day. Yahtzee is the funny man. Laugh at the funny man. (Yahtzee)
    2-13-03 Fix The Mix: Holla! Pixy takes on P.Diddy's neverending fascination with the remix. Let's go! Uh huh, yeah. (Pixy)
    2-12-03 Lance's Book Report: In lieu of an article this week, Laura has transcribed something she found on Lance and Eskimo's apartment floor. At this rate, her next article will be a common pickle. (Because that was also on their floor.) (Lance)
    2-11-03 The Fabulous City: Paul experiments with horrible web design. Really horrible web design. Really, really horrible web design. (Paul)
    2-10-03 Love: Man's Greatest Fear: A warm up for Valentine's Day. It's half article, half mindless rant, half sure to embarrass Jen and all article that is sure to embarrass me. It goes on and on and doesn't really make any point! You'll love it! (Chefelf)
    2-7-03 The Return Of The Don't Mention Panties Game: Bear with me, I'm hoping to work a trilogy out of this. (Yahtzee)
    2-6-03 Here There Be Dragons: Field notes from kindergarten. (Jen)
    2-5-03 The Laura University History Department: The mission of Laura University is to provide only classes that Laura would want to take. (Laura)
    2-4-03 The American Presidents: The first in a series of comics chronicling the adventures of the American Presidents, John Peacock President and U. S. War Bug. (Paul)
    2-3-03 Cops!: A Splash! picture depicting the wild night life of Toon Town. (Chefelf)
    1-31-03 Why I Should Be Cutest Redcloud Brother: I never let little things like being a year late get in the way of my dreams. (Yahtzee)
    1-30-03 Annals of Interior Decorating: The Perfect Dorm Room: On Tuesday, Caolan received a panicked telephone call from her boyfriend, begging her to write an update for Tuesday, since he was marooned in his new apartment without Internet access. Being a good kid, she obliged, but then for some reason he had an article anyway. Remaining good, the poor little mome filled in for the perennially shiftless Jen & the Anonymous Blonde instead. (Caolan)
    1-29-03 The Weather: Laura is sick of arguing controversial topics like religion and politics and television. (Laura)
    1-28-03 More Like the Penultimate Resort!: Paul and Laura have a new idea for a TV show. Paul and Laura are idiots. Draw your own conclusions. (Paul and Laura)
    1-27-03 Name That Beauty Salon!: Do you have what it takes to determine which lousy beauty salon name is real and which lousy beauty salon name I made up? (Chefelf)
    1-24-03 Star Trek: Nemesis Was Not A Very Good Film: Yahtzee honestly didn't know about Jen's article yesterday. (Yahtzee)
    1-23-03 Take the Con, Ensign B-list Celebrity: Star Trek Guest Star: not the deadend career you thought. (Jen)
    1-22-03 Laura's First PHP Program: Last week Laura brought you a PHP program that she conceptualized and Paul actually designed. This week, she brings you a program SHE ACTUALLY WROTE--hence, it is not only intrinsically idiotic, but the content was given far less attention than the programming elements. Unfortunately, she had nothing else to put up this week, so enjoy! (Laura)
    1-21-03 The Peace Coat: A fashion revue of sorts. (Paul)
    1-20-03 Extinct Beverage: Niagara: The drink that quenches your thirst and makes you hot in the pants at the same time! (Chefelf)
    1-17-03 Where Are You Going When You Die?: It's probably best to make sure. (Yahtzee)
    1-15-03 The Rabid Pro-Lizzie McGuire Hate Mail Creator: Now you no longer have to spend time typing out your own angry responses to Laura's Lizzie McGuire review, which is good news for 90% of her readers. (Laura)
    1-14-03 The Tale of Blessed Bernard: An Oregon Trail journal with all the elements of a potboiler thriller: adventure, romance, a bolus, and an evil baby. Illustrated by Lefty. (Omar Gookin)
    1-13-03 The Locust (pt. 1): A comic book that Chefelf drew in 1986. (Chefelf)
    1-10-03 Why it would kick arse to be Spider-Man: This article would probably have been more relevant if I could have been arsed to write it around the time of the video release. (Yahtzee)
    1-9-03 What Does 2003 Hold for You?: The Anonymous Blonde lets go of her resolutions -- and her illusions -- just so she can bring you a little New Year's clairvoyance. (Anonymous Blonde)
    1-8-03 The Trouble with LAN Parties: Laura complains about gender bias in multi-user gaming. (Laura)
    1-7-03 Bad Ads 3: There's so much commercialism in commercials these days! It's almost enough to disillusion one with the ad industry altogether. (Paul)
    1-6-03 Hate Email 1: Possibly the greatest advantage to having your own website is that you get to receive hate mail from people who disagree with you. Actually, that may be the ONLY advantage. (Chefelf)
    1-3-03 The Christmas Flowchart: This is exactly how my Christmas went. (Yahtzee)
    1-2-03 Modern Day Lepers: Unclean! Unclean! Would you like to fill out a survey? (Jen)
    1-1-03 Laura vs Essays for Harvard: Battle of the Century: Laura, topical as a new tube of skin ointment (as is her way), honors today's red-letter date, that is, the application deadline for Harvard. (Laura)
    12-31-02 Paul's Driving Manual: Everything you'll need to get your driver's license in This Glorious City. (Paul)
    12-30-02 Where Have You Gone, Joe Shortsleeve?: Contemplative reflection on the state of the world and Boston's favorite garment-named newsman. (Pixy)
    12-17-02 The Azores Mystery: A taut thriller with a twist ending loosely based on true events. (Paul)
    12-16-02 Winter Wonderland: Revealed: An L&E investigation into the lyrics of a popular holiday song reveals a sick and sordid tale of love, murder and drug addiction. (Chefelf)
    12-13-02 The Don't Mention Panties Game: It's like 'Alive', but with panties. Or rather, not with panties. So quite a lot like 'Alive', then. (Yahtzee)
    12-12-02 Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back! Hey, it's their title, not mine. (Chefelf)
    12-11-02 College Crunch: Laura continues to discuss college, and why they should let her in. (Laura)
    12-10-02 Paul's L&E Dream Mansion: Some day Paul will have the power to hand this blueprint to an architect and say "Build this", and the architect will have the power to kick Paul in the shins and run away. (Paul)
    12-9-02 Jen's Christmas List: Shouldn't this have gone up last week? Perhaps. But the Brothers Redcloud accidentally commissioned two separate authors to do an article so we get this one a little later than expected. Ho ho ho! (Jen)
    12-6-02 Yahtzee's Christmas Wishlist: Yahtzee asks for stuff he doesn't really want from people who aren't going to buy them for him. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. (Yahtzee)
    12-5-02 The Anonymous Blonde's Christmas List: Think of all the fun I've missed! Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed. Next year I could be oh so good if / you'll check off my Christmas list. (The Anonymous Blonde)
    12-4-02 Laura's DVD Wish List: Laura continues the impromptu theme week with a love letter to the medium of digital video. (Laura)
    12-3-02 Paul's Christmas List: Now Paul wants stuff for Christmas too? Geez, how much stuff are you going to have to buy? (Paul)
    12-2-02 My Christmas Wish List: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth a boat load of cash and a mess of presents! (Chefelf)
    11-29-02 Evil Dead: The Game: Yahtzee reviews another game from the highly specialised field of crap C64 roms based on horror movies. (Yahtzee)
    11-28-02 Your Love Horoscope for 12/02: This is the kind of love horoscope that asks you personality-test questions and then tells you your personality. So I guess it's a love personality test. (Anonymous Blonde)
    11-27-02 Nationally Meritless in America: Laura kicks off "College Crunch" by bitching about the National Merit Scholarship Competition, and Henry provides a delightful essay about why he should win the money. If I were in charge, I'd give it to him. (Henry and Laura)
    11-26-02 GEORGE W. BUSH'S SECRET REVEALED!: It is proved definitively that GWB is not some poop. But the truth is even more horrifying! (Paul)
    11-25-02 END PROGRAM: A chilling tale of man vs. computers that almost constitutes an update! (Chefelf)
    11-22-02 The Spam Man Cometh: The truth behind spam is finally revealed! (Yahtzee)
    11-21-02 Bruce Hellmont, Girl Detective: Noir. Very noir. (Laura and Paul and Caolan and Jen)
    11-20-02 Laura Reviews Braceface: That new Alicia Silverstone cartoon about kids in middle school. Laura actually likes it, don't worry. (Laura)
    11-19-02 Mu and Spick: Space Adventurers: It's a space opera! There are adventures! (Paul)
    11-18-02 Gerunds in the Movies: Now YOU can quickly generate the titles of upcoming movies! Astonish your friends by predicting the next box office failure! (Chefelf)
    11-15-02 Your Training Is Complete: A little story I wrote while locked in a sensory deprivation tank. (Yahtzee)
    11-13-02 Overrated: Ancient Egypt: There are pyramids in South America tons taller than anything in Egypt. (Papa Redcloud)
    11-12-02 Tegrisome Returns: Check up on the latest developments at our thriving business affiliate! (Keith Worcester)
    11-11-02 The Six Esses of Extinct Beverage Tasting: A quick guide at how to get more out of your extinct and endangered beverage tasting. (Chefelf & Paul)
