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A Dialogue between A and B

by Paul

I wrote this for a class assignment. The assignment was to write a dialogue between A and B with the starting line, "Did you bring it?" It was a strong piece, but unfortunately, I was not enrolled in school at the time, so I got a D.

A: Did you bring it?

B: I brought something.

A: ...It?

B: It's hard to tell. You see, there are a lot of things in the world.

A: ...

B: And so some are bound to look similar.

A: Not necessarily. You're operating under the assumption that everything that is possible, exists. In fact, it could be entirely unique.

B: "In fact, it could be entirely unique." "Me meh, me meh meh mentirely meh heh." Well, it's not, A, it's not. And trying to find the real thing is hard, A, it's real hard. You can't just find it everywhere... not the real thing.

A: The real article.

B: The real McCoy.

C: The Gen-U-Wine instance.

A: Shut up, C.

B: So what I have here could be it... it really could be. But it could be a manmade replication.

A: Well, let me see it. Maybe I can tell.

B: You think I didn't see it? You'd think if it was just a matter of seeing it that I would've tried that.

A: Whatever. Just let me see.

B: Here it is. - no, look with your eyes.

A: It's beautiful.

B: Yeah. Very supple.

A: Sinuous.

B: Sleek.

A: Slim...

B: but not slim like a stick.

C: No, it's quite proportionate.

B: Keep out of it. This is a conversation between A and B, so please C youself to the door.

C: Shut up, me and A were here first, so get your B-hind out of here.

A: Both of you, quiet. I find myself unable to concentrate on drinking in its magnificence. What is the functionality of those spindles?

B: Balance, probably. It has to weather all those storms.

A: Perhaps they're decorative.

B: No, the googly eyes are definitely decorative.

A: ... Actually, you know what?

B: What?

A: It looks a lot like you... No, not your outside appearance, which is wretched. But your soul. It's menacing, but at the same time, beautiful.

B: Like the bee that is my namesake.

C: Or the 50 foot woman in that movie "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman."

A: Or that eating machine that is the shark.

B: So my soul is an eating machine that is the shark?

A: Silence... it speaks.

THING: My brethren, you have awoken my from my thousand year slumber. Now the tramp of my jackboot will resonate 'cross the globe.

C: It's not the real thing.