I don't have anything of my own to say about fashion, so for now I'll just publish this essay by Rory about the fashion at Classical High School, which he attends. He wrote it with a pink pen!

Fashion at Classical
by Rory (not a girl)

          Classical High School is a place with a long held tradition of fashion and excellence in academics through looking well dressed. By following fashion trends, using creativity and adhering to strict, militaristic rules, students of Classical have made some impressive fashion achievements.

          The most popular people in school, the people most admired for their ideas and taste in clothing, are fond of the "pirate" look. This incredible blend of modern day goth and 17th century pirate consists of a soft, ruffly and absolutely fabulous cotton/polyester shirt of the finest materials. Some might also include a jaunty sash or cummerbund that just screams "I am a pirate!" Rory, with his slim, feminine features is the perfect "dandy" pirate, and since he is the most popular guy in school, the pirate look is the most popular look in school.

          The people who befriend the popular pirate sporting kids are often found to wear the Biker look. This tough, strong look consists of stonewashed cotton jeans with holes in the knees from battles long since fought, and a white tee shirt made of fine cotton, or silk. The crowning achievement of this look is an oversized, black, fine leather jacket lined with buckles. When Laura, the most popular person outside of Classical, wears this style in the halls, it just screams "Watch out or feel my wrath!," or "I eat nails."

          Just about everyone else in Classical wears drab greys or the occasional dark grey.

          Classical is a school rich in fashion tradition. Rory is here to carry on that tradition. For that, Classical salutes him. Carry on, brave soldier!