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Castles, The Princes That Fought

Chapter 15
The Battle Against Ilkspeake

As you may remember, the mighty dragon, Ilkspeake, was being distracted because Tracy was casting all kinds of colorful magic spells to distract it. This was all a part of Prince Green and Prince Brown's plan to distract the dragon so they could stab it. When we last left Prince Green and Prince Brown they had formed an uneasy alliance against a common foe (the dragon). This is quite an unusual arrangement that two men who were formerly enemies should join forces to fight against a greater threat to both of them. Can you imagine? What will become of them when this dragon situation is resolved? Will they remain allied. One would hardly imagine so. They will probably try to fight again since they have a long history of fighting each other and it is quite unexpected and unusual that they should be on the same side.

"That dragon's tail shall feel my blade!" Green shouted from behind the rock where he was hiding.

"And mine as well!" Brown crowed in reply as the two princes darted forward with their swords held high.

The dragon, looking carefully at the magicks, felt something distract him. Turning sharply he observed two crazy-looking princes running at him with their swords pointing outwards. Before he could summon up one of his famous fireballs he felt the swords pierce his tail. The princes' swords chopped swiftly at the tail, severing it about ten feet from the tip.

Before the dragon could even feel the pain he arched his back and his enormous neck shot into the night air as he let off a fiery scream of pain.

"Oh man, I think we really ticked him off by doing that," Prince Brown commented.

Ilkspeak's neck curled back around and he breathed a tremendous blast of fire on the severed stump where his tail once was. This quickly acted to cauterize the wound before too much of the purple blood (because he is a dragon) could leak out onto the soil below. Ilkspeake then focused his gaze on the princes and his eyes narrowed.

"We're screwed," Prince Green said, standing off to Prince Brown's side and slowly backing up in a defensive stance, sword held outward.

Ilkspeake let off a terrific howl and snorted sparks out of his nose, poised to pounce on the princes.

Just then a mighty burst of bluish light flew forward, hitting the mighty Ilkspeake in his mighty scaled chest!

"What magik is this?" Cried Ilkspeak as he fell back. "Show yourself, you that propel such magicks at me!"

There was no reply. Ilkspeak drew his sword and his reptilian eyes darted about taking surveillance of all around him. Suddenly another blue burst shot out and Ilkspeak fell backwards off the edge of the cliff that happened to be behind him. "Noooooooooooooooooo!" cried Ilkspeak, falling off of the cliff that was there.

Prince Brown and Prince Green moved forward to the edge of the aforementioned cliff and peered over the edge. There were twigs, sticks, bramble and pokey sticks shooting out from the cliff face as they looked over the edge. They could see the dragon's figure becoming smaller and smaller as it fell into the yawning chasm below. Finally the dragon's shadow disappeared in a shadowy fog below.

"Do you think the that's the end for Ilkspeake?" Asked the Prince of Brown.

"I don't know if that simple an end should be all that it takes to defeat such a foe," Prince Green responded.

Prince Brown continued to look down the cliff when he heard the unmistakable sound of a sword being drawn. He looked over to see Prince Green standing there with his sword at the ready. "Speaking of foes," Prince Green said. "I believe our short arrangement is at an end. With Ilkspeake defeated it is back to our original altercation."

Prince Brown drew his sword and also took out a mace that he had and started spinning it around, prepared for battle. "So it is," said he. "I sense that with this battle over it is ours that has just begun."

The two princes drew back their swords and clinked them together with a great deal of force. As they pushed against one another their faces came close to each other, both princes gritting their teeth.

Just then another blue burst of light shot forward, knocking the swords out of the princes' hands and both princes fell backwards, landing on their butts on the cold gravelly soil.

"I'm tired of this magic!" Shouted Prince Green. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Look!" Shouted Tracy, pointing to the mist.

Out of the mist strode a cloaked figure. When he got within ten paces of the princes, still sitting on their butts, he removed his hood to reveal a fantastic grey beard and small reddish eyes.

"Old man, explain yourself!" Bellowed Prince Brown.

"I shall explain myself and very much more," mused the cloaked figure with a wink and a smile. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Boss Saturday and you two are about to learn about an amazing adventure that lies ahead!"

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