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June 11, 2009

#254 Vigilante Victorian


Since when is Lance Eskimo’s ward? I imagine he’s asking himself that as he hides in his jacket in panel six.

True fact: Guys are allowed to make out in public, they’re just not allowed to discuss whether or not that makes them “boyfriends.” They’re just supposed to know.

Careful, Lance: Rook is wearing a sweater.

ESKIMO: Seriously, Lance. Is this an official courtship?
LANCE: How would I know?
ESKIMO: How could you not?
LANCE:Guys don’t talk about that stuff. Don’t give him any ideas, OK? Don’t, like, ask him what his intentions are.
ESKIMO: I would never be so presumptuous.
(Rook arrives bearing a shoebox-sized present.)
ESKIMO: Mr. Rastinan, welcome. I’m Miss Jones. Mr. Redcloud’s protector. I’m responsible for this young man. If he were ever to become bruised or scratched, otherwise damaged, I would become VEXED. Provided we understand each other, Mr. Rastinan, I have just one question for you. Would you like anything to drink? Iced tea? Juicy Juice? Diet Shasta?
ROOK: Southern Comfort?

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