    11-8-02 The Search for Something, chapter 9: Nine down, an indeterminate two-digit figure to go. (Yahtzee)
    11-7-02 Halloween Article?: Why didn’t Jacques write a Halloween article last week, on Halloween? (Jacques)
    11-6-02 Girl Zone Advice, Volume 2: They say that persistence is the mother of invention. This is why we continue to offer serious-minded advice for young ladies and gentlemen. Because we are trying to make an invention. (Ariana Squirrel)
    11-5-02 Which Assassinated US President are You?: Strictly speaking, you are none of them, but you can always pretend. (Paul)
    11-4-02 Deathstalker IV: The stunning conclusion to the Deathstalker/Barbarian Queen series. Unfortunately it's a little too late for originality. Lance and Eskimo's five hundredth article! (Chefelf)
    11-1-02 Halloween Resurrection: The words 'flogging' and 'dead horse' spring to mind. (Yahtzee)
    10-31-02 Violent Entertainment: Why is violence so entertaining? Perhaps it’s because there’s not enough nudity on television. (Jacques)
    10-30-02 Once Upon a Time in the House of Gerard Depardieu: Bearly bearable. (Paul and Laura)
    10-29-02 Overrated: Citizen Kane: Orson Welles was in the Transformers movie, for God's sakes. (Papa Redcloud)
    10-28-02 Extinct Beverage: Fruit Craze: You'd have to be Fruit Crazy to like it! (Chefelf)
    10-25-02 Welcome Short Construction Workers!: Another wonderful Splash! picture. (Chefelf)
    10-24-02 Emmy Fever! - Part Two: Jacques steals an Emmy!!! (Jacques)
    10-23-02 A Tribute to Rory on His Birthday: Laura unleashes her poetic side to help celebrate her chum's coming of age. (Laura)
    10-22-02 The Ten Dollar Haircut: Either an exercise in horror from one of the genre's modern masters, or Paul complaining about stuff. (Paul)
    10-21-02 Cyanide: Silent Killer: Arguably the worst piece of fiction that anyone has ever written. (Fiction)
    10-18-02 Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth: Another TV celebrity's darkest hour is slated for the archives. (Yahtzee)
    10-17-02 Jacques’s Play Hits Broadway!!!: Jacques dons a monocle and prepares for greatness. (Jacques)
    10-16-02 The Further Adventures of Johnny Woonsocket's Adventures: The complete chronicles of a waste of a summer afternoon. (Various Q. Authors)
    10-15-02 A Dialogue between A and B: Starring A! And B! And introducing C as himself! (Paul)
    10-7-02 What is the Purpose of Life?: According to some Christians it is to tease wild bobcats. (Chefelf)
    10-4-02 The Search for Something (chapter 8): More novel. Getting sick of this yet? (Yahtzee)
    10-3-02 Emmy Fever! - Part One: Jacques wins an Emmy!!! (Jacques)
    10-2-02 The Girls' Zone Role Models in Science Quiz: A sadistically difficult quiz about women in science. Yay, education. (Girls' Zone)
    10-1-02 Killing a Boy: Are you so sure you know how? Take this quiz and find out. (Anonymous Blonde)
    9-30-02 Extinct Beverage: Tizer: From the Tizer bottle we learn the French for "Refresh your Head" but not "This tastes like Band-Aids." (Chefelf)
    9-27-02 Fight Or Flight?: An entertaining little diversion in which you can learn how you would have fared during mankind's evolutionary history. (Yahtzee)
    9-26-02 The Spectacular Gatsby: The adventures of literature’s greatest Gatsby must continue! (Jacques)
    9-25-02 Dr. Hansen's Face Wash Commercial: (Flash, 110k) Thirty seconds of hygienic adver-tainment! (Laura)
    9-24-02 Paul's Dream Journal: A clever piece of software helps Paul explore the world of his subconscious. (Paul)
    9-23-02 The Epic of Badwater Beaudry: C'mon, it's an epic poem with ASCII art... how can you not love it? (Fiction)
    9-20-02 Sins of the Night: Yahtzee continues his study of naked breasts - er, the erotic thriller genre, in a thoroughly intelligent and highbrow fashion. Plus: pictures of kittens! (Yahtzee)
    9-19-02 History’s Debacle: Cheryl Tiegs versus Honoré de Balzac. Bear witness to the memorable, yet terrible, clash of titans. (Jacques)
    9-18-02 A Dramatic Tale: A wickedly melodramatic tale involving a real bunny. (Laura)
    9-17-02 Kat Gets Sent to the Principal's Office: The continuing academic difficulties of the girl that Jacques got suspended. (Kat)
    9-16-02 Motion to Strike... COMEDY GOLD!: A day in court proves to be the inspiration for great comic adventures. (Chefelf)
    9-13-02 The Search for Something (chapter 7): Another novel chapter. Don't worry, I've got a million of these. (Yahtzee)
    9-12-02 Genetic Frenzy: Studying the intricate nature of DNA is just like teaching a dog to bake cookies. You can probably do it if you spend enough time, but it’s just not worth the effort of wiping up all that slobber. It’s easier to handle things the old fashioned way: with phrenology and koalas who can cook. (Jacques)
    9-11-02 Overrated: The Mona Lisa: Papa Redcloud explains why the world's most famous painting sucks. (Papa Redcloud)
    9-10-02 The Ballad of Slylock Fox: (Flash, 300k) For those of you with inadequate syndicated Sunday comics, Slylock Fox is a sleuth who outwits Paul every week with elegant solutions to clever conundrums. This film is Paul's revenge. (Paul)
    9-9-02 Extinct Beverage: Venom: The drink that makes you wish you were drinking actual Venom. (Chefelf)
    9-6-02 The Early Morning Flowchart: Find out exactly how bad some mornings get. (Yahtzee)
    9-5-02 Embassy Blues - Reprise: And so, the Iraqi embassy takes a bow, and Jacques’s troubles return for an encore. (Jacques)
    9-4-02 Ghostwriter Remembered: Laura's shady memory comes through once again to provide vague and incomplete information about the old PBS show Ghostwriter. (Laura)
    9-3-02 The Borscht Period: A Hippo Phenomenology: How much do you know about hippos? (Anonymous Blonde)
    9-2-02 Not for Nibblers: The makers of Triscuit snack crackers don't want you eating their disgusting product. Find out why. (Chefelf)
    8-30-02 Dead by Dawn: Yahtzee diversifies from reviewing horror movie sequels to an even more obscure genre: Erotic Thrillers! (Yahtzee)
    8-29-02 Embassy Blues - Part Two: Jacques’s situation grows slightly more complex, in a festering sort of way. (Jacques)
    8-28-02 Can You Get AIDS From a Glass of Milk?: Find out in this new Girls' Zone Health Corner Feelin' Good About You, Girl! Teen Issues Quiz. (Girls' Zone)
    8-27-02 The Bad Guy Adventure: A treatment for Star Wars Episode III. (Slade)
    8-26-02 Examine This... Earth: An amusing jaunt into sci-fi that hits a little too close to home... literally. (Chefelf)
    8-23-02 The Search for Something (Chapter 6): More o' that sweet novelly goodness. (Yahtzee)
    8-22-02 Embassy Blues: Jacques’s article this week is postponed on account of him getting caught up in the besieged Iraqi embassy in Berlin. Rather, what follows is an account of Jacques’s situation and the subsequent dispersal of it. (Jacques)
    8-21-02 The Next Wave of Sprint PCS Ads: Nick ponders the future of a cell phone ad campaign. (Nick)
    8-20-02 The Erotic Adventures of Scrooge McDuck: A disappointingly vanilla tale of triumph over adversity. (Paul)
    8-19-02 Bullseye: Chefelf survives a close call with some members of the NRA. (Chefelf)
    8-16-02 Fully Ramblomatic.com: Yahtzee joins the bandwagon and launches his very own domain! (Yahtzee)
    8-15-02 How to Safely Invade Iraq: More classified information leaked from those idiots in Washington! If only someone would explain to them that classified means “not telling other people about it”. Idiots. (Jacques)
    8-14-02 Fun with Hot or Not: Laura and friends attempt to exploit an online dating service. (Laura)
    8-13-02 Overrated: Beethoven's Fifth: Resident culture analyst Papa Redcloud tells us why we shouldn't have to like it after all. (Papa Redcloud)
    8-12-02 Extinct Beverage: DNA: It's like the genetic code... FOR GETTING YOU WASTED! (Chefelf)
    8-9-02 What I Did Over the Weekend: A simple experiment turns into a hellish nightmare as I attempt to upload the whole of the Internet to my own brain. (Yahtzee)
    8-8-02 He’s Back: Guess who’s back, and now with his own daytime talkshow... The scourge of the 20th century! (Jacques)
    8-7-02 Laura's Mailbag from July 2002: Laura's long-overdue responses to some reader mail. (See, July 2002 refers to when she responded, not when the letters were written.) (Laura)
    8-6-02 The Anonymous Blonde: A spiffy personal page by Who does Paul Love? auteur and former phone sex operator Anonymous Blonde. (Anonymous Blonde)
    8-5-02 Summer Camp: A Love Story: Because Wet Hot American Summer only told part of the story... (Jen)
    8-2-02 The Search For Something (Chapter 5): Chapter Five of the novel that amazon.com is too stupid to sell. (Yahtzee)
    8-1-02 The Henchmen Cooperative Project: Matching industrious henchmen with incompetent employers since 2002. (Jacques)
    7-31-02 Are You Boy Crazy?: Find out if, to you, boys drip alluringness or just mucous. Come on! Click! (Girls' Zone)
    7-30-02 Things Paul Ate as a Kid: It's all food, no bugs and stuff. (Paul)
    7-29-02 64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 6): The stunning conclusion to my mindless bitching. (Chefelf)
    7-26-02 The Dark Side of Beatles Songs: A line by line analysis of a famous Beatles song. (Yahtzee)
