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November 4, 2009

#257 Platonic Idea


Hi! Has it been three months? It doesn’t feel like it’s been three months. Yikes. Sands through the hourglass!

Ask and ye shall receive: Matt pointed out that there are still people checking for updates on this thing, and I was like, “Oh yeah!” I wrote four comics that I never uploaded, so you’ll get updates today, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 3 PM. Because, why not.

This won’t bring us to the end of the storyline, which I have not even scripted. Ha ha ha! We’ll see if that gets done! Saturday’s stopping place will be a better one, though.

This storyline has really suffered for the long breaks. I’m not even sure what’s happening right now. This is probably a bad sign.

ROBBIE: Who’re you?
LANCE: He’s, uh… He’s kind of a…
ROOK: I’m Rook. A friend.
ROBBIE: Are you his BEST friend?
ROBBIE: Did you bring me a present?
ROOK: Uh… here’s a fiver.
ROBBIE: Sweet! Cash!
ROOK: Is your mom by any chance a mean blonde?
ROBBIE: Uh-huh. Oh, cake! (prances off)
ROOK (posing near Lance, couple style): Cute kid.
LANCE: Yeah.
Lance edges out of frame.
Lance edges further out of frame.

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    Life can go on as a planned, lol. At least until Saturday. :) Thanks for not forgetting about us :). Oh…have you checked your site out at

    Comment by Matt — November 5, 2009 @ 12:52 am

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