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June 8, 2007

#46 See That Pretty Boy in the Mirror There

46 Pretty Boy

Oh, I love this strip. I mean, I even drew fan art for it, sort of! (If you can call authorial art fan art.) Just surf over to the store to find this strip’s entry in the Self-Indulgent Fine Merchandise Depicting Laura’s Favorite Implied Images of the Lance and Eskimoverse line.

KRYS: What? You don’t think “Lance” is kind of a gay name?
ESKIMO: No name is inherently gay. It’s not like people choose their own names.
LANCE: I did.
ESKIMO: So did I.
KRYS: Well, there’s all the other evidence.
ESKIMO: What ‘other evidence’?
Krys thinks. We see three short flashbacks:

1. Lance passes by a mirror below deck on Eskimo’s ship.
LANCE: Who’s that in the mirror? He’s cute.

2. At the same mirror, Lance gives himself the finger guns, looking disturbed.
LANCE: Get him to stop hitting on me, will you? It’s starting to creep me out!
KRYS: Your club ID number is 4.

3. Lance struggles against Krys, who is holding him back from climbing overboard.
KRYS: No! No drowning yourself on my watch.
LANCE: But he’s begging for it!

Back in the present day:
ESKIMO: He’s not gay. He just doesn’t understand mirrors.
LANCE: Satan’s sin windows weren’t allowed at school.
ESKIMO: How did the boys at your school fix their hair?
KRYS: Boys don’t need to.
LANCE: We did each other’s hair. It was a trust thing.
KRYS: How do you derive ’straight’ from this?

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