    7-25-02 Behind Lawyers: An examination of those books lawyers keep behind them. (Jacques)
    7-24-02 What I Learned in Driver Ed: How driver education ruined my life. Interestingly, this article was written almost entirely when I got home from the first day of class. (Laura)
    7-23-02 The Day I Killed Bill Gates with an Axe!: Fan fiction about the ultimate D&D marathon session. (Rory)
    7-22-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Twenty-Three: Our journey home. (Gullible's Travels)
    7-19-02 The Armageddon Flowchart: When the end comes, why not be ready? (Yahtzee)
    7-18-02 I have a dream: Jacques dreams about things other than the Pasta Wars of 1744. (Jacques)
    7-17-02 GZ Advice: July 2002: The Girls' Zone advice columnist, Ariana Squirrel, answers some feminine teenaged romance questions from readers. WARNING: Contains honesty. (Girls' Zone)
    7-16-02 Geek T-Shirts that Only Make 80% Sense: We reveal our new line of computer T-shirts, which, in turn, reveal that we don't know anything about computers. (Laura and Paul)
    7-15-02 64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 5): Maybe N'Sync would have improved things. (Chefelf)
    7-12-02 The Search For Something (Chapter 4): Chapter Four of the novel that everyone's been talking about. It's like the great American novel except less American. (Yahtzee)
    7-11-02 The Business of Religion: Jacques goes door to door selling people on the religion of Urnootzra. (Jacques)
    7-10-02 Nick and Laura's Prom Adventure: The Adventure Continues: An actual play-by-play account of the Classical High School Senior Prom, as seen by two jackasses. (Laura and Nick)
    7-9-02 World History Archive: Lance and Eskimo's new sister site, which is a great place for us to disseminate lies. (Us)
    7-8-02 A Normal Life Process: The coming of age story of Chefelf and Paul. It involves Patrick Swayze too. (Chefelf)
    7-5-02 Why it Would be Kickarse to be Garrett: The benefits of being the backstabbing main character from the game Thief. (Yahtzee)
    7-4-02 Happy Holidays!: Merry Christmas to all! (Jacques)
    7-3-02 What Do Your Clothes Say About You?: Find out how what you put on in the morning--OR DON'T!!--affects every aspect of your whole entire life. (Girls' Zone)
    7-2-02 The Patricia Richardson Ate My Balls Webring: In our continuing effort to break all the rules on our played out list, we've got some topical, topical ball-eating humor for you to enjoy. Try to visit every member of the webring! (Paul)
    7-1-02 64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 4): At least he took out N'Sync. (Chefelf)
    6-28-02 Everything I Wanted to Know About Michael Jackson I Learned From 'Moonwalker' for the Sega Genesis: Seriously! If I'd never played this game I would never have known that Michael Jackson has the power to transform into a car! (Yahtzee)
    6-27-02 The Romancing of Inbal - Part The Sixth: Letters to Inbal continue as the excitement mounts! (Jacques)
    6-26-02 Laura and Nick's Prom Adventure: The Adventure Begins: A makeover story. Includes lots of exciting photos! (Nick and Laura)
    6-25-02 Who Does Paul Love?: An anthropological study of the enigmatic brother Redcloud that answers the question, does Paul love you? (Anonymous Blonde)
    6-24-02 64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 3): Then George Lucas is truly dead. (Chefelf)
    6-21-02 The Search For Something (Chapter 3): The Next chapter of my new novel. (Yahtzee)
    6-20-02 Zabibah and the King and Jacques: Jacques takes it upon himself to translate Saddam Hussein’s romance novel. (Jacques)
    6-19-02 The Tale of Mr. Morton: A Lyrical Analysis: Laura thinks too hard about some Schoolhouse Rock lyrics. (Laura)
    6-18-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Twenty-Two: We hang out in Reading and get into a car accident! (Gullible's Travels)
    6-17-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Twenty-One: This beginning of a double feature to get these damn travel journals over with. Our "adventure" begins in Birmingham and we see lots of pictures of Lady Godiva in Coventry. (Gullible's Travels)
    6-14-02 The Driving Test Flowchart: A simple flowchart for your average driving test. (Yahtzee)
    6-13-02 The Romancing of Inbal - Part The Fifth: The Inbal Chronicles continue with Letters to Inbal. (Jacques)
    6-12-02 Akimbo!: What? Another Papa Redcloud article?! The wise dad-guy of the Redcloud family returns with some more thoughts about English words. This week: akimbo. (Papa Redcloud)
    6-11-02 An Irish Tale: (Flash 6, 240k) What do you get when you cross a family of Irish immigrants with an object of ultimate evil? Dare we say fun-larity? (Paul)
    6-10-02 64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II (pt. 2): The nitpicking continues. (Chefelf)
    6-7-02 The Role of the British in Star Trek: A brief rundown of the British driving forces behind the Star Trek franchise. (Yahtzee)
    6-6-02 At the rodeo with Natalie Portman: Jacques accompanies Natalie Portman to the rodeo. (Jacques)
    6-5-02 Fun with French Spam: Laura got a spam mail in French. See, here at L&E, we embrace the Really Meaningless & Trivial Event. (Laura)
    6-4-02 Casting a Rueful Eye upon Literature: Papa Redcloud discourses on the word "rueful" and why so much of literature sucks. (Papa Redcloud)
    6-3-02 The Chris Livingston Interview: The star of notmydesk.com sits down with me and discusses his loves, his life and the one decision that changed his life forever. (Chefelf & Chris Livingston)
    5-31-02 The Search For Something (Chapter 2): Chapter two from my new novel. (Yahtzee)
    5-30-02 The Romancing of Inbal - Part The Fourth: Jacques considers revising himself in order to become a more appealing human being and win Inbal in the process. (Jacques)
    5-29-02 What Kind of Lover is Your Lover?: The Girls' Zone beckons with this new quiz designed especially for those of you with Significant Others and/or Imaginary Sex Partners. (Girls' Zone)
    5-28-02 Tegrisome: A new business partner joins the L&E flock. (Tegrisome)
    5-27-02 64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II: Reasons to hate the sequel to The Phantom Menace by popular demand. No REALLY, it's the first thing that I've ever done that was actually demanded! (Chefelf)
    5-24-02 Jim The Fish: A wonderful tale inspired by Yahtzee's ramblings in a dreamlike state. (Yahtzee & Rhubarb)
    5-23-02 Fruity Markers: Why the arts remains such an important appendage to the educational structure. (Jacques)
    5-22-02 The Potential Girl Zone Lawsuit: Bitter, bitter ranting. Bitter. (Laura)
    5-21-02 George Lucas's Neck Size is Inversely Proportional to the Quality of his Movies: A photo essay. (Paul)
    5-20-02 Join the Cub Scouts or DIE!: Recently uncovered propaganda by the Cub Scouts of America. (Chefelf)
    5-17-02 This Advert Worries Me: :Yahtzee uncovers a sordid tale of crime and betrayal from what appears to be just a normal advertisement. (Yahtzee)
    5-16-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 8): The stunning conclusion. Find out the last eight reasons to hate this movie! And remember, my opinion is right but your opinion is wrong. (Chefelf)
    5-15-02 Chili Pepper Logic: WARNING: This article contains material that might get Laura's keyboard washed out with soap, if you get my drift. She might want to consider toning it down. (Laura)
    5-14-02 What's Your Temperament? Personality Test/Medical Diagnostic Tool: This is the actual test administered by Galen right before he gave people mercury to eat. (Paul)
    5-13-02 The Romancing of Inbal - Part The Third: Jacques pauses to ponder his attempts at winning Inbal’s affections. (Jacques)
    5-10-02 Horror Movie Sequel Theatre: Double Bill: I work overtime and manage to squeeze Nightmare On Elm Street IV and V into ONE article! I really don't know how I do it sometimes. (Yahtzee)
    5-9-02 A Matter of Clarification: Is Jacques working for Saturday Night Live? (Jacques)
    5-8-02 Do You Assume Too Much About Other People?: Find out in this new quiz by Nick! (Nick)
    5-7-02 Comprehension Test of Something Some Crazies Gave Me on the Street: Time travel! The destruction of Jupiter! Those disturbing cervical rings that are popping up everywhere! It's all explained in this reading comprehension passage! (Paul and some crazies)
    5-6-02 Extinct Beverage: KMX Energy Drink: Yet another "lightly carbonated" energy drink to tear up your stomach. (Chefelf)
    5-4-02 Chefelf.com: The long anticipated blog of America's least favorite Redcloud brother! (Chefelf)
    5-3-02 The Search For Something (Chapter 1): The first chapter in my new novel. It has pirates!!! (Yahtzee)
    5-2-02 Potential Video Games: The necessity of training children for the future may be relieved through a handy medium. (Jacques)
    4-30-02 Fresh New World: How big a poundcake would be needed to cure all the world's ills? (Paul)
    4-29-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt.7): Mommy? Why did George Lucas try to ruin our lives? Does he hate us? (Chefelf)
    4-26-02 More From The Poetry Corner: A critical analysis of a foggy childhood memory. It's what we specialize in. (Yahtzee)
