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May 8, 2008

#180 But Seriously, This Isn’t Paris.


Yipe! I accidentally ran this on Saturday, concurrent with Mandrake. In case you didn’t see it, here ya go. (You might not see it anyway, since Monday is not a usual update day!)

Man, I didn’t even make the attempt to make these look like they were done on the same page–not lined up, different pen thicknesses, even different styles, kind of. Weird.

When did Eskimo pick up all this semi-modern (this century, anyway) slang? It’s a recent development; perhaps it’s something she learned while she was staying with the professor. I’m sure it was the opposite of his intent.

A second French kissing joke?? In my defense, the first was cribbed from My Fair Lady and I didn’t realize it was possibly a joke about French kissing until just now. I pretty much thought it was just random, or a kind of general commentary on how France is really sexually immoral / romantic, you know, people just hanging out on the street being in love all the time.

Other phrases Lance Redcloud remembers from his French classes at the Stragely Anachronistic School:

“Bonjour. Je m’appelle Lance Nuage-Rouge. J’ai treize ans. Ma filiation est inconnue.”
“Nous pouvons aller en barouche ou phaëton, mais seulement les paysans vont en poste.”
“Il n’y a pas de remède pour la fièvre de gorilles.”

HIGGINS: What are you doing there, cabbage leaf?
ESKIMO: Oh, Professor Higgins. [partially obscured] I know we’ve grown to grudgingly respect one another, and you’ve grown accustomed to my face, and all, but I have my own life to get back to, and it’ll be hard at first lowering myself to the baseness of my original surroundings, but I’m a survivor, and–
HIGGINS: Those clothes aren’t yours.
ESKIMO: Oh. Right. Well, catch you on the flip, Higgo.
HIGGINS: Back atcha.
LANCE: Shh. Let’s not say au revoir. Let’s say… salut.
PICKERING: Oh, Lance… You don’t know French.
They kiss.
PICKERING: I rescind that.
LANCE: Ca va bien, ma cherie. Je voudrais un steak-frites.

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    The change in line weight worked groovily to give a sense of a different scene/room/makeout/wotsit.

    Comment by osbola — June 8, 2008 @ 2:07 pm

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