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November 5, 2007


Lance and Eskimerchandise
Logo Swag Featuring the words “Lance & Eskimo” as well as the image of our heroes from the top left corner of this very page.

“Attack Kitten” Swag Depicts Eskimo saying “Release the attack kitten” while Lance holds a small ginger kitten.

Individual Strip Related
Strip #5, “Chilling!” Dark T-shirts “…and I woke up holding a photograph of Grand Moff Tarkin!” Then there is a creepy vacation photograph of said Moff.

Strip #33, “Sonnet? I Hardly Know It!” Sonnet Journal Okay, it’s actually the image from Strip #22, Port Side Story Title Page.

Strip #46, “See That Pretty Boy in the Mirror There”: It’s A Trust Thing Lance’s tantalizing reference to schoolboys doing each other’s hair in lieu of mirrors simply had to be realized in a loving illustration. To wear or give.

Strip #62, “A Holy Endeavor Is Now to Begin” Yellow T-shirt Have you ever wanted to own an original Picasso? Why not settle for owning a direct transfer print of an image by me, on a yellow T-shirt?


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