    4-25-02 The Romancing of Inbal - Part The Second: Jacques’s quest to win the heart of Inbal continues as he updates his profile accordingly. (Jacques)
    4-24-02 Never Been Kissed, or, I've Never Been So PIssed!: Laura rants and raves about the 1999 Drew Barrymore flick, Never Been Kissed, in which Drew gets a chance to go back to high school and hang out with some nerds. (Laura)
    4-23-02 How Long Would it Take to Kill Bill Gates with an Axe?: Finally, proof that Bill Gates is the baddest mofo ever! (Paul, Nate, Rory)
    4-22-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Twenty: Our journey to Wales where Laura throws up on me! (Gullible's Travels)
    4-19-02 A Night On The Tiles: A true story of my ninja-like adventures one fateful night. (Yahtzee)
    4-18-02 The Intricacies Copyright Law: Jacques investigates the brilliant intricacy of copyright law. (Jacques)
    4-17-02 Sims Expansions I'd Like To See: Before the release of The Sims: Vacation, which may or may not have already come out, Laura complains that before the Sims take a vacation, maybe they could use some freakin' weekends. (Laura)
    4-16-02 15 Reasons why Chocolate is Better than Sex: Do your part! Repeatedly forward this article to all your friends! (Paul)
    4-15-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 6): Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering. (Chefelf)
    4-12-02 The Haircut Experience: Fun for some, a time consuming chore for the likes of me. (Yahtzee)
    4-11-02 The Romancing of Inbal: Perhaps the most breathtaking thing you’ll ever experience. Jacques’s epic quest to win the heart of an ambivalent Jewish single. (Jacques)
    4-9-02 The 2001 Beer Commercial Report: Including an insight into the creation of Spuds the dog. (Paul)
    4-8-02 Elf Pickup Lines: Because sometimes humor doesn't have to be funny. (Chefelf)
    4-5-02 Why it Would Kick Arse to be an RPG Character: Impressive armor, fantastic weapons, murder by numbers... the list goes on and on. (Yahtzee)
    4-4-02 Jacques’s Outlet: Jacques expounds upon his life’s work and focus, to some degree. (Jacques)
    4-3-02 What's Your Lip Gloss Personality?: Are you a Sweet Strawberry? A Wild Watermelon? Find out in this Girl Zone quiz! (Girls' Zone)
    4-2-02 Bilbo the Talking Gondar: (Flash, 170k) A disastrous foray into the world of children's television. (Paul)
    4-1-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 5): This wasn't a disappointment. Disappointment is when you find out that Nickelodeon has taken to playing "Lassie" instead of "Danger Mouse". This was an outrage! (Chefelf)
    3-29-02 A Cautionary Tale: It's like Kafka except not as gross or boring. (Yahtzee)
    3-28-02 The Possibilities of Awards Shows: Jacques examines the unfairly overlooked possibilities of awards shows. (Jacques)
    3-27-02 My Fool is a Crock: Oh my god! Laura wrote a story about the world's worst jester too, entirely coincidentally! (Laura)
    3-26-02 My Fool is a Crock: A story about the world's worst jester. (Paul)
    3-25-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Nineteen: We see actual Roman Ruins and Laura bathes a plastic dinosaur! (Gullible's Travels)
    3-22-02 What I Know About Star Wars: A collection of observations I have made about the inner-working of the Star Wars universe (and sex). (Yahtzee)
    3-21-02 The Passions of Greedo: Since 1977, One Star Wars character has outshined all others. One character who until now has hesitated to share his emotions; his triumph, and his pain. (Jacques)
    3-20-02 The Star Wars Episode II Betting Book: Just like horse racing, but there's only one horse, and it still loses. (Paul)
    3-19-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 4): I hadn't cried in five years before May 19, 1999. (Chefelf)
    3-18-02 Some Much-Needed Help for George Lucas: Because it's just possible that Episode II can be improved. (Nick)
    3-15-02 Jason X: Preview: A preview for the up and coming horror movie epic, if by "up and coming" you mean "never coming". (Yahtzee)
    3-14-02 A Note from the Pocket of Jacques: Jacques’s fumbling solution to the whole dilemma of asking a girl out, diffusing awkwardness, and gentle seduction. (Jacques)
    3-13-02 Rags Reviews: Truth For Youth Comics!: Rags, the mischeivious rag doll with a penchant for antagonizing religion, goes up against a Christian comics website. (Rags)
    3-12-02 A Consumer Alert: Watch out! Those sites that reunite you with your old classmates may not improve the quality of your old classmates! (Sister Wendy)
    3-11-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Eighteen: My spelling lesson for Laura at the stone circles. (Gullible's Travels)
    3-8-02 Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Life I Learned From Hentai Games: And here's a list to prove it! (Yahtzee)
    3-7-02 Jacques Gets His Own Website!: Jacques is moving to his own website, and stupidity is following close behind. (Jacques)
    3-6-02 Today in the News: Hackers Hate You!: With the onset of this age of technological wonder, you and yours are more at risk from hackers than ever before. (Laura)
    3-5-02 The F'ed Up Winners of the Caption the Senators Contest: Captions are revealed and prizes are doled out. (Paul)
    3-4-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 3): George Lucas made our generation then waited twenty years to break us. (Chefelf)
    3-1-02 Fighting the Good Fight: A letter to Parliament proves to be a successful first step in my crusade to bring back spanking. (Yahtzee)
    2-28-02 Ask Lance and Eskimo!: New reader questions are answered in this age-old section of the original Lance and Eskimo website. The pictures are WICKED old! (Laura)
    2-27-02 GOD EXISTS!!!: Jacques presents irrefutable evidence. And Fabio!!! (Jacques)
    2-26-02 A New Contest!: What you lose in civil liberties you can make up for in prizes! (Paul)
    2-25-02 Windows XP Part 5: The conclusion to my tired ranting and complaining about Windows XP. I promise. (Chefelf)
    2-22-02 The Future of Technology and the Universe: A new operating system finally comes to fruition. (Jacques)
    2-21-02 Further Fun With Crime: Actually very little fun with crime but a whole lot of fun playing the early Final Fantasy games. (Yahtzee)
    2-19-02 Bad Ads 2: Another look at the advertisements that keep America in a recession. (Paul)
    2-18-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 2): You weren't expecting too much. What you were expecting was a GOOD movie. (Chefelf)
    2-15-02 A Public Cervix Announcement: Unnecessary vulgarity could very well be the first step on the road to basic child discipline. (Yahtzee)
    2-14-02 Valentine’s Day: A very special Valentine’s Day article for Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey. (Jacques)
    2-13-02 Cyber Speak Candy: In honor of Valentine's Day, a review of a delightful Necco conversation candy. (Laura)
    2-12-02 Mr. Bagel Have: A new comic series inspired by this one time I ate a bagel. (Paul)
    2-11-02 Amazing But True Cat Facts: All the answers to your insane questions about felines. (Chefelf)
    2-8-02 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday: Finally, the final Friday. (Yahtzee)
    2-7-02 Origins of the Internet: Why is it what it is? (Jacques)
    2-6-02 In Defense of Me: People are still upset about the whole Lizzie McGuire thing, and some yutz explains why Laura will never make it as a journalist. (Laura)
    2-5-02 Paul is At Best Lukewarm About the USA PATRIOT Act: Non-US residents, feel free to stop reading this article now and return to the football hooliganism for which you are so rightly renowned. (Paul)
    2-4-02 78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode I (pt. 1): Because bad movies can ruin lives. (Chefelf)
    2-1-02 Why It Would Kick Arse To Be Jesus: Being the famous religious son of God guy has its perks. (Yahtzee)
    1-31-02 Don’t Abuse Drugs!: A public service announcement as part of Jacques’s plea-bargained community service arrangement. (Jacques)
    1-29-02 Ringworld Remembered: Paul and Nate review classic sci-fi novel Ringworld. (Paul and Chefelf)
    1-28-02 Windows XP Part 4: Games (pt.3) By purchasing the Windows XP Plus! package you can get THREE more games! And they're the worst games! Now that's $49.95 well spent. (Chefelf)
    1-25-02 Fun With Spam: A day spent tidying my inbox turns into an excuse for unsolicited adventure! (Yahtzee)
    1-24-02 A New World Order: Jacques outlines his new method for dealing with difficult salespeople and other assorted morons of fluctuating caliber. (Jacques)
    1-23-02 Scientists Report The Funniest Joke in the World: Why scientists should never be trusted with the nation's greatest natural resource, the human laugh. (Laura)
    1-22-02 Origins: A prequel of sorts. (Paul)
    1-21-02 Windows XP Part 3: Games (pt.2) Windows XP allows you to play games online against other Windows XP users! Why pay $9.00 for a checker board when you can use a $1000 computer and avoid all human contact? (Chefelf)
    1-18-02 Are You Me?: Finally you can circumvent the lengthy standardized testing! Find out in a matter of minutes whether or not you are me from the convenience of your own dingy hermitage! (Yahtzee)
    1-17-02 Leprechaun: The never-ending saga. A story older than time. An epic masterpiece. (Jacques)
