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July 2, 2008

#199 Mandrake: Java Jive


NOW we’re down to ONE comic a week and the art is TERRIBLE! hissssss

Krys’s panel 1 line is a real life quote from Chefelf, when I told him the soap for the shower was by the sink. “You want me to wash with hand soap? My body’s a temple, sister!”

Chefelf offers coffee
KRYS: No thanks. My body’s a temple, sister. This well-oiled machine accepts no foreign chemicals.
CHEFELF: What about…
KRYS: Except grog.
PHIL: If she’s not going to have anything anyway, can we break out the hard drinks?
KRYS: What is this?
PHIL: What?
KRYS: When are you carrying on this whole secret life? You’re with me all day!
PHIL: It’s almost as if there’s an opposite of day.
KRYS (burying her face): Hmph.

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    Huh! I don’t remember saying that, however, it sounds like something I’d say. So I believe you!

    Drinking/offering tea is also something I’d do.

    Comment by Chefelf — July 6, 2008 @ 9:04 pm

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