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March 19, 2009

#245 Eskimo’s Confession


There WILL BE a comic on Saturday. I know I always say that and then there never is, but it’s scheduled! It’s scheduled! For the first time in weeks and weeks, I have SCHEDULED A COMIC AHEAD OF TIME!

ESKIMO: I lost the bet. I was with a girl.
KRYS: You and your damn honor.
LANCE: Really? Who?
ESKIMO: Some girl I met at the university library.
LANCE: That’s awesome!
ESKIMO: So I guess I should be the one to pay Krys that money.
KRYS: Whatever. Keep it. I don’t care anymore.
KRYS: I’m heading back to Mandrake Enterprises.
LANCE: Farewell!
ESKIMO: Catch you on the flip.
- Several hours earlier -
Eskimo and Krys wake up together.

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