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May 3, 2008

#178 Mandrake: The Implausible Climb


I can’t decide who Krys is channeling here: Batman, Andre the Giant, or King Kong.

PHIL: So do you talk while you’re climbing buildings, or…?
KRYS: Up to you.
PHIL: Truth or dare?
KRYS: I take it back. I need complete silence.
KRYS: Truth.
PHIL: Truth?
KRYS: I’m not really in a position to do anything more daring right now.
PHIL: Ok, um… how come you left your room the way I decorated it if you hate it?
KRYS: I couldn’t be bothered to… Wait, you knew I’d hate it? And you did it anyway?
PHIL: Well…
KRYS (pleased): You have a mean streak.
PHIL: Truth.
KRYS: Hmm…What do you think of this job, really?
PHIL: It’s definitely exciting.
KRYS: Seriously.
PHIL: Seriously, it’s opening up my eyes to all kinds of things. I was a small-town waitress. Now I feel like I could do anything.
KRYS: I know what you mean.
PHIL: Well, in your case it’s true. Truth: How did you become a superhero?
KRYS: I don’t know. I’ve been in training since high school.
PHIL: For what?
KRYS: Turns out, for this. Tried out for the FBI. Failed the test.
PHIL: Really? You’re super strong and super smart. What test did you fail?
KRYS: Truth?
PHIL: Truth.
KRYS: Polygraph.

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    Fezzik, easy.

    Comment by Matt — May 3, 2008 @ 10:34 pm

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