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Castles, The Princes That Fought (Chapter 7)

by: Chefelf

Prince Green puffed triumphantly as he ran through the streets. He raised his arms up in the air in victory!

A few seconds later a tired man panted up to join him. "I. Can't. Do. It. You're. Too. Fast." The man was out of breath and sweat was pouring off his brow.

Green clapped the man on the back with a smile. "You put up a valiant effort, Jeffrey. Maybe next time you shall beat me."

"Thank you sire but you are too fast."

Prince Green looked up a golden spire (because he was in the magnificent nymph-elvish Kingdom of Sta'k'l'kkiia--remember?) and took in a deep breath. "Ah, Sta'k'l'kkiia, a true treasure of wonders you are!"

Tracy came bumbling around a corner. "Majesty," she declared. "My nymph-elf king seeks and audience with you."

Prince Green swung his chin toward the tiny Tracy. "Excellent. I knew not that your king was a performer. Men! We ride!"

Tracy pointed. "Actually the castle is right there."


*     *     *

Inside the castle sat a slender elvish elven elvish king. "Good Lord Prince Green," the king bellowed. "A great plague has come upon Elf Nation and the United Nymph-Elvish Kingdom of Sta'k'l'kkiia. A plague whose name leaves my tongue like the name of a fiery demon!"

"What's the name?" Prince Green asked.

"Nooooo," whined the king. "I shan't."

"C'mon, just tell me."







The king covered his face with his wrinkly hands. They were wrinkly because of a skin disorder that he had, not because he was old because, as we know, elves live forever! "Ooooookaaaaay! I shall tell you, but you must promise to help!"

"Okay, I promise." Prince Green winked over at Tracy who was shifting her weight nervously from foot to foot.

"The plague on my nation is a great wizard named 'Shocker'! He has attacked our people with his deadly magic missile attack!"

"Wow, sounds like a real meanie."

"Indeed he is, Lord Green--"



"Prince Green."

"Ah yes, forgive me. So will you help?"

Prince Green grimaced visibly. "Ehh. Actually I'd rather not. Me and my men must be going."

The king stood up. "But you promised! You swore to help if I told you!"

Prince green pulled out his hand and displayed two crossed fingers. "My fingers were crossed, your majesty. You should be more careful about who you trust!"

"Oh drat," the king collapsed into his chair. "What are we to do? What are we to do?"

"Oh stand up, you big cry baby. I was only kidding. I will help you but let this serve as a lesson that you should be more careful about who you trust."


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