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January 6, 2009

#230 Who Am I To Be Blind, Pretending I Don’t See My Face?


Sort of a companion piece to #46 See That Pretty Boy in the Mirror There. My old pal Alison can attest that the idea for this strip occurred to me months ago while we were walking around her neighborhood and saw a plank painted a dull, non-reflective silver which we speculated was a failed attempt at a homemade mirror. I’ve been waiting for a place in the storyline where I could use it.

I wrote the parody “Man in the Mirror” lyrics some time ago for no reason at all. I used them as my away message for awhile. The ideal first line both for the purposes of sounding like the song and going with the meaning I’m looking for would probably actually be “I’m flirting with the man in the mirror,” but “sleeping with” is traditionally the way I misremember the song, so I went with that. And while I traditionally misremember the second line as “I’m asking him to change his name,” I changed it for this to go better with the image of the mirror and Lance singing into his Bic.

Sadly, panels 3 and 5 are things I have actually thought when gazing at myself in the mirror–just for a moment, but in complete seriousness.

KRYS: Do you guys need to me to lend you money or something?
ESKIMO: Why do you ask?
KRYS: Your bathroom mirror is a plank painted matte gray.
ESKIMO: Yes. I had to remove the mirror.
Quick flashbacks:
LANCE: My only regret is that I’m at the height of my physical beauty, and there’s nobody to truly appreciate it.
LANCE (singing): I’m sleeping with the man in the mirror / I’m asking him to shave his face
LANCE: You would guess from looking at me that I spend all my time on my appearance, but I don’t! I’m also accomplished in the arts!
LANCE (singing): No maiden could have been any dearer / So if you want to love a guy but not be gay / Fall in love with yourself, it just makes you vain!
Back to the present day:
KRYS: Great. Thanks, Lance. Now how do I tell if I’ve got stuff in my teeth?
ESKIMO: You do.
KRYS: You’re not even looking.

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