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Quest for the Crown

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Table of Contents

The Legend
The Map
Hints (Warning: Spoilers!)
Walkthrough (Warning: Spoilers!)

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The Legend

It was a time of legend.
Great heroes wandered the earth, looking for glory.
One such hero was Lord Nonesuch.
He stole a crown and put it somewhere in his impenetrable castle.
It was said that it was certain doom to look for the crown!
Because of the man eating plants!
But one hero...
was ready to look for the crown.
Be steadfast, young warrrior...
for darkness has fallen upon the land.
And although there are actually no man eating plants after all...
there is..........

Quest for the Crown

The Map

Click on map to download a GIANT map!!

Map Key Legend
The sages say that there is said to be a mystical item here.
Unexplored territory. It is said that many fierce creatures live here including (but not limited to): Deer, She-Bats, Daemons, Deemons, Fairie Fakors, Orks and Double-Heads

The Terrain

Terrain Types
This is the predominant terrain type in Landlandia.
This land type is a lot like grass except you cannot step on brik the same way you step on grass. You have to go around it.
Sir Legowmann
This is a patch of grass that is presently being inhabited by Sir Legowmann.
This is a patch of grass where the crown lives. It would behoove you to find this parcel of land as quickly as possible if you wish to win the game!

The Characters

Good Characters
Sir Legowmann
Sir Legowmann
Sir Legowmann is the hero of legend. You control Sir Legowmann on his quest to find the Crown of the dastardly Lord Nonesuch.
Evil Characters
The Crown
Lord Nonesuch
Lord Nonesuch is the dastardly lord that hid the crown in his impenetrable fortress. Will you succeed in liberating the crown or will the land of Landlandia be forever cloaked in darknes?


Sir Legowmann
This is the ultimate goal of Sir Legowmann's quest. Lord Nonesuch has hidden the crown in his castle. But you can't get into the castle.
The Crown
Seven League Boots
When Sir Legowmann completes the Quest for the Crown he is bestowed with the Seven League Boots. These boots allow Sir Legowmann to cover twice the amount of ground in every turn! But be careful! With great power comes great responsibility!!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!


Begin Game!
This is no hack and slash! At the very beginning of the game the objectives and controls are not self-explanitory. This is not a button-masher so you'll have to use your noggin to get ahead! To begin the game you must point the rodent on the greenest grass, then your real quest shall begin!!

Move, Sir Legowmann! Move!
Guiding Sir Legowmann through Landlandia is no simple task! Use the North, South, East and West buttons on your input device to guide him on the path to victory!

Avoid Briks!
The Brik terrain type is an obstacle you must learn how to overcome. You aren't able to go through Brik (except with the SUPER INVISIBILITY CHEAT) so make sure you work on alternate routes to take you out of Brik's way!!

Keep Yer Cool!
Like all great quests there will be times when you don't know what to do. The best thing to do is relax and stay focused! Be observant and try anything NO MATTER HOW CRAZY IT MAY SEEM. And remember, this is a game so most importantly HAVE FUN!

Get the Crown!!
Do not get distracted by side-quests and obstacles. Once you solve a puzzle, get back to the main task at hand and find that bloody crown!


At the start of the game our hero, Sir Legowmann does not have the crown so you'll have to control him and bring him to where the crown is. Doing this requires use of your computer keyboard and knowledge of the layout of Landlandia )(provided here).

As the legend says it is best to go EAST before you go SOUTH and it is best to go SOUTH before you go WEST and it is best to go WEST before you go SOUTH AGAIN then it is best to go SOUTH AGAIN before you go EAST AGAIN!

Stick on the right path and the treasure will be yours! Happy gaming!

Watch for our Second Quest hints and walkthrough coming soon!!

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