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January 10, 2008

#142 Theology Girl: Free Will vs. Determinism

Written by Papa Redcloud


So this is the comic that Lance and his boarding-school friends had to hide from the headmaster. It’s corrupt! It’s blasphemous! It’s… nice, actually.

The script was written by Papa Redcloud, who is (big shock) my dad. Um…. Here, have an article he wrote about why Citizen Kane is overrated!

I had big plans for making the art in this strip different from my usual art, but then I scrapped them because it was 11:00 the night before my second self-imposed deadline and I had already missed my first one. Just like how all my papers got written in college! (Actually that is not true. I was a very conscientious worker. Then.)

The Script

ACOLYTE (in ecstasy): I have free will!
THEOLOGY GIRL: So it has been ordained.
ACOLYTE: So is what I do is determined?
THEOLOGY GIRL: Once you have done it.
(Acolyte winces.)
ACOLYTE: But can God foresee the future?
ACOLYTE: Then why does God bother letting the Universe play out?
THEOLOGY GIRL: God wants to see what will happen.
ACOLYTE: But if God already knows, won’t it be boring?
THEOLOGY GIRL: Why bother watching a movie twice? Or three times? Or four? Don’t you notice different things each time? Doesn’t it seem a ittle different, based upon experiences you have had since? Or your mood? Doesn’t a really well-made movie have suspense n every frame, even though you know how it will turn out? Does it not seem as though the characters can bring about a different ending?
THEOLOGY GIRL: So when you think of such a movie, what word describes it: unpredictable or predetermined?
ACOLYTE: Actually, I think of it as good.
THEOLOGY GIRL: So how does God judge the world?

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    IT BOGGLES THE MIND… whilst making a good deal of sense….

    Can my brain flow out of my ears yet?

    Comment by TGK — January 10, 2008 @ 8:58 am

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