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August 5, 2008

#206: Lovefool


I had written down that I wanted to call this strip “Lovefool” and I started singing as I drew. There were only two problems with my song: (1) I was singing the tune to “Love Shack” and (2) I was singing the words “Lovefool, comma, lovefool!” I find the notion of an index entrance for “Lovefool, Lovefool” delightful. CLARITY NOT HELPFUL, YOU GUYS. I encourage everyone to replace “baby” with “comma” in the song of their choice.

Carole comes by Jeria’s back garden and watches Lance playing with Robbie.
LANCE: Jab to the left, and the princess is down!
ROBBIE: I am not even using my powers I am only punching!
LANCE: “Oh, my word! A TKO!”
ROBBIE: Piece of cake!
LANCE (standing): Oh, Carole, hi. Uh. Robbie, why don’t you–
ROBBIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Aunt Caryn! Caryn, watch out for that giant boulder!
CARYN (offscreen): Thanks!
LANCE: Neighborhood kid. I help out. Responsibly. Brush your teeth!
CAROLE: I think It’s sweet that you’re good with kids. I wouldn’t have the patience. Don’t you miss having a real conversation with an intellectual equal?
[long pause]

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