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November 27, 2007

#115 Intent to Woo

115 Intent to Woo

Yesterday’s conversation has led here. Lance has heard the lecture before, only with a lot more euphemisms and coughing. They don’t like talking about women at the Anachronistic School for Boys.

How does Eskimo intend to pay for cable?

ESKIMO: You have to be forthright with women. The only honorable thing is to clearly state your intention to woo.
LANCE: I know, I know I know.
ESKIMO: This is the place.
Eskimo knocks and the door is answered by the lovely blonde we will come to know as Jeria Cararas.
ESKIMO: Hi, we’re here about the apartmen–
LANCE (sweeping Jeria off her feet): Baby, I intend to woo you.
ESKIMO: I didn’t mean right now!
JERIA: Well! The reason your arm is broken is suddenly crystal clear.
The next thing we know Jeria is standing over Lance, twisting his good arm behind him.
ESKIMO: So, uh, the apartment… is it cable-ready?

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