    1-15-02 A Question of Semantics: In a heart-warming piece, Paul discovers the joy of multiculturalism. (Paul)
    1-14-02 Emergency!: The different stages of emergency on the road as I see them. (Chefelf)
    1-11-02 Friday the 13th: More fun with crap Commodore 64 games based on horror movies. (Yahtzee)
    1-10-02 Jacques Finally Does It!!!: Jacques applies for a job at Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey. He mailed the envelope while eating a powdered donut. (Jacques)
    1-9-02 Some Questions for Buffy: Papa Redcloud, the wise sage of the Redcloud family, returns with thoughts on the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Papa Redcloud)
    1-8-02 Banned from Broadband: In which the phrase "traffic jam on the information superhighway" is NOT used. (Paul)
    1-7-02 Gullible's Travels: Day Seventeen: The day we played a lot of poker and I killed a bug! (Gullible's Travels)
    1-4-02 Experimenting With Crime: An exciting day of foiling the police and avoiding Freddy Kreuger. (Yahtzee)
    1-3-02 Jacques Asks Jeeves: Jacques bares his soul to Jeeves and, unlike some overpaid whore, Jeeves actually responds. (Jacques)
    1-2-02 Retractions: Every so often, Laura is wrong. And when she is, she admits it. Particularly when she is corrected by fiercely fanatic Lizzie McGuire fans, whom she is afraid will form a lynch mob with torches and trendy hair-clips. (Laura)
    1-1-02 How to Be a Fancypants: A reference for the rest of us. (Paul)
    12-31-01 Windows XP Part 2: Games (pt.1) Here I take a look at the vast "improvements" Microsoft has made to its Solitaire game. Bored secretaries of the world rejoice! (Chefelf)
    12-28-01 Planned Eat-Selescence: Paul criticizes Play-Doh for what he percieves as "a tendency to be too delicious." (Paul)
    12-27-01 Bruce Campbell and Tad the Banana: Two of the world’s greatest action heroes now join forces with hilarious results! (Jacques)
    12-26-01 Windows XP Part 1: The not at all anticipated Chefelf review of Microsoft's new Operating System! (Chefelf)
    12-21-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Father Christmas: Let's face it... the fat man has got it made! (Yahtzee)
    12-20-01 I Can’t Believe the E-mail I Got: This is just getting disgusting. (Jacques)
    12-18-01 A Charlie Brown Christmas DVD: (Flash, 900k) Of all the flash films we've ever made, this one is the charlie browniest. (Paul)
    12-17-01 Barbarian Queen: The think tank behind the fabulous Deathstalker Series brings us a tale of a woman who is neither a Barbarian nor a Queen. (Chefelf)
    12-14-01 Candyman: Day of the Dead: Boobs, blood and a man that despite his name is sadly not made of candy. (Yahtzee)
    12-13-01 What To Do With the XFL: What’s the XFL up to now that the season’s over and they’re off the air forever? The adventure of a lifetime! (Jacques)
    12-12-01 The Lady or the Tiger, Revisited: Laura grasps at the straws of memories of classic short stories. You know, for someone so young, she has a really crappy memory. Special Feature: Includes review questions! (Laura)
    12-11-01 The Azores Mystery: Find the foreshadowing and win a free T-shirt! (Paul)
    12-10-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Sixteen: Exploding popcorn and a whole lot of Telly. (Gullible's Travels)
    12-7-01 Names of Newspapers: A quick breakdown of England's finest newspapers. (Yahtzee)
    12-6-01 Jacques Sees a Movie!: Jacques attends a screening of the movie From Hell, the only movie this season in which Johnny Depp has a mustache! The movie stars Johnny Depp, that delightful guy from Nuns on the Run who isn’t Eric Idle, and a swashbuckling appearance by Johnny Depp’s mustache! (Jacques)
    12-5-01 Rags Gets Mail!: Our little antagonistic rag doll catches up on his correspondence. (Rags)
    12-4-01 Paul's Dream: (Flash, 67k) Starring the Hardy Boys. (Paul)
    12-3-01 Lingerie Poetry: The lovely ladies of daytime TV wax poetic on the sexiest of women's undergarments. (Chefelf)
    11-30-01 Jacques Gets Someone Suspended from School!: Jacques actually gets someone suspended from school for reading an article of his! (Jacques)
    11-29-01 Trent Pistachio In: The Case of the Undulating Ungulant: Mystery and intrigue flirt with misfortune and heartache in: The Case of the Undulating Ungulant. (Yahtzee)
    11-28-01 Remember Adventures in Wonderland?: Remember that old Disney songs-and-morals-type morning kids' show? (Laura)
    11-27-01 Sex Degrees of Separation: A little fun toy that will tell you how closely-related celebrities are, sex-wise. (Paul)
    11-26-01 Double Trouble: The Barbarian Brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the law and we delight in the antics that follow. (Chefelf)
    11-23-01 Maniac Cop 2: Yahtzee reviews a horror film no-one's ever heard of just to prove he really is a fan of the genre. (Yahtzee)
    11-22-01 Osama!: The first glimpse at Osama bin Laden’s new situation comedy! You won’t find this anywhere else on the Internet!... unless they steal it from us! (Jacques)
    11-21-01 The What Kind Of Girl Are You? Quiz: Are you a good girl or a bad girl? Are you a Girly Girl? A Tough Girl? A Rebel? You need to know! You NEED to know! (Girls' Zone)
    11-20-01 The Living Soap: A bonus story, regrettably about soap. (Fiction)
    11-20-01 An Exciting WWII Story: Some speculative fiction, not about soap. (Fiction)
    11-19-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Fifteen: We actually see "Jurassic Park" this time and go to freakin' Burger King for lunch. (Gullible's Travels)
    11-16-01 British Road Signs Sing Gloria Gaynor: (Flash, 230K) Imagine a world where road signs get together and illustrate lyrics from Gloria Gaynor songs. Imagine no more! (Yahtzee)
    11-15-01 Jacques Applies to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart!: Jacques is still looking for a job. (Jacques)
    11-14-01 A Tale of Virtue: An exciting oral history, including mining and war stories. (Laura and Paul)
    11-13-01 Captain Geocities: An all new comic with a brand new superhero/soulless corporate icon! (Paul)
    11-12-01 Ghosts & Wizards 'N Goblins & Warriors: An essay on the hardest and easiest Nintendo games ever made. (Chefelf)
    11-9-01 Why it Would be Kickarse to be the Pope: With apologies to Sinead O'Connor. (Yahtzee)
    11-8-01 Another Stroke of Brilliance on Jacques's Part: An open letter to Saturday Night Live’s Head Writer, Tina Fey (suggesting "improvements" for the show). (Jacques)
    11-7-01 The L&E Boyfriend Generator: Yes, we're putting the same feature up for two days. Play it again! The boyfriend is guaranteed to be different. (Paul and Laura )
    11-6-01 The L&E Boyfriend Generator: A brand new quiz that will actually generate a living boy. (Paul and Laura)
    11-5-01 Extinct Beverage: Hansen's Slimdown: A drink that will make you slim down! But I'd rather just vomit up my meals. (Chefelf)
    11-2-01 The History of Cyber Sex: Finally the long and storied history of cyber sex is revealed. (Yahtzee)
    11-1-01 The Day I Met Bruce Campbell - Part Two: Jacques splits up his historic meeting with Bruce Campbell into two irregular parts at an awkward stopping point (like he’s done so much in the past) in order to fulfill his article quota for two whole weeks! (Jacques)
    10-31-01 Laura's Halloween History: Again with the personal history. Laura details costumes of Halloweens past. (Laura)
    10-30-01 O Canada - a sequel of sorts: Who's more exciting than Laura? Paul. And what's more exciting than Japan? Canada. That's why our new choose-your-own-adventure travelogue is our most gripping yet. (Caolan)
    10-29-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Fourteen: Our tour of Freud's house is cut short because we don't want to miss the matinee showing of "Jurassic Park"! But we do anyway. (Gullible's Travels)
    10-26-01 I'm Pissed Off: Yahtzee sounds off on the whole Bruce Campbell experience. (Yahtzee)
    10-25-01 The Day I Met Bruce Campbell - Part One: Wherein The L&E gang meet Bruce Campbell and Jacques makes a new friend. (Jacques)
    10-24-01 An Open Letter of Apology to Bruce Campbell: Mustering all the dignity and class we can, we apologize for some of our book-signing faux pas. (Paul)
    10-23-01 Timeline of Involvement with Bruce Campbell: What does Bruce Campbell mean to you? Laura offers some historical background on the true meaning of Bruce Campbell week. (Laura)
    10-22-01 Meeting Bruce Campbell: Meeting one of my favorite people in the world turns into an adventure when I find out that he's just as cool in real life as in Brisco County, Jr. (Chefelf)
    10-19-01 Indiana Innuendo: A snatch of dialogue from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (Yahtzee)
    10-18-01 Battling the Batting Cages: My experience trying to hit a ball the size of my head with a baseball bat. (Chefelf)
    10-17-01 Rags's Home Page: Following his comeback, Laura's little rag doll demanded his own home on the World Wide Web. Enter if you dare. (Rags)
    10-16-01 The Fun Book of Fabulous Fast Facts: I got your knowledge right here. (Paul)
    10-15-01 The Apology of Lance and Eskimo Dot Com: We at Lance and Eskimo apologize for the fact that our site’s been down for a few days. But it was mostly Jacques’s fault. (Jacques)
