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November 30, 2007

#118 Night Watch

117 Keeps Watch

I think this may be my second favorite non-verbal punchline.

Drawn during <i>Clouds of Witness</i> with Ian Carmichael. Awesome!

Jeria shows Lance and Eskimo a very tiny apartment. Lance can’t stand up straight.
JERIA: It’s a little small for you both.
ESKIMO: No, no, it’s perfect.
JERIA: No room for two beds.
ESKIMO: Perfect! We don’t have beds.
JERIA: No room for two people to lie down at the same time.
ESKIMO: Perfect! We never sleep at the same time.  One of us keeps watch. Right, Lance?
LANCE (big grin, thumbs up): Right!
While Eskimo’s back is turned, Lance shakes his head and mouths “no.”

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