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May 1, 2008

#177 Good Character Where Women Are Concerned


Are they known for holding hands in Iceland? They are now!

Coincidentally, I wrote this comic before, but drew it during, a TAL segment on Iceland and how they believe in elves there. Mainly, I was just proud of myself for being able to identify the background music (Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium). I usually can’t!

Lissa pulls Eskimo out onto a balcony and shushes her.
Lance and Pickering sit on a park bench.
Lissa and Eskimo smile at each other.
Lance frowns. He remembers Eskimo: “Be a gentleman! Don’t trifle!”
Lissa suddenly looks around, frightened; Eskimo frowns.
ESKIMO: I am not interested in doing this underhandedly. I won’t be accused of bewitching the princess.
LISSA: …Princess…?
Lance reaches for Pickering’s hand.
POLICE OFFICER: Hey, now! This isn’t Reykjavik, you know.

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    Caolan and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant and discussed Iceland yesterday. Here are some of the facts we know about Iceland:

    -One of Caolan’s teachers had a car emergency and the president of Iceland invited her into her house to use the phone
    -Iceland’s population is very small, maybe as big as Providence, RI
    -Iceland is round and in the middle of the Atlantic. It is not Greenland
    -Iceland has a lot of hot springs, which they can use to provide power to all of Iceland
    -Only recently did Iceland stop alphabetizing their phone book by first name (since the population is so small, and since their last name is basically just their patronymic)
    -Another one of Caolan’s teachers is a knight in Iceland, and has a medal
    -Bjork is from Iceland
    -So is that guy who sings in a made up language and maybe has one eye?
    -It is very beautiful.
    -It was a colony of another scandinavian country until like the 50’s

    I do not personally guarantee that all of these facts are correct, but I think they are.

    Comment by paul — May 1, 2008 @ 10:53 am

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