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November 5, 2007

Old Comics

Historical Comics: A Glimpse Into The Past

Sometimes in my commentary below the comics, I like to talk about how the strip uses, builds on, or differs from the source material, that being the original “Lance and Eskimo” comics I drew in pencil in my 7th-11th grade sketchbooks. Here are some examples of the original comics, so you can see what I’m working with in my updates.

Artifact A: Port Side Story
Artifact B: Road Trip
Artifact C: Circus Adventure
Artifact D: Lance and Eskimalion
Artifact E: Eskimo’s Crush

Holiday Specials: Previously Released on Lance and Eskimo

The Lance and Eskimo Holiday Special
The Lance and Eskimo Holiday Special

Created in 1998
It’s a full-length Lance and Eskimo adventure, packed with surprises and scored with irritating MIDI.The comic book is packed with frames, MIDI, Java, and God knows what else. If your browser (or your brain) can’t handle it, try the stripped-down Low-Calorie Version of the comic.
The L and E Valentines Special
The Lance and Eskimo Valentine’s Day Special

Created in Spring 2000
A super ENHANCED GRAPHICS SPECIAL EDITION Lance and Eskimo comic about life, love, and, um, life.Or, if you don’t like frames and MIDI, click here.

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