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January 17, 2008

#144 Peanuts for Work


Because 20 minutes before the next upload deadline is when you want to be experimenting with the medium, this comic was done in a thicker than usual pen, and it has panels! ACTUAL PANELS!

I guess they’ve reached the end of that 25,000 peanuts.

The Script

Lance saws peanut in half with a serrated knife and hands one half to Eskimo.
ESKIMO: This is unacceptable. We need jobs.
ESKIMO: Because jobs get you money and money can be exchanged for goods or services. Like a haircut.
LANCE (petting his long hair): So that’s one con.
ESKIMO: Or food, or soap, or rent.
LANCE: We don’t pay rent.
ESKIMO: That’s what I said!

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