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Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 8)

by: Chefelf

Mount Tarkoon loomed like a dangerous dungeon of fear but the kind of dungeon that was actually up high in the sky, not the normal underground kind of dungeon. There were dark clouds and lightning that swirled around Mount Tarkoon as if it were some sort of star that allowed only evil to orbit its celestial mass.

"Mount..." Prince Brown began.

"Tarkoon!" Thinecrump finished. His donkey let out a telling snort as it stood in place chewing on some grass.

The dark and stormy mountain top belched with delight as the Prince, his escort and his men approached its majesty with caution.

"T-t-t-they s-s-s-say a m-m-m-m-man once d-d-d-died trying to c-c-c-c-climb this mountain," stuttered one of Prince Brown's terrified archers in a deep but unsteady voice.

"And another man lost his leg trying to save that man that fell when climbing!" Another man chirped in a shrill birdlike tone.

"Ha!" Prince Brown swiveled around and leapt off his steed. His feet reached the ground before his cape finally fell around him like some sort of linen rainfall. "You two have been listening to too many ghost stories. Mount Tarkoon is no different than the Cliffs of Eijar where the fluff bunnies play. It is no different than beautiful old Poof Poof Lake!" Prince Brown grabbed the stuttering fool by the shoulders. "Don't you remember our childhood? A boy drowned once a week, every week at Poof Poof lake for eighty years. They said it was haunted. Ha! They say that the jagged toothed Dragon Fish had something to do with it. Ha! Wouldn't you know that after eighty years a week went by and no boys drowned. No boys even disappeared or were maimed."

"B-b-b-but isn't that b-b-b-because t-t-that g-g-g-guy killed the j-j-j-agged toothed D-d-d-dragon f-f-fish?"

"Ha! Next you'll be telling me you believe in the Fairy Matchmaker and Trumblebus the Happy Volcano God! You see, you people hold too much stock in fairy tales, legends and ghost stories."

Thinecrump adjusted his loose fitting helmet and pointed at the swirling black clouds which just then were swirling around the tip of Mount Tarkoon's peak like ground up coal swirling around an enormous inverted turnip. Words refused to descend from Thinecrump's gaped mouth but words were not necessary for the site of Ilkspeake's wingspan was worth more than mere words. Ilkspeake flew towards the mountain and did not appear to notice the Prince and his band. Either that or he noticed them but did not concern himself with them because he thought them nothing more than some chumps.

"Ilkspeake," Prince Brown growled, unsheathing his sword to accent the final syllable of the dragon's name. "Be steadfast, men," Prince Brown commanded to the group behind him. "It's dragon time."

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