Jen's Christmas List

Fat flakes of white are drifting over New York this morning and there are red velvet ribbons tied around the palm fronds in my lobby. Christmas, in short, is in the air. So cue up the Bing Crosby (or, if you are my esteemed colleague the Anonymous Blonde, the Eartha Kitt) and drape some garlands, because my Christmas list is as follows:

1) A nice camera Currently I trust my precious memories of the best years of my life to disposable cameras, whatever brand is on sale at Duane Reade. And I long to be able to zoom. So, a nice 35 mm SLR Manual Focus camera is at the top of the list.

2) For my favorite version of "Away in a Manger" to be the one people sing. I prefer the version that sounds like this: "A-way in a-a MANger/No-o CRIB for a bed." However, I know that there are people (people who outnumber me) who sing it "a-WAY in a MANger/No crib for a BED" (I would hum it if I thought it would do any good since the words are the same ...) What can I say, I like the melody of the first one better. Less syrupy, in my book. My Christmas wish is that the version I like be the one that I hear.

3) Thermal underwear Because baby, it's cold outside. And because I am slowly turning into my notoriously cold-blooded mother. (Cold-blooded in the literal sense, not in the ruthlessly scheming and savage sense) (Although there's an element of that, too...)

4) A clean house, well-behaved children, and a little PEACE and QUIET Apparently the transformation is not as slow as I would like to believe.

5) Kmart gift certificates Because I always need Diet Pepsi and laundry soap. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

6) "Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris"by A.J. Liebling A book that combines some of my favorite things: Paris, food and writer A.J. Liebling.

7) Champagne Because life is worth celebrating, damn it.

8) Fruit of the month club membership I can't think of anything better than having fresh, delicious fruit throughout the winter, unless it is fresh, delicious fruit that is delivered to my personal door.

9) Ladies that Paul Loves: An Anthropological Study Should the Anonymous Blonde ever get her notes into book form, I will be the first in line to purchase it. Because inquiring minds want to know.

10) "Carmen" by Bizet I always forget how much I want a copy of the opera Carmen when I am buying music, and then I hear some snippet of "Votre Toast" and I think to myself, "Oh yeah! I love that song about the Toreadors!" And nothing says pretentious quite like opera, hurrah!

Merry Christmas to me, if I get any or all of these things. And a merry christmas to you and yours, provided you like the first version of "Away in a Manger"

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