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August 6, 2008

#207 Unchained Melody


“Die in a fire!” is a phrase my friend Robert used to say whenever he was upset at you. My friend Anna, the world’s most influential person, picked it up either from him or from the same source as him. Eskimo has perhaps forgotten that Lance sustained a relatively minor arm injury in a fire last year; though, perhaps her mysterious asymmetrical bracer situation is a tribute to that. That or she has carpal tunnel.

Title: Because of Ghost.

ESKIMO: Quick question. I exist, right? I’m corporeal? Because from the amount of interest Caryn Cararas takes in me, I might as well be an invisible inaudible phantom doomed to wander through the world and witness what I cannot share but might have shared on earth! So I’m forced to ask, am I even here?
CAROLE: How did a dork like me ever end up with a beautiful boy like you?
LANCE: How did a beautiful but dumb but beautiful beauty like me ever end up with a smartie like you?
They nuzzle.

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