    10-5-01 Army of Darkness: Horror Movie Sequel Theatre reviews the Bruce Campbell classic. (Yahtzee)
    10-4-01 It's the Muppet Show! - Part 2: Part 2 of an in-depth documentary regarding the Muppets, their life and times. The lifelike puppets who at one point had claimed to be “bigger than sex” speak out. (Jacques)
    10-3-01 Laura Reviews: Lizzie McGuire: Laura rags on yet another unwatchable ZoogDisney series. (Laura)
    10-2-01 Elves vs. the Supernatural: If you like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER... (Paul)
    10-1-01 Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans: One of the four best Deathstalker movies I've ever seen! (Chefelf)
    9-28-01 Comedy, Thy Name is Penguin: Yahtzee informs the world on the finest of British chocolate wrapper humor. (Yahtzee)
    9-27-01 Jacques Applies For a Job with a Rival Website!: Jacques sends a letter to a rival humor site in an attempt to infiltrate, divide, and conquer it! Will his attempt succeed!? (Jacques)
    9-26-01 The Triumphant Return of Rags: Another article from everyone's favorite rag doll with an attitude problem and an affinity for talking back to God. (Rags and Laura)
    9-25-01 Pokemon Poop: When cartoon cuties and capitalism collide, what ensues can only be called comedy! (Paul)
    9-24-01 The Vegeta Lookout: Pictures of Vegeta out on the town. Submit your pictures here! (Vegeta Girl)
    9-21-01 Rob & Paul: (Flash, 1.4 mb) Yahtzee's characters, Rob and Paul, adventure through the world of popcorn, B-movie actors and poor lip synching. (Yahtzee)
    9-20-01 It's the Muppet Show! - Part 1: Part 1 of an in-depth documentary regarding the Muppets, their life and times. Just don’t fall asleep in any room with Muppets in it; you’re liable to wake up with a butcher knife hovering over your torso. (Jacques)
    9-19-01 Ninjas and Pirates Tested in a Variety of Everyday Situations: Part two of Laura's exploration of ninjas and pirates and their respective merits. (Laura)
    9-18-01 Teacher's Day: Omar Gookin's latest Tale stars, oddly, various Lance and Eskimo people as high school teachers. (Omar Gookin)
    9-17-01 Gullible's Travels: Day 13: Stephen Fry on Telly and lunch in Burger King... again. (Gullible's Travels)
    9-14-01 Elf vs. Its Own Kind: WARNING: Contains a story about a ring. (Laura)
    9-13-01 WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO OUR WORLD?!?: Something is definitely happening to our world, and I hope that everyone’s okay. (Jacques)
    9-12-01 Ninjas vs. Pirates: Another thesis. (Laura)
    9-11-01 Welcome to Linux: Paul grapples with an unfamiliar OS and ruminates on BogoMIPS. (Paul)
    9-10-01 Jerry Bruckheimer Plot Generator: Chefelf has journeyed through time to bring back plots and spoilers from the Jerry Bruckheimer movies of the future! (Chefelf)
    9-7-01 Halloween H20: Yahtzee takes a look at the thrilling horror movie sequel. (Yahtzee)
    9-6-01 An exclusive interview with Bette Midler’s dog!: Get the inside scoop on what’s new with Bette Midler’s dog straight from the source. (Jacques)
    9-4-01 L&E Job Applications: Publishing these must be a violation of some privacy law. (Paul)
    9-3-01 Extinct Beverage: Lucozade: Do you want to drink the same stuff that gives Lara Croft her energy? You might not want to after you taste it. (Chefelf)
    8-31-01 Smells Like Newbury Comics: It's a wicked good article! (Papa Redcloud)
    8-30-01 The Onion | America's Finest News Source, which we are not: We are Lance and Eskimo Dot Com. We are not The Onion! (Jacques)
    8-29-01 Bears!: the musical: Laura's tribute to bears, and Joey Lawrence. (Laura)
    8-28-01 Caption the Senator Contest: It's funny because they can say funny things. (Paul)
    8-27-01 Twin Sitters: The Barbarian Brothers' swan song. (Chefelf)
    8-24-01 Why it Would be Kickarse to be Mario: Yahtzee breaks down the pros and cons of being the world's most notorious plumber. (Yahtzee)
    8-23-01 The Amazing Things About E-mail: An e-mail message that may just change your life, and possibly the world as we know it. And possibly your penis. The future is here! (Jacques)
    8-22-01 Girls' Zone Horoscopes Page: I sort of put this up two weeks ago, but hopefully no one has seen it yet. (Girls' Zone)
    8-21-01 The Adventures of Rex Blunder, pt. 3: A crudely drawn comic about a dapper playboy. (Paul)
    8-20-01 Raka: My Santa (pt. 2): A continuation of the presents that Raka sent me. (Chefelf)
    8-17-01 Velcro and Microwave Ovens: Raka discovers that one is not, in fact, the loneliest number: it's 8! Let's all laugh at 8. (Raka)
    8-16-01 A Plea to the Oscar Committee: This year, don’t overlook obvious talent. Some people just couldn’t choose the most qualified candidate if it was picking at their ass. (Jacques)
    8-15-01 Oregon Tales - Kimberly's Run: Omar Gookin throws his hat back in the ring with another harrowing tale of the road to Oregon! (Omar Gookin)
    8-14-01 American Beans: A quick visit to a website where you can learn -- and laugh! -- along with America's least favorite legume (Paul)
    8-13-01 Raka: My Santa (pt. 1): Raka sent me a box of stuff. What I found inside was better than Christmas morning. (Chefelf)
    8-10-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Twelve: Dinner at Garfunkel's (not as cool as it sounds) and we meet the Queen! (Gullible's Travels)
    8-9-01 A Wishbone Young Readers Adventure!: Jacques examines the classic adventures of a dog who travels through space and time by the power of his imagination. He’s obviously destined to kill us all. (Jacques)
    8-8-01 Laura at Sanrio Puroland: A month-long trip to a beautiful country with a unique culture and thousands of years of history and all Laura can talk about is the Hello Kitty theme park. (Laura)
    8-7-01 The Creepy Cable Cartoon Guy: Don't try to seduce us with your alluring mascots, Cox Communications! We're on to your little games. (Paul)
    8-6-01 Pinball Wizardry: The best in spectator gaming since Solitaire. (Chefelf)
    8-3-01 Elf vs. Beast (Again): Scary. Realistic. (Paul)
    8-2-01 Search for the Elusive Hawaii Steak Elf: The elf with the "coolest threads" is now out and about around town. (Jacques)
    8-1-01 A Flattering Proposal: A reader response to Laura's wedding article. (Laura and Raka)
    7-31-01 Bad Ads 1: Hey, sometimes it's hard to keep up consistent quality over 30 whole seconds. (Paul)
    7-30-01 The Grumpy Whale: A Splash! Picture about a grumpy whale who is less than satisfied with his aquatic lifestyle. (Chefelf)
    7-27-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Eleven: Burger King, Sean Connery and Paul's 17th birthday! (Gullible's Travels)
    7-26-01 Jacques’s Book Corner: Jacques reviews a Russian classic, weighs in on the sociopolitical factors governing modern-day Russia, and solves all of Russia’s problems simultaneously. (Jacques)
    7-25-01 The Party: A short story about demons and dinner parties... well at least ONE of each. (Yahtzee)
    7-24-01 Stop the Denial of Service Attacks: A Plea for Sanity: In which we invoke the twin gods of LnE.com: Kurt Russell and God. (Paul)
    7-23-01 The F'ing Birds!: My struggle for sleep during Chirpfest 2001. (Chefelf)
    7-20-01 Elf vs. Its Mom: Angst-ridden. (Paul and Laura)
    7-20-01 Elf vs. Beast: A bonus story, filled with despair. A tail of redemption and a lion. (Paul)
    7-20-01 Elf vs. God: Another bonus story, this one heavenly. (Laura)
    7-19-01 Does Spinach Give One Superhuman Powers?: An objective experiment conducted by someone who wants to return to high school and kick some ass. (Jacques)
    7-18-01 Are You a Serial Killer?: A handy quiz to finally answer that nagging question: Am I a serial killer? (Yahtzee)
    7-17-01 My Stupid Eye Adventure, Part 2: Paul goes back to the eye doctor, futher humiliates himself, and weeps openly. (Paul)
    7-16-01 Think Big: The Barbarian Brothers' Magnum Opus. (Chefelf)
    7-13-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Ten: Paul and I hike through some woods and then see the movie "Django." (Gullible's Travels)
    7-12-01 Erotic Science-Fiction: You know you want it. The best erotic science-fiction on the Internet and, quite possibly, in the universe. (Jacques)
    7-11-01 Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors: Yahtzee reviews the classic horror movie sequel. (Yahtzee)
    7-10-01 Hawaii Five-Oh-Yeah!: The top 7 reasons why it's the best show ever. (Paul)
    7-9-01 Extinct Beverage: Red Bull: The beverage that promises to "give you wings." (Chefelf)
    7-6-01 Elf vs. Society: Angst-ridden. (Paul)
    7-5-01 The Tragedy of Snagglepuss: The tragedy to end all tragedies, literally. It is a tragedy that this was written. (Jacques)
    7-4-01 My Tribute to the U.S.: Yahtzee takes a look at what makes America so great. (Yahtzee)
    7-3-01 Ah, Japan: So Laura's in Japan for a month, that lucky stiff. No need to be jealous... with this choose-your-own-adventure, you can have the exact same experience she's having! (Paul)
    7-2-01 E.T. Extra Terrestrial Savior: Ever feel like prostrating yourself in front of E.T.? There's a reason why. Find out here. (Chefelf)
    6-30-01 Where God Went Wrong: Just a little bit of advice for the Almighty. (Yahtzee)
