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November 6, 2009

#259 All’s Fair in Love and Farming


I have to give the real Rory co-author credit on the dialogue here. Guess which parts he wrote!

LANCE: Rooks seems to you like the love ‘em and leave ‘em type, right?
RORY: Sorta, yeah.
LANCE (watching Rook avoid Robbie): That’s the type I am. And he’s me.
RORY: Is he cheating on you? Do you want me to challenge him to a duel or game?
LANCE: He doesn’t seem like the settling down type, right?
RORY: I brought “Agricola.”
LANCE: Course not.
RORY: It is generally agreed upon to be the greatest board game ever made.
ROOK (approaching): Could you see me as a dad?
RORY (taking Rook by the elbow): It is circa 1670 AD. You are a farmer trying to rebuild civilization, for only years before, there were terrible famines, and before that even more terrible plague! As they say, “the 17th century; not an easy time for farming!”

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