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Fiction Friday


"Ahh, me quackers!" Scrooge McDuck dove headfirst into his big pile of money. A few dollars floated amongst the gold coins like lettuce leaves in a particularly lame gold salad.

Just then an earthquake rocked Scrooge's bank vault! BANG! CRASH! A rip in the earth's crust raced down the main street of Duckville, enveloping cars and screaming ducks with casual ease. Hot magma bubbled up in the rent in the earth, a line of glowing fire ripping through the town.

With a shudder, Scrooge's bank vault ripped in two and his money began falling into the crack in the earth and boiling away. Scrooge had managed to climb onto his diving board, and, still wearing his striped bathing suit, was imploring the gods for mercy. "Mercury! Zeus! Have pity on a hardworking duck and let this be a dream!"