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November 26, 2007

#114 Double Standard

114 Violated

Lance is apparently showing amazing perspicacity here, as I’m not sure Eskimo has so far done anything to entirely confirm that she prefers the ladies; but perhaps she mentioned in an off-camera conversation, or (more likely) Lance’s entire thought process here is “But Bob and the Boss are not cute, and Kyra and Michelle are.”

I have no idea what the conversation is that led up to this. I guess they were just discussing last storyline’s adventures. Actually, this script was written for the end of the circus adventure, but then I decided it would make the epilogue too long and plodding, so I folded it in here.

This strip is a good example of fixing in post. I wrote Eskimo’s line as “Scratched their eyes out!” but then I realized that the lion really didn’t do that; but arguably he did scratch her face off. So I wrote “face off!” on another piece of paper and stitched it in after the fact. Not necessarily the first thing a tech-savvy person would think of, I know, but I find it pretty much impossible to replicate my own pen-handwriting with a mouse.

ESKIMO: How come you didn’t tell me you were violated?
LANCE: I wasn’t.
ESKIMO: It’s still sexual harassment if you’re a boy, Lance. If Bob or the Boss had done to me what Kyra and Michelle had done to you, I’da done to them what Julian did to me! (off Lance’s inquisitive look) Scratched their face off!
LANCE: What if Kyra and Michelle had done to you what Kyra and Michelle did to me?
Eskimo considers this.
ESKIMO: Point taken. Still. You gotta stop letting yourself be taken advantage of by women. It’s creepy.
LANCE: Ay ay, captain.

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