    6-29-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Nine: Our trip see the Phantom of the Opera and our quest to find Paddington Bear! (Gullible's Travels)
    6-28-01 Sh*t Happens: And thankfully John Wayne and Elvis were around because of it. Plus, constructing your own John Wayne or Elvis with all the ingredients you need right at home! (Jacques)
    6-27-01 The Lance and Eskimo Conversation Generator: Select your favorite L&E characters and generate conversations between them. It's fun! (Paul and Laura)
    6-26-01 The Adventures of Rex Blunder, pt. 2: A crudely drawn comic about a dapper playboy. (Paul)
    6-25-01 Your Grandfather's Moustache: A Splash! picture dedicated to the world famous restaurant: Your Grandfather's Moustache. (Chefelf)
    6-23-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Freddy Krueger: Something we've all known for a long time, but no-one's been able to put into words. (Yahtzee)
    6-22-01 Elves vs. Nature: Grim. Tragic. (Paul)
    6-21-01 I'm Tito Jackson!: A Tito Jackson exclusive! Tito Jackson actually contacted us and wrote an article! Please welcome our new staff writer, Tito Jackson, the new Brother Redcloud! (Jacques)
    6-20-01 The Girls' Zone Gossip Page: A venue to exchange possibly life-destroying gossip. (Girls' Zone)
    6-19-01 My Stupid Eye Adventure: Paul, still under the impression that he is a clever man, wonder why he screws up simple things like a trip to the eye doctor. (Paul)
    6-18-01 The Legend of Zelda Enemies, Part Two: Chefelf explores the enemies of the underworld from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda. (Chefelf)
    6-15-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Eight: We go to the Imperial War Museum and eat at Starburger! (Gullible's Travels)
    6-14-01 False Advertising: An in-depth examination of how rapper Eminem misrepresents himself at the expense of a sweeter act. (Jacques)
    6-13-01 Girls' Zone Fashion Page: Actually an essay by Rory. (Girls' Zone)
    6-12-01 Latex Implement: A slick new business joins the LnE community. (Paul)
    6-11-01 Gnomesong!: (Flash, 1mb) Chefelf's first film. Depending on box office revenue, maybe his last. (Chefelf)
    6-8-01 Three Go In, Two Come Out, and a Squirrel Follows: A story about the redeeming power of love and turning people into squirrels. (Laura)
    6-7-01 Jacques Takes Back Concession!!!: It seems Jacques may have been a bit premature in his concession. (Jacques)
    6-6-01 Laura's Crush Page: Revamped and girlimized for the Girl Zone. (Girls' Zone)
    6-5-01 Armageddon: More like GIRLmageddon!: A timely review of the 1998 extinction-level-event classic. (Paul)
    6-4-01 My New Apartment: A look at various aspects of my new residence. (Chefelf)
    6-1-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Seven: We go to see "Les Miserables" and I teach Laura to worship me! (Gullible's Travels)
    5-31-01 Shocking New Developments!: Jacques demands recount and then announces his gracious concession from the Cuteness Elections! (Jacques)
    5-30-01 The Are You A Girl? Quiz: Find out once and for all! (Girls' Zone)
    5-29-01 Domains for Sale: Like throwing good money after bad? Then why not invest some of these hot domain names? (Paul)
    5-28-01 Totally Rad: A most triumphant game about some excellent dudes, Dude! (Chefelf)
    5-26-01 Murder, and How to Get Away With It: Practical advice for those interested in butchering a few close friends and relatives. (Yahtzee)
    5-25-01 Brothers Redcloud Cuteness Vote: Lance: This is the last one, we promise. (Lance)
    5-24-01 Cutest Redcloud Brother - Jacques: Because when he smiles, it's heavenly. (Jacques)
    5-23-01 Why You Should Vote For Laura: Some sweet, sweet negative campaigning by Laura. (Laura)
    5-22-01 Brothers Redcloud Cuteness Vote: Paul: Paul weighs in on the cuteness issue. (Paul)
    5-21-01 Elect Chefelf: Why I should be voted the cutest Redcloud brother. (Chefelf)
    5-19-01 Freudian interpretation to Horror Movie Dream Sequences: Can Hollywood and psychology find common ground? (Yahtzee)
    5-18-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Six: Our trip to Oxford where we... *sigh* buy art supplies. (Gullible's Travels)
    5-17-01 CHUD vs. the Board of Education: Read an excerpt from the transcript of this landmark court decision on CHUD (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers). (Jacques)
    5-16-01 Secret Hidden Agenda of Girls: No boys allowed!!! (Girls' Zone)
    5-15-01 I Don't Like those Game Shows That Much: Paul takes a unique stand. (Paul)
    5-14-01 Deathstalker III: The Warriors From Hell: Deathstalker smirks his way through an encounter with a flamboyantly gay wizard and into our hearts. (Chefelf)
    5-12-01 Advanced Astrology: Yahtzee presents: slightly more accurate horoscopes. Plus, a competition! (Yahtzee)
    5-11-01 Angel Force II: The Sidekick: Rory adds the finishing touch to Angel Force that will propel it to greatness. (Rory)
    5-10-01 The Girl Who Does the News, Part 2: More of our exclusive interview with Saturday Night Live's frank and fierce firebrand, Tina Fey. (Jacques)
    5-9-01 Girls' Zone: Laura's tribute to being a girl. (Girls' Zone)
    5-8-01 The Adventures of Rex Blunder, pt. 1: A crudely drawn comic about a dapper playboy. (Paul)
    5-7-01 The Legend of Zelda -- Enemies (part one): Chefelf explores the enemies of the overworld from Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda." (Chefelf)
    5-4-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Five: I get yelled at in Westminster Abbey and finally get off my ass and have a crumpet. (Gullible's Travels)
    5-3-01 The Girl Who Does the News, Part 1: An exclusive interview with Saturday Night Live's feisty firebrand, Tina Fey. (Jacques)
    5-2-01 Angel Force: Laura wastes her time imagining that a religious show was actually an anime movie. (Laura)
    5-1-01 LnE Special HealthWatchZone Special Report: Dandruff: Breaking medical news before it breaks us. (Paul)
    4-30-01 What Goes Up Must Come Dow: My day as a Stock Market guy. (Chefelf)
    4-28-01 Poetry corner: St Ives: An analysis of the St. Ives poem. (Yahtzee)
    4-27-01 The Rubies of Omeron: High fantasy with lots of irritating color words. (Paul and Laura)
    4-26-01 Officer Kitty: Jacques's sure to succeed movie concept. (Jacques)
    4-25-01 Laura's Future Wedding: Genetically, Laura is a girl. This means that she has thought about what her wedding will be like. (Laura)
    4-24-01 The Carl Sagan Song : (Flash, 112k) Our latest animation is dedicated to the late, great Carl Sagan. (Paul)
    4-23-01 Mu Mu Bunny Lips: A Splash! picture of the insidious Mumu Bunnylips! (Chefelf)
    4-21-01 How (not) to use superpowers: How (not) to get superpowers 2: The Revenge. (Yahtzee)
    4-20-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Four: The day we discovered Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and doner Kebabs. (Gullible's Travels)
    4-19-01 Star Wars: A Dissertation: The burning question, finally answered. Children, get your parents’s permission before reading this article. (Jacques)
    4-18-01 Shawn Cuteness Chart: Illustrates Shawn's cuteness for every season of Boy Meets World. (Laura)
    4-17-01 OTIS: An Eiffel Tower Expose: Paul uncovers the grim secrets locked in Eiffel Tower propaganda. WARNING: You can't unsee the contents of this article. (Paul)
    4-16-01 Sorceress: Womankind's answer to the Barbarian Brothers. Unfortunately it was the wrong answer. (Chefelf)
    4-14-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be a Pokemon Trainer: Not only would it kick arse, it would also make everyday household tasks a lot easier. (Yahtzee)
    4-13-01 Rory's Controversial Political Cartoon: Rory takes an enigmatic stand against censorship. (Rory)
    4-12-01 3000 Miles to Graceland: My Ass!: A piece to put a whole bunch of things in perspective... through my ass! (Jacques)
    4-11-01 Rainbow Connection Confusion: Muddling through a Muppets song. (Laura)
    4-10-01 My Trip to France: Paul's dazzling tour of all the French landmarks he didn't see. (Paul)
    4-9-01 People with Girlfriends: Want to know what makes them tick? Find out here. (Chefelf)
    4-7-01 Why Cinemas Suck: A special feature explaining why theatres aren't all they're cracked up to be. (Yahtzee)
    4-6-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Three: Read about us eating Sultana Bran and playing poker. (Gullible's Travels)
    4-5-01 The Being Kurt Russell Giveaway Sweepstakes: Are you Kurt Russell? If so you can win fabulous prizes! (Jacques)
    4-4-01 Wuzup God Messages Part Deux: This is the last one, I promise. (Laura)
    4-3-01 Paul vs. the Airlines: Paul flies the friendly skies and breaks them. (Paul)
    4-2-01 The Legend of Zelda -- Characters: A brief rundown of the various characters present in Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda." (Chefelf)
    3-31-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Arnold J. Rimmer: Yes it would kick arse, and no I haven't gone mad. (Yahtzee)
    3-30-01 Gullible's Travels: Day Two: Our arrival in England and the beginning of our bout with jet lag. (Gullible's Travels)
    3-29-01 Relationship Checklist: Ten signs your relationship is on the rocks. (Jacques)
