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    Relationship Checklist

    Ten Signs Your Relationship is On the Rocks

    Girls, ever wonder how to tell whether your man is coming or going? You're in that zone between commitment and adios with your boyfriend? Well, here are some of the top ten indicators psychologists have pegged as signs that your relationship is on the rocks:

    1) He breaks up with you.

    2) He doesn't love you anymore.

    3) He stays out late into the night, comes home smelling of perfume, and he's been having sex with another woman.

    4) You ask him if you're fat and he says "Yes. But I don't care because I'm dumping you, bitch."

    4) You need to consult relationship checklists to determine whether you've got a stable relationship or not.

    5) You have a long history of stupidity and retardation.

    6) He says "hey honey, take this relationship test." Wink wink. "Bitch."

    7) You're a loser. You're a bad, bad person and can't do anything right. It's all your fault.

    8) You can't tell the difference between men and women.

    9) You ask him "are you breaking up with me?" and he says "yes."

    9.5) You've lost certain portions of your brain.

    10) You don't have a boyfriend.

    Well, there you have it girls. Oh, and by the way ladies, also be very suspicious if he eats people for a living...



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