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Lance Redcloud, p. 7., January
Book Report
"The Prince" by Machiavelli

1. The Prince is a book about a prince, Machiavelli, who owned a lot of things, like land, and some islands, and a castle. In the book he has a lot of adventures, like fighting a creature, and rescuing a girl. Some say he married the girl. I prefer to keep it ambiguous, like the author intended. At the end he goes home.

2. One quote from Machiavelli is that he once said, "What's mine is mine, what's yours is also mine." That's because Machiavelli was a self-centered jerk with nothing to his name but a couple of of regions, plus a prince. I guess that's actually pretty impressive, if you think about it, but a lot of people who had a lot of things were jerks. Material princes do not necessarily equal citizens who aren't jerks, though a lot of times they do.

3. Machiavelli was born in the aral regions of the kingdom at 3 in the morning in the year of the black queen who some call "Shidra, the dark one" (but not me). Machiavelli was a prince and one time he turned a coach into a pumpkin, or so the local legends go. He had a lot of regions. Also he had an heir. He went on to a lot of things like write books about a prince and rule the lands and have a prince. And one time I think he fought a creature. The book is semi-autobiographical.

4. I think Machiavelli's views are important. Without them, we would be in the dark, because a lot of the things that people think today are based on the things that he wrote in the book. He was influential in his kingdom because he had the prince. So I think it was very meaningful.

5. What I relate this book to in my life is that one time I met this guy and he was like "I'm the princess," but I don't think he was. Anyway, that's kind of like a prince. I think he was following in Machiavelli's footsteps which is I think a little out of place in the context of that he was standing in line at Target, but maybe it wasn't, if you take the analogy a little further. I think he might have been gay.

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