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January 31, 2008

#148 Poem? I Hardly Know ‘Em


So Lance is still writing iambic pentameter; but his structure is considerably less sophisticated this time. Maybe that’s why she’s not going for it.

I come to thee, an admitted dumb galoot,
To place before thy feet my humble suit.
Unworthy guy! To dream myself deserving
Of the queen I have the honor now of serving;
As beautiful, imperious and strong
As the fifty-story woman from the song?
Yet still I beg, before thou hast thus ate me,
That thou descendest from thy throne and date me.
Before thou sayest no, recall my beauty.
I’m recognized by all to be a cutie.
Shouldst thou remain yet unconvinced by pretty,
I’m prepared to make a shameless appeal to pity.
Flint-hearted wench! Thou stab’st me with disdain–

How long is this poem?

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