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Castles, The Princes That Fought

Chapter 12
The Great Fire Millipede

Prince Brown was following his men up the base of Mount Tarkoon when he felt a tugging on his sleeve. "What is it, Thinecrump?" He asked without looking. He would know that sleeve tug anywhere.

"Look, your lordship," His lieutenant answered. Brown spun around and looked down the 7% grade. What he saw was a flame that gave birth to another flame, and another, and another. This continued on from right to left until there was a great line of flaming dots down at the base of the mountain.

"Thinecrump!" Prince Brown shouted. "Look below!"

Thinecrump ambled up to Prince Brown's side. "Is that what I think it is, master?"

"I'm afraid so," Answered Prince Brown. "A mighty fire millipede! They say they roam the base of Mount Tarkoon looking for pray. I'm afraid this foolish creature fancies that to be us. Well we won't have any of that!" Prince Brown unsheathed his sword and raised it in the air. "Prepare for battle, men!"

Just then the fire millipede slowly raised its body into the air in a great wave.

"But sir," Thinecrump warned. "Fire Millipedes are herbivorous."

"I care not what ails this great bastard beast," proclaimed Prince Brown. "We did not ask for this battle but we shall finish it."

Suddently the beast segmented and its flaming segments shot through the night air.

"Didn't know they could do that," Prince Brown admitted as his eyes followed the segments of millipede that rained down on his men.

A piece of the great millipede hit the ground by Prince Brown. He looked down and noticed that it was not just a sement of millipede but that it had an arrow attached to it. "This is no ordinary fire millipede," Brown declared, crouching down to examine it. "This millipede is made of arrows!"


Brown jolted up and noticed a second fire millipede

"By the horned arms of Grondo! Another fire millipede." Prince Brown drew his sword from its shiny, bejeweled sheath.

"Sir," cried a lieutenant. "That's no fire millipede!"

Brown grabbed the lieutenant. "What do you mean?"

"Look!" The lieutenant pointed to a soldier that had a flaming arrow burried deep in his chest. "Someone's firing on us."

Brown gave a pained expression. "I recognize this handiwork!" He jerked his sword free of its ornate golden sheath and raised it in the air. Over by the second fire millipede he spotted the familiar war costumes of Prince Green's men charging at him. "Prince Green lurks! To arms, men! Forget the fire millipedes for now. Tonight we battle!"

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