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Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 1)

by: Chefelf

Once, long ago, in the kingdom of Nimff there was a fantastic prince who could speak the language of the elves! Close by, in another kingdom, there was another pretty fantastic prince but he could not speak the language of the elves and was jealous of the other prince that could. A mighty war started and the two kingdoms disliked each other because of it. Thus begun the epic struggle of one kingdom against another--brother fighting alongside brother and against his other brother from the other kingdom. For this was the story of...

Castles, The Princes That Fought

And so it was that the Green Kingdom and the Brown Kingdom launched into a bloody war. Many brave knights fought other brave knights as well as some knights who weren't as brave as the previous knights but still pretty brave nonetheless.

All of this was made much more dire by the discovery that there were some secret crystals that could control time. The Brown Wizard, Mornor, wanted these crystals for his own reasons but the Brown Prince kept him on a very short leash. Mornor plotted a way to get these crystals so that he could make large sums of money by betting gold pieces on future sporting events just like Biff tried to do in Back to the Future II

But the Legend also spake of a warrior, a man with such awesome power that the he alone could bring an end to the War of the Princes and the two castles would be united once again under one rule. However that warrior's story is not to be told in these ancient texts. His story is for another time and another chapter in...

Castles, The Princes That Fought

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