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Jerry Bruckheimer Plot Generator

I have done it. My life's mission is finally complete. I have spent the last three years journeying through time and have come back to the present only moments after I departed. To you fools stuck here in the present day it seems like I was only gone for mere seconds but in fact I spent three long years travelling through the future. Unfortunately I didn't really spend much time loading up my time machine with the cures I found for cancer, AIDS, etc. I didn't think of building my time machine with a hatch back. Instead I took with me a single looseleaf notebook. I didn't fill this notebook with things like "formulas for the cures for cancer, AIDS, etc.", "diagrams for the perpetual motion machine", or "solutions to the current energy crisis." No, I found myself spending most of my free time in the theatres. You wouldn't believe the cinemas in the future!

Mostly my notebook consists of a poorly kept journal and some doodles. When it was time to leave I found myself feeling awfully sad that I wouldn't be able to enjoy any of the futuristic movies that I had grown to love and cherish. So the night before I left on my return trip I broke into Jerry Bruckheimer Jr.'s house and stole the microchip from his father's cyborg brain.

Luckily this microchip slipped easily into the PCI slot of an old 386 Tandy I had lying around and I was able to access the information instantly since the program was written in C++.

So here I present for the first time anywhere, the Jerry Bruckheimer Plot Generator... enjoy.

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