L&E gear is now available from! CafePress offers a dizzying number of options... mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, baby tees, baldrics, sweatshirts, sweatshirts with three arms, doggie sweaters... whatever your size and species, you're sure to find something you can wear.

Drink Me! L&E Logo Mugs and Acoutrements

We offer mugs blazoned with the ancient L&E crest. All mugs are Bruce Campbell-tested and approved. Clicking this link will also bring you to our fabulous L&E tile coasters and tin lunchbox.

Bruce Campbell Endorses Lance and Eskimo Mug

Yes, I want to be like Bruce Campbell and Buy a L&E Logo Mug

L&E Inexplicable Filmstrip Analogy Mugs and Shirts

Just look at those products! They're glowing! They're glowing because they're so amazing!

Lance and Eskimo Shirts and Mugs

Yes, I want to buy Inexplicable Filmstrip Analogy Lance and Eskimo crap

Lance Redcloud/Eskimo Jones Apparel

Show your allegiance to the title character of your choice by proudly displaying their image on your chest, thigh, or crotch.

I love Lance! Let me buy Lance stuff!

I love Eskimo! Let me buy Eskimo stuff!

L&E Geek Chic

All the shirts that confuse nerds a guy could ever want.

I'm with Carriage Return T-shirt

#ROOTS T-shirt or mug

/usr/bin/legolas shirts or mug

I Killed Bill Gates T-shirt

Laura is Stupid Shirts

Wear this shirt in public and if Laura ever meets you, she'll cry. Guaranteed!

Laura is Stupid

Yes, I Agree that Laura is Stupid and I Want a Shirt to Prove it