Fiction Brothers LNE
Fiction Friday


by: Chefelf

Illustration by Annajones
<Black. White. Yellow. Black. Yellow. Green.>

"That's all correct, MEGAGYM. You're quite good at this."

<Hell, it ain't brain surgery.>

Doctor Stanphililililopoloous peered accusingly at his stainless steel rolodex. WHIIIIIIIIIZ went the rolodex as he flipped through it. "Mern, Doctor Mern Mernhart," he pondered out loud to himself.

<Who is that, anyway?> giggled the large robot brain sitting on the lab table before doctor Stanphililililopoloous.

"What is what?"

<What is that name that you just said?>

"It's the name of the man who dares to try to create a robotic brain with more power than yours, MEGAGYM."

<MEGAGYM not like that concept. MEGAGYM becomes very upset when he has to think about brains bigger than his. It's like God creating a rock that even he can't lift. Kinda blows your mind, huh?>

"Indeed. Want a electronic burger now?"