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March 21, 2009

#246 The Cold Harsh Light of Later That Morning


Right! One more comic until the end of this storyline, and then… a great expanse of nothingness. I was going to take a break from the comics because I haven’t been getting them up on time despite not really having anything better to do, but perhaps I’ll keep at it since I tend to actually do them when things are busy at work, oddly enough. So maybe I’ll write the next storyline. We’ll see. This one will end on a semi-cliffhanger.

Eskimo stands, horrified.
ESKIMO: I can’t believe I consorted with a woman! You’re the enemy!
KRYS: I can’t believe I slept with a hot wet lesbian who just turned eighteen! I’m the enemy!
ESKIMO: We must never speak of this.
KRYS: Never in a million years.
ESKIMO: Ugh. I have to go take a shower.
KRYS: I call next.
Behind the shower curtain, Eskimo grins and pumps her fist.

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