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December 25, 2007

#141 Auld Lang Syne


Title: Seemed good, not just for the movie tie-in, but for a strip which calls back to the (flashbacky, no less!) beginning of the storyline.

Merry Christmas, Christians and secular commercialists. Merry day just like any other day, everyone else.

Everyone is still singing. Lance is holding Robbie. Eskimo, next to them, hands Lance a wrapped gift.
Lance unwraps it . It is a tiny Han Solo action figure.
ESKIMO: It’s not the one you would have had as a kid…
LANCE (side-hugging Eskimo): Thank you, Captain.
A bell on the tree tingles.
ROBBIE: Teacher says, every time a bell rings, we can go to lunch!
LANCE: That’s right… that’s right!
Han Solo winks.

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