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December 3, 2007

#119 Don’t Go in the West Wing

119 Don’t Go In the West Wing

JERIA: I should get this. Why don’t you two go down and help yourselves to cookies?
ESKIMO (suspiciously): She’s awfully nice.
LANCE: She’s perfect! She’s beautiful, she’s strong, she knows a lot about religion…
ESKIMO: That might be just in the movie.
LANCE: Actually it’s mainly in the comic.
ESKIMO: You love her for the fictional character she resembles. That’s healthy.
LANCE: She’s beautiful…
ESKIMO: You said that.
LANCE: She owns property… she…
They open a door and find a room full of toys.
LANCE AND/OR ESKIMO: Oh my goodness.
LANCE (excitedly holding up a tiny Lego princess): AND she loves LEGO!

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    HAHA! LEGO! I already like this girl too. Also it’s absolutely hilarious how Eskimo is shocked and Lance is just like, “Oh my god this is the best thing of all!”
    Good job.

    Comment by Kyo — December 16, 2008 @ 10:03 pm

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