Aliens Have Eaten My Brain

Questions supplied by daytime TV, March 19, 2003, between 12:51 and 1:05 p.m. to which the answer is "yes".

Is there an episode of Miami Vice where Don Johnson (in a blue tshirt, white pants, grey sport coat accesorized with a black hankie) chases Lawrence Fishburn, who is playing an murderous voodoo leader with puffy hair?

Is, as mandated by federal law, at least one channel showing "Law and Order?"

Does one of the women on TLC's Makeover Story, once again as mandated by the federal government, describe herself as "pampered to the max"?

Are there characters on Little House on the Prarie and Petticoat Junction who look eerily like Owen Wilson and Evan Marriot from Joe Millionaire, respectively?

Is Ari Flescher available for your viewing pleasure on three channels?

Did Ray's dad from Everybody Loves Raymond previously portray a sad and vaguely menacing character on NYPD Blue?

Can pigs bowl?

Did Sheryl Crowe and Kid Rock improbably collaborate on a country music duet on called "Picture"?

In the video for this song, is Sheryl wearing a large amount of eyeliner?

Again, not to harp, but in the Sheryl Crowe/Kid Rock (?!) video is Kid Rock singing? Is he actually doing a nice job on the harmony?

Is a smiley 8" mohair "fantasy" bear that looks like a camel being sold for $45 on the Home Shopping Network by an unctuous German speaking man?

Should I find another way to pass the time?

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