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The changes Windows XP has made are extremely marginal. Is it worth the money? Of course not! It's $100 just to upgrade and that only works with one computer. It's illegal to upgrade another copy of Windows. You will need to download a browswer, Instant Messaging, email program, and file sharing software. You will also have to purchase some sort of FTP program and a professional graphics program.

Linux costs $70.00 and you can install it on as many computers as you want... legally! It comes with everything you need to be online, checking email and browsing immediately!

Linux has crashed once in the six months I have been using it and Windows XP has crashed once already today.

Enough of the straight facts... here's some craziness about Microsoft that you may not know:

Microsoft requires a special code that is assigned to your computer identifying all the hardware present. If you do something simple like add a hard drive to your computer you have to contact microsoft and get assigned a new computer ID before it will work.

It doesn't end there. This new OS is constantly attempting to try to gather information about your computer and change things so that it is more "Microsoft friendly". This includes tiny little bugs that make Microsoft's competitors' software not work. On my Windows 98 computer Netscape would only work for about an hour then some weird glitch in Windows would cause all of my browsers except form Internet Explorer to stop walking. Ain't that just the darndest thing?

Windows XP has significantly upped the ante. I was a little skeptical of the new operating system so I installed an upgrade on my roommate's computer first to see if it would destroy anything. Here's what it did.

My roommate had a typical single american male's desktop wallpaper:

Angelica Bridges Wallpaper in Windows 98

It's Angelica Bridges: International Supermodel and star of TV's Baywatch!

I always opt for something a little less counter productive such as:


His computer is in plain sight from where I am sitting so sometimes I have to shut his monitor off when he's away because between the Angelica Bridges wallpaper and the Anna Kournikova screen saver I spend way to many hours out of the day glancing over to his screen.

After we installed the upgrade and rebooted a strange thing had happened. My roommate's wallpaper was changed to this:

Angelica Bridges Wallpaper in Windows XP

Click here to download this wallpaper.

Also Minesweeper appears to be much more difficult!

Minesweeper XP

I suppose I will get used to Windows XP and its quirky nature but I certainly don't have to like it!

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