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Castles, The Princes That Fought

Chapter 14
The Princes' Plan

Ilkspeake soared through the night air until he hit the ground with a mighty crash. When the dragon hit the ground there was a mighty rumble followed by several rocks and boulders rolling past them, down the 7% grade of the base of Mount Tarkoon. Ilkspeake reared up on his hind legs and roared once again as the confused and frightened soldiers from both sides stood, petrified, before his majesty.

"There'll be time for dragons later," Green shouted, turning back to Prince Brown. "My battle is with man for now."

"Mine is not with man, but with swine that is dressed in man's clothing," Prince Brown retorted.

"Enough," Tracy shouted. "Ilkspeake is before us. If any of us is to make it out of this alive, we must join forces against his evil!"

"Ha!" Spit Prince Green. "You want me to join forces with him!"

"Preposterous," Prince Brown agreed.

"The numph-elf is right!" Thinecrump bellowed, stumbling uphill, his sandles having trouble finding their footing on the rolling gravel. "If we remain divided we will just be added to the list of Ilkspeake's victims. We must present a united front!"

"But this guy's such a jerk!" Prince Green whined, pointing at Prince Brown.

"It's no matter," Tracy offered. "If we join forces we can live to fight like idiots another day."

Prince Green and Prince Brown simultaneously lowered their swords and approached each other. Prince Brown was the first to extend his hand. "You have my word," he said through gritted teeth. "We shall fight as one until this great beast is erradicated."

"And you have mine," Prince Green agreed as they shook hands. "You also have my word that you are so dead after we get rid of this dragon."

Brown gave Prince Green a scowl and turned his attention to the dragon. Ilkspeake had removed a sword from his belt and was fencing with some of Prince Green's men.

"What are we supposed to do against this guy?" Asked Prince Brown as the dragon bent over set a few of his men on fire.

"Tracy, can you use some of your magicks?" Green asked.

"My magic is not powerful enough to battle a dragon of this magnitude," Tracy replied mournfully. "It would take a very great wizard indeed to battle such a dragon. For look!" She pointed at the base of the dragon's serpentine neck. There was a triangular symbol. "This dragon bares the mark of the dark wizard Shocker!"

While they chatted about how to defeat the dragon some more, the dragon was laying waste to the armies of Prince Green and Prince Brown. While the dragon fenced expertly with soldiers close to him he was shooting fireballs into groups of fleeing and charging soldiers, burning them to a crisp.

"Ilkspeake makes a barbecue of our men!" Prince Brown shouted.

"Wait," Prince Green said. "Maybe Tracy can distract the dragon with some magic."

"But I only know simple spells," Tracy said.

"It's no matter," Prince Brown said. "Use some spells to distract the dragon and we'll sneak up behind it and stab it with our swords!"

Tracy did as they said. She began casting bright balls of light into the air and spelling out words with red light that said things like, "Hey, Dragon!" and "Look!" The dragon began taking an interest in her light show. So much that he slowly begun paying less attention to the soldier he was sword fighting until he just burned him with a spurt of flame so that he could focus fully on Tracy's magick.

Princes Green and Brown, meanwhile, were scampering off behind a giant boulder, out of the site of the might dragon Ilkspeake. As they dashed behind the boulder for cover they peeked a glance over the top to see the dragon. "He's fully distracted. This was a great plan!" Prince Brown said smugly.

"Good," Green agreed. "Now let's make our way over so we can stab him."

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