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June 24, 2008

#198 Villanelle? Je ne sais rien d’elle!


So, this is an attempt to do the comic in actual ink. You know, with an inkwell. I’ve experimented with ink in other projects, but I still (clearly) don’t know quite what I’m doing. You can think of the smudges and stray marks as endearing bonuses?

Thanks to Caolan for helping me with the title. It isn’t technically the translation for “I hardly know her” (it’s more like “I don’t know anything about her”), but a direct translation would not have made a joke. As it is, it doesn’t really make a joke, since I’m pretty sure there’s no circumstances under which the word “villanelle” could be confused for a verb form + object in French, but whatever. I wanted to write a villanelle, dammit!

Now the bad news. As evidenced by my unscheduled weeklong break, I can’t keep up with the update schedule right now. I expect things to let up at work by the end of July. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can’t handle two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday as usual, if possible). I do want to proceed as scheduled with this Lance and Eskimo storyline, because I like it, but I may jettison or curtail the Mandrake & Friends B-plot. I’m not convinced it was going anywhere.

[Pickering is doing work in her dressing gown. She sighs and rubs her eyes. She hears a “clip clop” noise from outside, and she goes to the window. Outside is a horse-drawn carriage adorned with wreaths of flowers. Lance is standing inside, and Eskimo is driving the horses.]

If I could play the lute,
I’d serenade you right.
I think you’re pretty cute.

My song would be a hoot,
Though it might be kinda trite
If I could play the lute.

You render me a mute,
You’re such a lovely sight.
I think you’re pretty cute.

I’d wear a shining suit
And be your noble knight
If I could play the lute.

Your words are so astute,
Your wit is fresh and bright.
I think you’re pretty cute.

I guess the question’s moot,
But I’d sing of love and light
If I could play the lute.
I think you’re pretty cute.

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