    3-28-01 Wuzup God Messages: Godspeaks commentary continues with the messages from WuzupGod.com. (Laura)
    3-27-01 Guy in the Elevator: Paul makes the startling discovery that not all commercials make sense. (Paul)
    3-26-01 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Americans speak their mind about the martial arts epic. (Chefelf)
    3-24-01 The Filing Cabinet: One of life's greatest mysteries explained. (Yahtzee)
    3-23-01 Gullible's Travels: Day One: Paul, Nate and Laura depart on their journey across the Atlantic. (Gullible's Travels)
    3-22-01 He-Man Theatre: See why Shakespeare's a bit more accessible than you may have thought. Reserve tickets at the Mattel-Hasbro Centrum. (Jacques)
    3-21-01 Messages from God: I'm talking about all those billboards and bus signs. What's up with them? (Laura)
    3-20-01 Paul Works: Maybe it's just all the toner I've ingested talking, but that looks like Paul in a dress shirt. Dazzling! (Paul)
    3-19-01 Spelunker: An "Indiana Jones" type adventure for the Nintendo Entertainment System that taught my generation to fear its own mortality! (Chefelf)
    3-17-01 Yahtzee has a crack at ranting: And it's about time. (Yahtzee)
    3-16-01 Are You Nate's Girlfriend Material?: Find out if you're right for our own resident chef elf guy. (Laura and Paul)
    3-15-01 The Content-Free Vegeta Girl Zone: Go here for the most extensive Dragon Ball Z site ever put on the Internet entirely while watching "Knight Riders." (Vegeta Girl)
    3-14-01 Conversation Heart Messages Part II: Continuing commentary on those candy hearts you get at Valentine's day. (Laura)
    3-13-01 Other Conversation Hearts: The Post-Valentine Conversation Heartstravaganza continues with this look at rare conversation heart varieties. (Paul)
    3-12-01 Iron Warrior: A movie about some walking, some slow motion and some adobe. (Chefelf)
    3-10-01 Friday the 13th part 2: The beginnings of the ill-fated 'bag on head' fashion statement of the 1980's. (Yahtzee)
    3-9-01 Paul's Ignorant Octopus Spin Doctor: Our most ambitious, and, arguably, our most enigmatic film. (Paul)
    3-8-01 Mother Nature's Fury: As Rhode Island reels from the devestation of a natural weather pattern, Chefelf tries to make sense of the situation. (Chefelf)
    3-7-01 Lance and Eskimo Comix Trivia Quiz: When it comes to L&E trivia, are you a Lance and Eskimo Samurai or Grasshopper? (Laura)
    3-6-01 Conversation Heart Messages Part I: Commentary on those candy hearts you get at Valentine's day. (Laura)
    3-5-01 The Legend of Zelda -- Level Bosses: Chefelf explores the Level Bosses of Nintendo's classic "Legend of Zelda." (Chefelf)
    3-4-01 The Lance and Eskimo Career Aptitude Test (Short Version): This shorter but no less accurate version of the L&ECAT (or "Le Cat" as we like to call it) can give you your ideal career in just one (1) question. (Laura)
    3-4-01 The Lance and Eskimo Career Aptitude Test: Find out your ideal career. Up to and including 27 career paths to choose from! (Laura)
    3-3-01 Why it would Kick Arse to be Captain of the Enterprise: Just let me know when I start saying the obvious. (Yahtzee)
    3-2-01 Angel Blue's Bingo Page: Now you can add competitive bingo fun to Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Robotech, Xena: Warrior Princess, Friends, superhero shows, Hawaii Five-Oh, and other quality TV shows. (Angel Blue)
    3-1-01 The Sarah Mitt Collection: A collection of Splash! pictures of or involving the enigmatic Sarah Mitt and her life. (Chefelf)
    2-28-01 Rachel's World: She's the cutest little goth girl you ever did see. (Rachel)
    2-27-01 Sprinkles and Jimmies: What constitutes a jimmy? Laura's efforts to prove Paul wrong. (Laura)
    2-26-01 Emergency Steak: For when you are out of steak but have some hamburger and Wheaties lying around. (Chefelf)
    2-23-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Undead: WARNING! Intro cartoon for this article not suitable for young children! (Yahtzee)
    2-22-01 Extinct Beverage: Orbitz: What if Pikachu pooped in some Pine Sol? Find out in this review. (Chefelf and Paul)
    2-21-01 Lycos Image Search Adventures: Searching the Internet for hot pics of Rob Lowe was never so much fun! You know, before. When you did that. (Laura)
    2-20-01 Paul's Virtual Bar: It's lame to spend all night on the internet, but it's cool to spend all night in a bar, right? Now at Paul's Virtual Bar you can do both! (Paul)
    2-19-01 Skyscraper: Anna-Nicole Smith's epic adventure through a really small skyscraper. (Chefelf and Paul)
    2-17-01 Recipes from around the world: A tasty alternative to turkey for Christmas. (Yahtzee)
    2-16-01 Can Technology: Sauntering down the evolutionary trail. (Chefelf)
    2-15-01 The Lewgosset Musk World Domination Page: Lewgosset Musk is "dedicated to the proposition that anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of HTML can waste everyone's time." So are we. (Lewgosset Musk)
    2-14-01 The Worst Film Ever: Well, second worst. According to our bastards to the north. (Paul)
    2-13-01 Bad Street Brawler: The classic game for NES. If by classic you mean 'not at all popular or classic.' (Chefelf)
    2-12-01 Titan A.E.: It's like a titan, but it's after Earth. (Laura)
    2-10-01 Evil Dead 2: A horror movie hero who isn't a complete moron? Can it be true? (Yahtzee)
    2-9-01 The Random Talk Show Generator: Oh, those wacky talk shows. (Laura)
    2-6-01 Extinct Beverage: Chubby: A delicious soft drink from the West Indies. (Chefelf)
    2-5-01 The Lance and Eskimo Personality Test: You've spent years trying to figure out who you really are. Well, now thanks to the Internet, you can find out in minutes! (Laura and Paul)
    2-3-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Lara Croft: I saw this one coming a mile off. (Yahtzee)
    2-2-01 The Misbegotten Oregon Trail Journal Site: Omar Gookin's rousing tales of frontier adventure transcend adjectives, except perhaps for "stultifying." (Omar Gookin)
    2-1-01 The Official "The Day Chris Said "Wicked Fine"" Gush Page: If there's 3 things we love, they're official pages, poorly executed flash, and nested quotes. This page offers all three. (Paul and Laura)
    1-31-01 The Sword and the Sorcerer: A fantastic movie about a man, a 3-bladed sword and another man. (Chefelf)
    1-30-01 The Legend of Zelda -- Items: Chefelf explores the different items for Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda." (Chefelf)
    1-29-01 Fantasy Classics: Hark! Mine leathern boot dost not oath. But first, I review all classic works of fantasy I could think of. (Laura)
    1-27-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Guybrush Threepwood: Let no-one say I don't really play adventure games anymore. (Yahtzee)
    1-26-01 The Totally Unauthorized Dune Guy Website!: We also love unauthorized pages. And Dune Guy. We love Dune Guy. (Dune Guy)
    1-25-01 The Expletive Random Generator: Ever dropped a hammer on a foot, been dumped, or been turned into a swan by a mysterious curse, and not known how to express your chagrin? Let your computer do your cussin' for you. (Laura)
    1-24-01 48 Minutes in Home Depot: A play-by-play recount of one man's misery. (Chefelf)
    1-23-01 Angel Blue: Come for the riot grrls, stay for the media bingo fun. (Angel Blue)
    1-22-01 Boy Meets World Character Reviews: My opinion on every character. (Laura)
    1-20-01 Hellraiser 2: Puzzle boxes, people with no skin, and other people with nails in their heads. Fun! (Yahtzee)
    1-18-01 Glen Yarbrough: (shrugs) Some folk guy. (Paul)
    1-17-01 Nabisco's Triscuits: Laura and Chefelf "let the dogs out" on the Nabisco company. (Laura and Chefelf)
    1-16-01 What Women Want: I still don't know. (Laura)
    1-13-01 The Adventures of Mr. Zombie Man: There is life after rebirth. (Yahtzee)
    1-12-01 The Empress is Dying: An unfinished drama about an empress, and a princess, and some jam, and a boy who looks like a toad. (Caolan)
    1-11-01 Utena Questions: The neverending list... (Laura)
    1-10-01 The Anime Title Random Generator: Now you can have limitless obscure anime shows to wish they would translate into English. Our favorite so far: "Manly Girl Kihika." (Laura)
    1-8-01 Wonder Years: Or, Boy Met World (Laura)
    1-6-01 Why it Would Kick Arse to be Invisible: As Kevin Bacon should have noted. (Yahtzee)
    1-5-01 Moist Towelette Companies: fall victim to an attack of praise by our ridiculous heroine. (Laura)
    1-4-01 The Binary L&E Promo: Get ready for some pulse-pounding technological fun, and poop. (Paul)
    1-2-01 This Glorious City Weather Report: What's the weather like in Lance and Eskimo's home town? Is it sunny? or is it raining men? (Paul and Laura)
    12-29-00 Karate Kid movies: Three really good movies... and the other (Laura)
    12-27-00 Arthur: A Study in Third-Grade Transvestism and Bondage (Laura)
    12-22-00 Betty Crocker Corporation: gets to "smell what Laura is cookin'" (heh heh) when she points out a tragic oversight in the packaging of Disney's Princess Fruit Rolls. (Laura)
    12-21-00 Lance and Eskimo Comix: A comic series about a boy, a girl, some more girls, and the ape who is their landlord. It's avant garde! It's cutting edge! It's jejune! (Laura)



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