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December 6, 2007

#122 Mandrake: The Visitationing


Krys and Mandrake are in the limo.
KRYS: I’ll just be a minute.
MANDRAKE: I’ll come with you. I haven’t seen your quarters since you moved in.
KRYS: Oh, well, it’s, uh, nothing special. Really. You should just relax here.
Cut to Mandrake and Krys standing at the doorway to Krys’s room. Everything is covered in lace and frills. She has a canopy bed with a heart-shaped throw pillow and a stuffed unicorn, and there are knickknacks and a basket of flowers on the desk.
MANDRAKE: Philharmonic has been here, I see.
KRYS: So you’re familiar with her work.
MANDRAKE: All too.

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