Smells Like Freedom

This summer, Chefelf and Jen went on a roadtrip. In their travels, they stopped at many rest stations, gas stations, and fast-food establishments along the way, oftentimes buying rest, gas, or fast-food as a mommento of their visit. In one of their rest stops, which trickily took place at a gas station, they found the most wonderful souveniers that could possibily be bought. They bought them, and reproduce them here as photographs.

FreedomVanilla Pride

Can you smell it? Hold your nose close to the image of the air freshener on your screen and breathe deeply. Ahhhhhhhhhh. It's freedom that you smell! Look into the eyes of the eagle on the tree. He knows what freedom smells like, and now, so do you.

The quick to judgement might guess that this second air-freshener is freedom-scented as well, and although, in truth, it does smell exactly like its compatriot, this air freshener is of a slightly different breed. There may not be an eagle silently and magestically gazing at you on this model, but the stars and stripes mean only one thing: Vanilla pride! No, not the white-supremicist kind, but the kind of pride that embraces all Americans who smell like a bakery.

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