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Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 9)

by: Chefelf

Good Prince Green lumbered across the field with his men and the nymph-elf-pixie-woman Tracy. The field was filled with dozens of indigenous flora and fauna. There were spider daffodils, monkey tulips, dragon's fern, fairytooth and a number of other beautiful but other-worldly looking flowers and greenery that would make any fantasy botanist shudder with delight.

Tracy, from Prince Green's side, issued a meaningful sigh.

"What is it?" Inquired Prince Green.

"It is just that we are leaving my home. Sta'k'l'kkiia, that is," she explained. "Its splendor is what the evil wizard Shocker seeks. This is why he stalks us from his perch there... up on Mount Tarkoon!" Tracy pointed off in the distance at the swirling black clouds that framed the rim of Mount Tarkoon like a cheap toupee.

"How do you mean?" Prince Green idly poked in the direction of a wild rabbit that was dashing through the patch of flowers. He cursed as the rabbit made a narrow escape behind a rock.

"The majesty of Sta'k'l'kkiia is all around us," said Tracy, walking ahead of Prince Green. "It's in the trees, it's in the air and in the birds that fly through it. It is in the rocks, the soil and the flowers!" Tracy turned around and crisscrossed her hands over her chest. "And in the hearts of us all."

Prince Green stopped in the middle of the field and one of his lieutenants stopped by his side. Tracy stopped a few paces ahead and turned to face the prince. "What the heck are you talking about?" The prince asked. "Surely there's some sort of mystical armor that Shocker wants. Or maybe it's a sword that's really, really sharp. Or a bow that always finds it target."

"Or how about a potion that made a nymph fall in love with you," Green's lieutenant offered. Tracy caught his eye and he looked down at his toes as he shifted his weight from foot to foot. "Or it could be an enchanted buffet table where the food never goes away."

Tracy tossed back a handful of bright blonde hair and fluttered her wings gently. (You knew she had wings, right?) "Shocker doesn't need an enchanted shield or magical sword. He needs the love and fear in our hearts. He feeds on our emotions, warps them, distills them and then uses them against us for his own desire."

"Oh my god," Prince Green gasped. "He can do all that just using his knowledge of magicks?"

"Well, actually he needs a special machine to distill the emotions but he farms them using his knowledge of magicks."

"Still," Prince Green acknowledged. "That must be some mean magicking."

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