Welcome to the Official Lance and Eskimo Dot Com Girls' Zone!

            This is a new section devoted entirely to celebrating the feminine side of LanceandEskimo.com.

Why do we need a Girls' Zone?

            As you may or may not have divined, LanceandEskimo.com is created, maintained and updated by approximately four Redcloud brothers: Paul, Nate, Jacques, Laura, and sometimes Lance, but usually not, because he is not real. It's all very well for Paul and Nate, and even Jacques, although he is adopted (shhh!). But sometimes the differences between Laura and the other Redcloud brothers are all too evident.

            For example, some purists have stated that since she's a girl, she's not technically a "brother." When this occurs she blinks and pretends not to speak English. But it really weighs heavily on her psyche, y'know? This is a serious issue which really needs to be addressed.

            That's why Laura has come up with this, the official LanceandEskimo.com Girl Zone! Where all things girly can be addressed. It really makes you think pink, or something. Look! Flowers!


Laura is a Girl Hints

1. Just look at Laura's Journal compared with the other parts of the site. First of all, it's a journal. The boys write articles, but Laura, she's got to write journal entries. Well, actually it's for school, and, you know, at least it's not a diary. So this isn't that much of a hint.

2. But Laura's Journal is PURPLE! The rest of the site has kind of a blue-and-orange-and-black thing going, but Laura's Journal is purple and white. How girly is that.

3. One Laura's journal's sidebar, the "i"s are dotted with triangles.

4. Scratch that last one. I forgot we weren't looking for "Laura is Gay" hints.