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Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 2)

by: Chefelf

So it was that Prince Green and Prince Browns war torn kingdoms launched into an epic war. The war began, as most do, with a savage attack on one of the kingdoms. The attacking army laid waste and ruin to the castle by pillaging, looting, torching and exploding everything! Many brave soldiers fell in battle. Many brave soldiers on the other team also won the battle for that team.

So in this round the Brown kingdom was victorious and the Green kingdom ran away to hide in the woods. It was then that Prince Green met a fairy woodland nymph-elf. A rare sort indeed!

"Behold, young Prince, many treasures of the forest are for your," said the nymph-elf.

"Quiet, woman! Can't you see my men are battle weary and have wounds that need to be fixed up?"

"Oh, come, my brave Prince and bring them to the Waterfall of Life! There my maidens will heal them with fine ointments and steady hands."

"Sounds good to me," said the Prince. The Prince hesitated.

"What is it, good Prince?" asked the nymph-elf.

The Prince quickly drew his sword and took a step forward. "How am I to trust you, nymph-elf? My men were beaten in battle and while I may be weary from the battle past my mind is still sharp. I need proof that I can trust you. Why is it that with all this jibber jabber I have yet to hear your moniker?"

The nymph-elf took a step and jumped when the Prince steadied the grip on his sword. Then she slowly placed a hand gingerly on his wrist. She slowly traced a word with one of her tiny fingers into the soft skin of his wrist. It was elvish. It said "Tracy". The word glowed a faint golden glow, like the sea of Carphoth on a summer's eve.

The Prince looked up, mystified. "Tracy," he whispered, the words leaving his lips like stale bread. "It is elvish." He traced the word carefully with his free hand and then the word was gone, faded from his eyes with no more proof to prove if he had merely dreamed it up. "And I am Prince Green."

"I know, brave Prince. Come. We shall tend to those men."

"What men?"

"The men in your noble party."

"Oh. I was just kidding about that. They're fine."

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