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April 12, 2007

#5 Chilling!


I hadn’t quite decided whether or not I was going to make the strip as family-friendly as the high school sketchbook comics had been (there was, there, nary a bad word to be found, and no indication that anything beyond kissing existed) but then I drew this comic and said “blowjob” and I figured I would do whatever I wanted.

I have a lot of love for this punchline. So much that I built an entire Cafepress store devoted to it.

The Script

KRYS: So Lance, how d’you like being first mate?
LANCE (staring coolly into space): It’s cool.
KRYS: There’s perks, you know. Free movies.
LANCE (staring coolly into space): All right.
KRYS: Builds muscle.
LANCE (staring coolly into space): Yep.
KRYS: Hey Lance, you won the lottery, and the prize is blowjobs.
LANCE (staring coolly into space): Nice.
KRYS (to Eskimo, later): New guy lacks enthusiasm.
ESKIMO: You think so? I don’t find that.
Forty minutes earlier…
ESKIMO: Any sailing experience?
LANCE: Once I dreamed I was flying a TIE fighter.
ESKIMO: Awesome! You can be my first mate!
LANCE (with jazz hands of excitement): And when I woke up, I was holding a photograph of Grand Moff Tarkin!!

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