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Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 6)

by: Chefelf

Prince Brown strode munificently through the turgid countryside, all the while his erstwhile manguide, Thinecrump, galloped beside him. The Prince halted his wonderful steer and grabbed at his neck.

"What is it, sire?" asked Thinecrump.

"I'm sorry, it's just that sometimes my birthmark get itchy," the Prince said.

"You know, they say that the dragonchildren have a birthmark on their necks that gives them great power!"

"Ha ha ha. You believe too much in fairy tales, my good man." The Prince laughed and on cue his men lauged with him. "I fear that fairy tales will not be the best way to pursue this dragon." The Prince unsheathed his tremendous sword with one fluid motion. "Rather we shall pursue him with cold steel! This sword is no fairy tale, is it men? It is a story that is all too real!"

The men cheered as the Prince gave a smug smirk and sheathed his sword. "Now where is this good dragon then?" asked Prince Brown.

Thinecrump raised a jittery hand skyward. A purple mountain's majest broke forward from the horizon like the hump of a magnificent purple camel.

Prince Brown frowned. "Mount Tarkoon," he said.

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